Model of Energy Compaction

According to current concepts of physics, the visible universe has evolved from the quantum vacuum. In this vacuum the entire matter is embedded. Because this vacuum extends over an infinite space, it is very likely that matter is an energetic sub-state thereof. And because matter is the result of this continuum, the continuum is like a cause level of the material level. Now, if the continuum fills already out an infinitely large space, it must be an infinite source area. If it creates something energetically below its own level, it must be an infinite reflection area at the same time. Because if the radiation or energy flow from a source is reflected at the same place, where it originates, the result will be an energy compaction.

This energy compaction then is “pushed” into a space, which has other specifications than the space of the energy continuum. The new space then is subordinate to the space of the cause-level and must quasi be inflated for the energy densities in order to give place for the compaction phenomenona. In the realm of the cause level, the energy of the vacuum continuum would be present. This realm would be like a hyperspace of the matter specific space-time and is then superordinate to it, as shown on the previous page.

If a particle now should be formed by the Energy Continuum, which is unspecific to its standards, it would be “pressed” as energy compaction into a subspace and stored there. This subspace must be created, like when we set up a subdirectory on the computer to store there any files, which are subordinate to the main directory and are supported by this. The compacted energy particles (e.g. electrons) then can propagate in this sub-area and go their way by the leadership of the Energy Continuum. At the same time, the Energy Continuum could form a positron in an analogous manner. On the microcosmic level of matter it looks like, if electron and positron suddenly appear out of nowhere, just go their separate ways and, after their paths have reunited, dissolve into nothingness, to disappear into the energy continuum. Here, the energy continuum borrows energy for the pair formation. The borrowed energy then is given back to the energy continuum by the electron positron annihilation, which is consistent with the energy conservation law of physics.

If the energy continuum can receive energy from even higher energy levels by vertical energy flow, it can do it as a kind of energy food to create compaction, which we call matter. In this case, the Energy Continuum is maintained in its kind. If the matter compaction is reversed, the recovered energy could be given back to the higher energy levels.

An area of compacted energy can also be a source and reflection area, to gain further sub-levels of even higher energy densities. Therefore the energy of the continuum may also be compacted and be carried by still higher-ranked levels. Then this would mean, that the energy of the vacuum is part of a continuum of a plurality of intermediate levels. The coarse-material world then would be one of the lowest levels or even the lowest level. Moreover, the structure of the cosmic man with his gross, subtle and spiritual bodies point to such levels. Not only that, the Aura of Man is an energy body system, which requires to postulate the existence of these levels.

If we continue our reflections of the principle of energy compaction towards the higher levels, it is conceivable that there is a highest level, which is no more compacted. In any case, the highest level must have the lowest degree of compaction, which we can set to zero. This highest level would be the base and cause level of all underlying levels, which have be developed quasi as interference phenomena from it. As a base level, it could be something like the ground state of all being.

Based on the ideas of modern physics, it could exist far more dimensions than 4 dimensions. So after the brane model, the spirit would be located on the higher dimensional regions of the hyperspace, which has far more dimensions than the matter-specific space-time. This means that the energy of the matter specific space-time is completely embedded in the spirit-field of the universal spirit. Because the material world is placed in a low-dimensional space, it is like a cut or a flat projection of the higher-dimensional space(s). This explains, among other things, that matter is completely nestled in the “hands” of these higher dimensional energies. For how could therefore the blocks of matter exert force on the higher levels?

With the model of the energy compaction and the model of the hyperspace(s) it can be explained, how the basic vacuum energy can be stimulated to a higher quantum state to create physical objects according to the investigations from Prof. Turtur. This stimulation needs a pulse from somewhere. It is obvious that this impulse would come from the higher energy levels. Again we are consistent with the brane model of physics.

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