Self-Reflection and spiritual Work

As children of the spirit, we have inherited the creative power. Furthermore, because our spirit is above matter, he is generally capable of rising above all diseases and grievances in the world. As long as we are in the spiritual entanglement, this is not possible for us because we are automatically in resonance with the vibrations of matter. In plain language this means that we are too busy with material things. To deal with something means to resonate with it. The resonance fools us a bond of matter and, ultimately, a matter-dependency that does not really exist. Through this deception, we are tempted to maintain a system of thought that gives us adversity, struggle, injury, illness, and death. Now that we know this, we can view adversity, struggle, injury, illness and death as a testimony to our thinking, so that we can gradually free ourselves from wrong thinking! With this knowledge, the fruitful work on ourselves can only begin.

Alternative healing and therapeutic measures are means, if they are used correctly, to can gradually release ourselves from our spiritual entanglement. Healthy food and medical aids can still be used, although care should always be taken to ensure that our spirit is ultimately released from the entanglement. Therefore, all of the measures mentioned are to be regarded as temporary aids.

Specifically, the broken leg could be a sign that we should give up our hard, grueling way of fighting and not to beat our heads against the brick-wall. This recommendation is based on the well-known knowledge that the soft overcomes the hard. The hard also loses against the hard. So let’s go a path of forgiveness, softness, love and trust in the power of our thoughts. If the leg is broken, we naturally go to the doctor to get treatment. So that the leg does not break again, we have to get away from the hard path and instead take the gentle, flexible path. This is a concrete example that shows that medical treatment is still correct. However, self-reflection now comes to the fore here so that we can come to the right conclusions! There is no more to be done.

In the event of a broken leg, it is still relatively easy to make appropriate decisions. But there are also situations in which certain decisions are difficult. If e.g. a symptom occurs that medicine diagnoses as cancer, the decision is much more difficult. The question then is whether we counter this symptom with the usual medical methods or whether we choose an alternative healing method or whether we should even radically change our lives. This change can e.g. mean to adjust our own diet (mainly vegetable raw food) so that the body comes into a neutral area (milieu). In addition we can change our life in a way that we completely let go of fears and worries and follow the natural rhythm of life.

Of the methods listed, there was not a single method that did not lead to the complete disappearance of the cancer symptom. So everything has to be checked, whereby the type of method depends on the state of consciousness or on the belief of the client. If the client does not have enough intuition, advice can be sought from an intuitive person or through life advice or an oracle (pendulum, cards, I-Ching, …). Or if one does not have a great belief in one’s own healing power, one will better seek medical help. As we can see, a synergy of medicine, alternative healing and spirituality is very important. Nevertheless, regardless of which method is used here, we consider it as a temporary aid, quasi as aids for self-help.

It has always happened that someone has been given a death sentence for a certain symptom that is considered incurable – that is, the doctors have already given up hope of being cured – and the patient has healed himself. Such healings are usually spontaneous. Therefore, in such cases, something is likely to have happened that is due to a change in consciousness that has occurred in a positive direction. Here we can say how Jesus used to say: “Your faith has helped you”.

We know that the power of habit – including that of thinking – is quite strong. A change in thinking, which in itself is the easiest thing in the world, seems to be quite difficult. It seems that a change in thinking can usually only take place after a stroke of fate or a drastic experience – but does not necessarily have to take place. It also seems that, with a few exceptions, people unfortunately only learn through such situations. And so it seems that people are often only awakened by such situations. This reminds me of the parable of the prodigal son. He only returned when his suffering and longing for home became unbearable. Maybe we are like the prodigal son or prodigal daughter who ‘needs’ the pain to wake up.

What can also be said with certainty is that with all methods of healing the client is consciously confronted with the corresponding symptom. Because he is confronted with this, something automatically changes in his consciousness. If, from a medical point of view, a medical method has led to a ‘healing’ success, you can at least not attribute this healing to the medical method alone. After all, in all of these cases the client’s spirit has been involved in the healing.

Let’s think about it further! Can you really deny now that maybe even the spirit of the client brought about the healing alone because he / she simply believed in the medical method – see “Your faith has helped you”? This is always conceivable. The fact that medicine doesn’t always help speaks for it rather than against it. Because if a certain medical method has really healed, by this method the healing would have to be almost to 100% possible because the production of the respective means is very good reproducible. But by far it is not so. Thus, the healing is significantly, if not exclusively, dependent on the client. And from this we know that his consciousness can fluctuate a lot. The believe can be great or be small.

Diseases that are ultimately only symbols or symptoms are classified e.g. in curable, difficult to curate and incurable. This is just the perspective of previous medicine. In the section ‘What is illness?’ I discussed that such symptoms only represent different warning signs and ultimately reflect the severity of the spiritual entanglement. Illness can also be part of a teaching or learning program that is designed at a higher spiritual level and that is not easily accessible to us. This is the only way to understand the different symptoms of the disease. There is nothing our spirit couldn’t heal. Everything is curable from a spiritual point of view. Illnesses, unfortunate circumstances and the like are nothing more than warnings or requests or impulses to rethink / reverse (see prodigal son).

So the goal can only be to consider all medical healing methods, all alternative healing methods and all therapeutic methods as temporary aids. We no longer use them out of sheer convenience and/ or to maintain our lifestyle as usual, but to work on ourselves, so that we gradually release our mind/spirit from the spiritual entanglement and bring our thinking into harmony with the world and with ourselves.

There are many ways to work on ourselves. We can start by following a path of gentleness, love, forgiveness, trust and harmony. We can work towards aligning all our thinking and doing with our own rhythm of life. We can begin to value our body as a wonderful tool because it enables us to have experiences in this world that are very valuable. If we enter into a loving relationship with our body, which is the only right thing from this point of view, we will automatically want to be able to respond more to the needs of the body. Then we will want to look after it and care for it just like our car. Among other things, we can work on changing the diet so that our body comes into the neutral area (milieu) and not that it is constantly in the acidic area (milieu). Symptoms of illness can develop much more easily in an acidic body than in a neutral body (see book ‘Übersäuerung; Norbert Treutwein; Weltbildverlag’). We can go more into nature, move more, swing our legs more often and do many other things that are simply good for the body. Not to forget, we can also stop doing things that are not good for the body (e.g. smoking, alcohol). At least we can limit them a little more.

One thing has definitely become clear. Things were raised that not everyone wants to hear because you have to do something and because you have to tackle the power of habit. If you want to continue your life concept unchanged, this page is not dedicated to you. Then you do not need to be surprised if you don’t benefit from being able to detach yourself from material dependence. Everyone is responsible for their own life. I can’t take the decision from anyone. In any case, I wish everyone the best of luck, lots of courage (to fill the gap), lots of trust and lots of success.

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