General information about healing

Summary and Outlook.

More and more people know about the effect of spiritual energies on the visible (physical) level over the invisible subtle levels, get more and more insights and experience healings. They develop talents and gifts that they apply to themselves and other people with increasing success, from which new professions in the healing sector (area of ​​bioenergetics, psycho-energetics, spiritual healing etc.) emerge.

The market is crying out for new professions, especially nowadays, because people are getting sicker, dissatisfied and the medicine, whether classic or alternative, is reaching its limits. A new market opens up by itself. This is becoming known and becoming more and more established. Let us fill this gap in the market and seize this opportunity with a little courage!!!

In the course of this elaboration it will become clear that we do indeed have solutions for our true liberation. This requires the overarching interaction of all disciplines not only in the healing sector but also in the sciences. All of these disciplines can serve as a springboard to our original knowledge or to connect to our original matrix (blueprint). However, they will only be such a stepping stone if they are not played off against each other but are converted into a synthesis.

The result of this synthesis will be that the connection of man to their original matrix (blueprint) can be facilitated, which is associated with his liberation. In my opinion, the Keshe blueprint technology ( in relation to the connection to the blueprint could be a good opportunity for such a relief. Certainly some experiences will have to be gathered here in order to be better aware of the extent.

It is also conceivable that the potencies of homeopathy and other alternative healing methods can open the door to the blueprint. The decisive factor here should be how pure the intentions of the corresponding therapist, naturopath, doctor or spiritual healer and of course, that of the person seeking help are and/ or whether this opening is provided in the soul plan of the person seeking help.

Nevertheless, care should always be taken to consider any aids as temporary. They can only be a stepping stone to our true liberation. Because true freedom always means to be independent of others as well as of any aids or external things. True liberation is therefore always an inner process, which among other things manifests through the Kundalini process. Kundalini energy is likely to play a key role in our liberation process. And since it is a body’s own energy, it automatically has to do with the inner process of liberation. Otherwise it would not be what it is.

The ultimate goal of every human being should be the liberation of his mind. The closer we get to this goal, the more powerful energies we have to deal with, the greater is the challenge to learn to master these energies in a masterly manner so that it is best conducive to our spiritual development and unfolding. With this in mind, I wish all of us a good hand in our decisions for all of our ventures and a wise understanding of what may be coming up in the new times.

Shortcomings of classic and alternative medicine. An important basic question is probably: “What best helps people?” In my opinion, this basic question has to do with the person himself, namely what he believes that it helps him best. His belief, in turn, has to do with what has proven to be the best so far or what the current doctrine is. Anyone who e.g. believes in conventional medicine, assumes that this medicine knows about the causes and effects of the biological processes in the body. The same applies to the school doctor and the pharmacist. School doctors and pharmacists apply what conventional medicine has gained in theory and practice.

What we find is that medicine now has a substantial amount of medication ready and can come up with a medication for almost every complaint and almost every illness. Therefore, we generally consider a drug that is approved after testing its pharmaceutical quality, therapeutic efficacy and safety. If such a drug were to make the corresponding illness disappear in every person, we would be able to say that the corresponding drug is the cause of the corresponding cure. The same applies to the psychotropic drug. We have a similar question regarding the reverse process of the disease. If e.g. a certain virus causes the corresponding disease in all people, we could say with certainty that this virus is the cause of this or that disease.

Now we are discovering that not every medication is 100% effective and that not every virus causes the corresponding disease in every person. Or it can happen that a patient experiences a cure when he is given a certain pill because he believes that there is an active ingredient in it even though there is none at all (placebo). Conversely, a person may experience illness because he believes that he is bombarded with pollutants through food or the environment, or because respected people such as parents, good friends or doctors have made thoughtless statements, such as: “Because of this or that you have to get sick ”.

Some people who eat relatively healthily on a general health scale may be dealing with more illnesses in themselves than people who, by comparison, eat less healthily. It also happens again and again that a doctor gives the patient a death sentence after a thorough examination of his diagnosis, but the patient suddenly gets a cure for inexplicable reasons (for the doctor). And so it seems that we cannot establish a clear cause in terms of illness on the one hand and recovery on the other hand, whether in the physical or psychological area. It can therefore be assumed that we are dealing with laws that go beyond previous biological understanding. This could mean that viruses, bacteria, poisons and other external stresses are not the primary cause of illness and medication is not the primary cause of recovery or healthy eating is not the primary cause of maintaining the body healthy. As a result, there seem to be higher-level (deeper) causes that can override certain biological facts that are commonly understood as biological laws.

Classic medicine has certainly proven itself for a relatively long time. On the other hand, it has reached its limits where it has to recognize that it does not have the appropriate solutions for all ailments, diseases and complaints. The alternative healing methods also come up against limits, which is why we can come to a similar conclusion here. These limits may have something to do with the fact that a root cause is not always found. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that, compared to classical medicine, many of these alternative healing methods have a greater potential for action, since their essential nature affects higher energetic areas in the human energy system (also applies to animals).

The phenomenon of the placebo effect and its opposite effect, the so-called nocebo effect, leads us to conclusions that the development of people and their mental state, including their beliefs, should be a decisive factor in these questions. Diseases or human problems seem to have a not insignificant psychological background. This shows more and more today. More and more people are feeling that other truths are at stake. More and more people go to the doctor because of certain symptoms that the doctor can no longer classify properly. Or we are finding more and more that the practiced medication administration make people sicker and sicker over time, provided that they act purely as symptom treatment. Without searching for the real cause people seem to be experiencing a certain dependency of medicaments and a kind of shifting of symptoms due to additional side effects of the medicaments. In fact, the trend seems to be currently prevailing that the current biological understanding of medication and the practical experience of medication diverge more and more. This means that we have to broaden, if not completely change, our understanding of the true cause of both recovery and illness. This applies to the physical as well as the psychological area.

But it is also not the case that we have found the non-plus-ultra in alternative medicine, so that overall we have to say that nothing is really comprehensive (universally valid). So we have to say that we have not yet understood everything and have not yet exhausted everything in terms of understanding.

We are faced with a paradox.

On the one hand, each of the medical and alternative medical areas seems to have its authorization or legitimacy, at least in part. On the other hand, none of the medical and alternative medical areas seem to be the real solution, because the respective treatments do not lead to the desired success for everyone. This makes the challenge of getting satisfactory answers all the greater in physical and mental area. We humans should take up this challenge. We can rely on the latest scientific findings.

According to these findings, in classic medicine we are mainly dealing with symptom treatment rather than with the cause solution. With the alternative healing methods, it may perhaps be primarily symptom treatments. However, depending on the therapist, naturopath, doctor (yes, there are also doctors who deal with alternative healing methods) or spiritual healers, attempts are made to find a cause, in parallel and sometimes also in the foreground. The extent to which a cause is found in that area is likely to be depend on the mental state of the person seeking help and / or whether healing is provided for in the soul plan of the person seeking help. Of course, the person providing help also plays a certain role here. The solution to the cause is worth striving for, because it is becoming increasingly clear that our mental attitudes and beliefs, including our inner life concepts, are responsible, if not without exception, for any symptoms.

Because there are other energies that science cannot determine directly, but indirectly demands as existent, it can increasingly be assumed that the underlying causes are to be found in these areas. At the same time we come into unconscious areas in which something like the higher self or high self in us can be presumed, which has higher truths, greater insights and higher powers. It is therefore easy to come to the conclusion that symptom treatments, whatever they may be, should at best serve as a springboard to find out the real causes. Nothing else. So they should be considered temporary.

Because everyone believes in something different, the symptom treatments should first be based on the understanding of the person concerned. This means that consultation should be communicated with the patients exactly where they are, but with the background of making them come to higher truths that they have to find in themselves and can only find in themselves. This can be done e.g. by cleverly asking our clients to think about the possible cause(s).

In any case, a synergy between classic medicine, alternative healing methods and alternative therapies should be sought. However, this synergy should always be geared towards the fact that the corresponding applications or therapies are to be regarded as temporary. This means that parallel to or better superordinate to these applications a discipline is set up, which brings / motivates the person seeking help to take personal responsibility by reflecting on his inner truth as well as his inner healing and creative powers.

We know that everyone has self-healing powers and that healing can take place without any medication and without any outside help. The phenomenon of placebo and nocebo, as well as the knowledge of the ability to change our life in a targeted manner (power of thoughts, emotions, feelings and visions) are enough evidence to focus on self-healing. The so-called epigenetics, with which, among other things, the Saarland University deals with, provides very good approaches in this respect.

Deeper meaning of the term “medicament”.

When I was looking for my own Codex and for the other’s and when I came across the “Codex Medicamentarius”, it became clear to me that new knowledge makes it necessary to rethink certain things. This may become a little more understandable if we take a closer look at the deeper meaning of the term “medicament”. The word “medicament” is made up of the two terms “medicus” and “mens” (genitive form: mentis). “Medicus” is the Latin word for doctor and healer and “mens” is the Latin word for spirit and mind. See also the term ‘mental`.

Translated, medication means that the mind (spirit) is the actual doctor or healer and that the material aspect of any pill does not have a healing function. We are living energy. And living energy is never ineffective. Therefore, for every symptom or problem of every human being there is a cause that needs to be found out. Two people who are in the same environment may face different symptoms or problems. Specifically, two people can carry the same bacteria or virus and still have different disease symptoms (one breaks out and other does not), which suggests that the individual symptom or problem has the individual cause and thus has to do with the individual human being. So if someone is dealing with a certain symptom, the true cause of his symptom is to be found in himself or in his mental state. In other words, a person’s life situation always has to do with himself, so it is not a coincidence.

Every person simply has a constantly lasting creative power through his energetic (being) and is therefore constantly influencing. From this knowledge it is deduced that everyone has self-healing powers and creative powers, which in principle allow him or her to be completely independent and free. Phenomena are also derived from this knowledge which, e.g. are known as placebo and nocebo.

Furthermore, the terms “medicament” and “medium” have the same stem. “Medium” is the Latin word for “middle”. Seen in this way, we can also see the path to healing on the basis of this common root of words. It is the way to the center or the way to connect with the deepest inside (the true center).

In summary, the deeper meaning of the word “medicament” can be taken to mean that there is an inner healer (the real medicament) in every person who is capable of real healing. This healer has true wisdom that we can make useful by invocation or by connecting with it.

Maybe we don’t even have to call the inner healer or ask for something because his job is nothing but healing. If a request, it is best in the form of a thank you prayer. It is crucial to know that the inner healer is always in us and always works in us. We can always become aware of this by e.g. think or speak the following: “Fine, dear inner healer that you are there and work through me. I thank you that you heal everything in me if I allow it and if I do not stem against your influence through pathological self-destructive thoughts and feelings. I listen to hear what you tell me when it comes to make corrections in my pathological thinking, feeling and behavior … “. Everyone can of course choose their own words or thoughts.

On the next page the power of our thoughts, feelings and convictions is scientifically justified.

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