Contribution 1

As an introduction, I would like to introduce the points listed in a master class by Neale Donald Walsch (‘Conversations with God’) that needs to be considered if you want to achieve your true freedom. (The comments on these points are partly my own words.)

1. We are all one.
2. There is enough of everything (time, money, energy, love, …)
3. There is nothing to do except (perhaps) what I want to do. (I cannot give GOD anything that HE has not given me).
4. There is no such thing as ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. Another yardstick on this point would be the question of functionality in relation to what I’m trying to do: whether it works or not.
5. Life makes no sense to my mind. If I want my life to make sense, then I have to go to a larger database (database of my soul). We all have this access.
6. It’s not about me, it’s about every life I touch and the way I touch it. Because the way I touch others’ lives is how life touches me.
7. I don’t need anything because GOD gave me everything. Give others that you believe you need in your own Life. Do you need money? So find someone who has less than you to give him some of your money (also applies to love, time, …). The moment I give something to someone, even though I think I have too little of it, I demonstrate through the act of giving that I have enough! When I do that, I tell the universe that I want to experience having enough. The universe then creates other situations to experience this. And so, by giving, I demonstrate that I have enough.
8. GOD really has only one vocabulary: ‘Yes’! If I think I don’t have enough, GOD says, “YES, you don’t have enough.” But if I say I have enough, GOD also says yes: “YES, you have enough.”
9. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Besides, there is nothing in what I do that I don’t do for myself. That means, in the end I always do for me what I do for others. And what I miss doing to others, I miss doing to myself.
10. What I am fighting against, remains. Anything I don’t like because I reject it will come into my life. Example darkness. If I reject the darkness, I automatically feel like I am longing for light to experience it. But since I cannot experience myself as light without darkness, my longing for light automatically calls darkness so that I can shine my light into it (read: experience myself as light). So if I want to experience myself as light, I have to call the dark. … (We can only get out of this dilemma if we want to confidently step into everything that is coming to us, i.e. that we fully accept everything that we are presented with. And as long as we still feel some form of rejection in what lies ahead, we still haven’t really understood that we are actually untouchable, holy and whole and that no action or performance is required for us to bring about perfection (see point 3). Or what could we do better than GOD?)
11. GOD speaks to each of us all the time. So it is not the question to whom HE speaks, but who is listening? (We can also expand this idea. Because GOD is love, HE loves everyone. So it is not a question of what we have to do so that HE loves us, but whether we can accept and be thankful for the love HE unconditionally gives us? Of course, this does not mean that we should then keep HIS love to ourselves. It is there to be passed on. If we give it as GOD gives it, it will flow automatically. The more we give, the more will flow in (angel spiral). And so we have what we give.)

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