Negative – positive Forces

In various discussions, conversations and books I often hear from the other side, i.e. from the negative side with the negative forces. In contrast, there should be positive forces. This gives the impression that we are dependent on these two types of forces or that these two forces would exist outside of us. However, as a divine being there is no power outside of us, which is why I do not (no longer) consider the terms negative and positive to be appropriate.

In my opinion, the term ‘negative forces’ is just an invention to make us dependent or want to make us dependent, even though we are independent. We can easily see this by considering the following.

In the physical sense, negative energy is at best attributed to antimatter. Because we have practically no contact with the antimatter, there is no negative energy for us. For us, only low and higher energy is of practical importance. It is similar in physics, which only knows heat and different temperatures. So in the physical sense there is only warmth or the absence of warmth. We recognize this from the fact that the temperature that physics rightly calculates is always a positive quantity. Physics does not calculate with degrees Celsius (° C) but with degrees Kelvin (K). At -273 ° C we have the absolute zero of 0 degrees Kelvin (0 K). A physical system that has 0 K has zero thermal energy. Nothing below that. There is no negative temperature. So there is no real cold, only warmth and absence of warmth (at 0 K).

At 0 degrees Kelvin there is simply no heat energy – nothing more and nothing less. There is no mention of cold here. At a temperature of over 0 degrees Kelvin (e.g. 1 K) there is already a thermal energy in a physical system, which increases with increasing temperature. So, cold is just a question of sensation – nothing else.

From the mixture of hot and less hot water, we can see that low-energy energy tends to draw higher-energy energy towards itself. On the other hand, higher-energy energy has a tendency to pull low-energy energy towards itself.

Now we can see exactly what forgiveness means psycho-energetically. The highest purest energy – love – which is our energetic base and which we can call God, surrounds and permeates us and tends to lift us up. The low-energetic (negatively perceived, disharmonious) energy, which for us is more hostile, surrounds us as well and permeates us. We can say that we are surrounded and penetrated by a sea of energies that ranges from very low to very high. We are somewhere in between, which we use to represent the mixed water temperature in analogy to the mixed water.

Our divinity now lies in the fact that we have the choice of being able to use the surrounding and penetrating energies in a targeted manner. We can resonate with the higher energies through trust, forgiveness, reconciliation, harmony, love and the like in order to be energetically raised and harmonized, which is connected with healing. But we can also choose to deal with the low energies (through fear, anger, hatred, argument, hectic pace, struggle). Then this binds us to these energies and lowers our energy body system. In psycho-energetic consequence, this is associated with illness, exertion and fatigue.

Since we are eternal immortal spirit, we cannot really be hurt or die. After all, with the highest love energy through devotion and humility, we can resonate until we are finally one with it, which completely eliminates separation and completely eliminates suffering and death. So, the effort to deal with these low and disharmonious energies – that is, to resonate with those energies – is a futile effort. This only keeps us from our own salvation.

There is no real enemy or negative energy. The supposed enemy shows us psycho-energetically only our wrong thinking. Just because we believe we are vulnerable, we use this belief to create situations that let us see ourselves in the fight, be it as an offender or as a victim. We experience injury as a testimony to our wrong thinking. And as long as we believe that there are negative forces, we have to be afraid of them. Exactly this fear means a resonance and thus a bond to these low energies (negatively perceived forces). This bond seems to be a dependency, but it’s not really so. After all, we have the choice to resonate with the higher energies through trust, harmony, forgiveness and love, which means a release from the lower energies. In the analogy above, this corresponds to the increase in the mixed water temperature.

Regardless of what energy we resonate with, resonance with energy always means that that energy can never be outside of us. Because we are also connected to everything that can be justified quantum physically, there is nothing outside of us. This means that everything is in our hands. We are the mixed water that is constantly being re-mixed, whereby we have the choice at any moment with which energies we want to resonate. One choice keeps us tied to the limit. The other choice leads us to infinity, that is, to the freedom that is so much desired and striven for. Can we still see any energetic dependency now? Precisely because we are living energy and capable of the targeted control of energy, energetic independence also means psychological independence.

So when GOD – our highest self – says that everything is given to us if we are only looking for HIS realm, the search for that realm is now easier to understand. By going to our daily work full of faith, hope, trust, humility and love, we resonate with these higher / highest energies. Because these are intelligent and omniscient, it also means that we are inspired and guided by these energies. And because all of our thoughts are creative, this search automatically leads to our true independence because it creates situations of independence.

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