Model of Hyperspace

Space and time are conceptual called space-time, because they are coequal as dimensions. For a better understanding, let us have a look at the following thought experiment. We imagine a circular disk, which rotates so quickly in a room, that we perceive a ball. We can see this rotating disk from all directions in order to get always the same image. But we just see this rotating disc as a ball, because our perception is extended to a certain period of time.

So, by the addition of the time from a disc it could be formed a ball. Here, the disc represents a two-dimensional object and the ball a three-dimensional object. This means that the addition of the time makes from a two-dimensional object a three-dimensional object, in which the three-dimensional object includes the time variation of the two-dimensional object as a coding. It is as if time is this additional dimension. And this is indeed the case.

If there would be only static forms that never change in the material world, we do not need the time as a concept. So, it is necessary to define changes by time as a concept. Or, when changes are perceived, the space contains the time as dimensions (space-time). Therefore, the familiar 3 space dimensions (x, y, z) yield not the whole space but something like a reduced space. The whole space is the space-time. To this thoughts we have to get used a bit, although it is obvious that they are intended for better understanding. The matter related space-time is understood as a space in which the matter is placed. This space has the dimensions x, y, z and cxt, wherein x, y and z are the familiar three space dimensions and cxt the fourth dimension, which is containing the familiar time dimension. Here, c is the speed of light, which in turn is a constant, while the time is variable.

The space-time is to be regarded as realm in which the matter is placed. If space and time are conceptually separated, it has only to do with the phenomenon, that they are perceived as different things in the perception of the body, what is an illusion. So, neither space nor time can be seen or felt. Only state changes, which manifest itself inter alia in the form of movements, are perceptible. The changes of the time we do fix, for example, on the watch hand rotation. But in reality time has not changed, but the clock.

We consider space as something solid or as something mutable. Accordingly, if we want to respond to changes, we fall back on time. We say that it has changed the time. If we connect time and space to the conceptual space-time, we have to say consequently, that the space-time has changed. In reality, however, not the space-time has changed, but the space-time states. In any case the introduction of the concepts of space, time or space-time is a means to differentiate changes of space-time states. Space and time have no real existence and can’t be really perceived.

We differentiate changes by the fact that we would use expressions such as rotation, translation, velocity, acceleration, momentum, motion, kinetics, vibration, transformation, and the like. If we pick out the time as a dimension of space-time, we can make a statement about the temporal changes of states. But time itself is a part of space-time, which we have interpreted as a space, because the space-time is a placeholder of space-time states.

We can imagine the space-time as a fictional space, which depends on the space-time state. The space-time state has on the material level a certain form or a certain look and requires for its existence, so to speak, a place (location). The space itself, in which a certain space-time state is placed, has no appearance. It corresponds to the expansion of the space-time state. It should be noted that so far our concept of space has mainly been limited due to the 3 ‘space’ dimensions and also to the extent of material manifestations. The space-time, in which the matter is placed, is a part of a greater space.

If a matter state in space-time is disappearing e.g. by transformation into spiritual energy, this space will disappear in the sense that it loses its importance as a placeholder for the former physical space-time state. So it would shrink. However, since the spiritual energy also has a real existence, it also occupies a space. The space, which contains spiritual energy, is superordinate to the matter-specific space. Finally matter is an energetic sub-state of spiritual energy. Both types of energy can exist at the same time. If there are both types of energy at the same time, we can say that they are placed in a complex space system.

The space, which is a placeholder for the spiritual energy, is something of a hyperspace. The hyperspace has dimensions that also include time. However, this time is a higher-dimensional time. In the higher-dimensional time, we can, for example, pick out a moment, which allows the spirit to capture events in the material world over a greater period of time. For a better understanding, we take a common example at hand. We want to plan our day. For this purpose, it is necessary to first carry out the daily routine in about mentally. We compress the time of the imaginary daily routine to a moment and pretend as if in that moment, everything is already done. In this way, we take a type of bird’s eye view and set this moment mentally about the imaginary time. While we are living through the scheduled day, daily planning and implementation merge into each other and merge the more or less well together. The time of planning therefore is superordinate to the time of the imaginary daily routine, although the probable daily routine primarily is purely fictional.

Now, we imagine a hyperspace, which includes the matter-specific space-time as superordinate space. This superordinate hyperspace would have at least one more dimension as the 4-dimensional space-time. If the hyperspace has one more dimensions (for example 5 dimensions), it would be able, to contain a temporally extended event, which is perceived in matter-specific space-time, as coding. From the viewpoint of the hyperspace this temporally extended event could be coded as a current time state.

For a better understanding, we vary the experiment with the rotating disk. Here, our disc rotates very slowly. Then we take a camera to record the view of the disc for example at a distance of a second until this disc has turned around again. Now we reproduce this photo shoot on transparent paper. If these individual photos would be placed on each other, we would just get a ball. In this way we can reduce a temporally extended event on a current event, where we get a picture which has one more dimension. The hyperspace, which is superordinate to the space of the temporally extended event, would now contain this event as a current time state coding.

A being, who would live in that hyperspace and who could look at the temporally extended events of the material world, would see something that happens with absolute certainty. Let us call this being Paul. Paul would be in a space, which is really and not fictitious superordinate to the matter related space-time. Finally, Paul may capture the events in the material world, which extend over a greater period of time, in one moment. To Paul it is therefore possible to see a temporally extended event of the material plane as a current event, because he is present in higher dimensions

For Paul it is to postulate, that his vibrations must be much higher than that of matter. It must also be assumed that the space in which Paul reside must have at least one dimension more than the matter related space-time. If the matter related space-time is 4-dimensional, so the hyperspace in which Paul is present might have at least 5 dimensions. Then the matter related space-time is compared to the 5-dimensional hyperspace something like a flat projection.

According to the brane model, the 4-dimensional material world would be as projection an effect, in which this projection is created from the inner realm of the bubble. So, the origin would contain this projection as a coding, analogously to the TV technique. The TV image has virtually only two spatial dimensions, while the transmitted action takes place in a 3-dimensional space. Thus, to represent the transmitted events realistically, it must be encoded in a certain form, which is so wonderfully well done by means of television technology. However, Paul would see the material world differently than we see it. He would see a 5-dimensional structure, which is an encoding of all events in the material world over a greater period of time. It may even be, that he could capture all events in the material world at all times.

The hyperspace would also have dimensions for which we specifically have no name except perhaps for the time, which is part of this space. But this time would be a higher-dimensional time, as seen in the foregoing (daily planning). The hyperspace generally would have different higher-ordered dimensions. Also, we can assume that the hyperspace of the Spirit has more dimensions than the matter related space-time. We have to postulate this, inter alia, because spiritual energy would have a higher degree of freedom than matter. Finally, if spiritual energy has to be able to influence matter, it needs to be independent of physical states. Spiritual energy must be able to cause changes on the material level, without a loss in their own nature and must be able to change itself, without having to change physical states.

Matter is suspended limits as long as it remains as a form of matter. One of the limitations for example is that the speed of elementary particles, which include light quanta, is limited. As long as a particle of light remains light particles, it has a maximum speed of light. As long as it maintains its state, it cannot vanish at any point in space-time to reappear suddenly to any other point in space-time. If we know the position of light source when it began to light up, we can tell you when the light has reached a certain point in time to another place. And, because the way is mapped out, it gives the impression that space and time are closely coupled to each other. The speed of light would be something like a coupling constant.

Now it is possible, that the spirit can dematerialize matter, for example to spiritualize it. The transformed energy would leave the matter related space-time and would pass into the higher-ordered hyper-space. This space would have other dimensions, because the Spirit would not be tied to space or time. Its dimensions we can simply call spiritual dimensions. Moreover, the quantum physicists have been calling for a long time the spiritual dimension as 5th Dimension. However, we should not assign these dimensions to the matter related space-time, but must assign them to the higher realm of the hyperspace. Finally, material energy itself is not intelligent. However, the spiritual energy which is placed in the higher realm of the hyperspace is intelligent. If there are several mental or spiritual levels, there would be also several hyperspaces in hyperspaces. The nesting of hyperspaces could be illustrated by the matryoshka dolls. We can think, that the outer matryoshka doll penetrate the doll inside. Of course, this idea is not really adequate, but gives a small idea of how could be exist such a nesting of hyperspaces. Together all these hyperspaces will form a great complex hyperspace. In this case, that realm of the complex hyperspace which is directly superordinate to the matter related space-time would have at least 5 dimensions.

The energy states which are located in the higher regions of the hyperspace can be changed arbitrarily. From our usual viewpoint this gives the impression that the individual dimensions of the higher regions of hyperspace are no longer coupled to each other and that each of that dimensions can be related to time. Finally, the distinction between past, present and future loses, because everything which is thought is immediately there.

Time travels, going into the future or in the past, stem from the fact that energy transformations take place in a manner that the corresponding energy is pushed around between the different parts of the complex hyperspace system. The energy flows vertically, it is quasi transversal to the different energy planes (levels) of the complex hyperspace. This is for example the case when matter is dematerialized and after a targeted conversion materialized again at a desired location of the matter-related space-time. Such a process is of beaming. But Beaming means no spiritualization of energy. Instead, the former physical states are brought into subtle intermediate states.

What benefit can we draw from this knowledge? For example if we exercise intuition, we make ourselves receptive to the knowledge or information of our higher self, which is present also in higher dimensional realms of the complex hyperspace. Because this is an overview of all events in the material world, it can make us among other things provide with such information which is necessary to find a way to go, which is related to us with the smallest resistance. Without the possibility of obtaining this information we would need many more trials to reach a certain goal that we have targeted. Other people would much rather stand in our way, especially as they also pursue any goals. And goals may overlap slightly.

At this point the question raises of course, of whether we can change something at all, if the events of the material world are already known. A first answer is that there are probability windows at any moment which let us behave in a different way. That will depend on our state of mind (spirit). It determines for instance whether we want to rely more on intuition or whether we prefer to be guided by that which we can grasp rationally. Our state of mind (spirit) also determines whether we ourselves tie the hands or not. In addition the mutual interference let us impose a certain behavior pattern. In addition, we do always something heavy in rethinking what makes our behavior calculable from a higher perspective. In sum we can say that in spite of our freedom, our path is mapped out.

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