Separation from spiritual Oneness

One of the knowledge from quantum physics is that the smallest part (energy quantum) contains the whole. This shows that everything is connected. In physics, the idea that time is an illusion is becoming ever more condensed, something that Albert Einstein and the famous Austrian-American mathematician and logician Kurt Gödel recognized. If time is an illusion, there is no real separation between space and time. These only appear to exist in sham. So we are connected to everything. The perception of separation is therefore a misperception.

The separation from GOD, which is more of a communicative and perceptible separation, led away from the spiritual oneness to a separate individual existence via the path of energy compaction. The matter with the highest density offered itself for this. The body became a kind of mask that we could put on so that we could play with it. This mask got its own inner life, its own self with its own characters and properties. After all, we wanted to be individual: different, more beautiful, bigger, more intelligent, simple with individual characters and characteristics.

Over time, the mask has become independent, pushing the true properties into the background of consciousness. This also veiled true love, even though it still exists. Since it is there, it must appear in some way – albeit in an imperfect form. It comes to light through human love such as the love of parents, through forgiveness but also through the conditional love.

The mask game became, because we had misjudged more and more and thus also caused conflicts of interest, sometimes bitter reality, although this reality is an illusion. We had entered a dream and as a magician of illusions we forgot how the magic trick works. Let us consider that we ourselves are the manipulators of our puppet play without being aware of it. The ignorance of this is the real evil, because struggle, suffering and pain need not be if we were only aware of our true divinity. A child of God is as healthy as God. So it can’t really be hurt except in the imagination – that is, in a dream.

Knowing that we are connected to all and that something like illness, injury, pain and death are not real but only manifestations of wrong thinking is very important in understanding our true healing process.

–> The inherited Gift of Creating