The hierarchies

1. Man does not only consist of the visible body, but also of an intelligent (not visible) part.

2. In relation to our world system, this means that it can be roughly divided into two parts: this world and the world beyond.

The two parts of the world can be divided further, whereby we can divide them into several floors (levels) like the floors of a building. However, these ‘floors’ have no spatial arrangement but a purely energetic arrangement. We can demonstrate this roughly as follows: Our building blocks of matter consist largely of protons and neutrons. The material world thus results in a level of proton and neutron vibrations. For their part, neutrons and protons consist of higher-vibrating quarks.

The quarks together result in the level of the quark vibrations, whereby we have only changed the magnifying glass here, but not the place of observation. Depending on the magnifying glass (energy), we see either protons / neutrons or quarks at the same place in space-time.

If we could also examine the quarks in more detail, we would probably find that the quarks also consist of densifications of even higher energy vibrations, which we can call ether vibrations. Similarly, the ether vibrations would be more fundamental than the quark vibrations. We would see the ether vibrations if we made the magnifying glass on the quarks even bigger (even higher energy); and again in the same place. It is currently not possible for physicists to generate such high energies in their elementary particle accelerators in order to demonstrate the ether vibrations. Likewise, the vibrations of the ether have so far not been registered directly by any technical devices. But they and even higher energetic vibrational levels can be perceived by particularly gifted people.

There are many indications that our universe presumably has higher vibration levels. For example, we know Terms such as “upper world” or “lower world (s)” in religious writings and / or fairy tales as well as the statement that God is understood as our basis of life. God could therefore be seen as the highest state of being of the highest vibration level. Last but not least, this idea can be reconciled very well with the Brane-models of physics, according to which the vibration level of matter is located on the outermost edge of the 10 or 11-dimensional sphere (bubble). We can imagine the other levels as spherical shells, which are placed within the sphere (bubble), the physical level being the outermost spherical shell. Inwards, the levels in the energies are getting higher. This means that the dimension that is directed towards the center of the sphere is not a spatial dimension, but rather a kind of frequency dimension or spiritual dimension (spirit dimension). The further we reach the levels inwards consciously, the more spiritual we become or the higher energies (frequencies) we have to deal with. Inwards, these levels become more and more light-like. Inside is the light of the spirit, who we can understand as a completely pure energy vibration.

Through the selective selection in energy generation in physics or through the selective resonation with the spiritual to a certain vibration level, we can filter out and categorize the corresponding vibration levels. These levels are mentally separated by the categorization. They can be subdivided energetically without there being a spatial subdivision.

On the previous page we have addressed the various vibrational parts of our world system and them first divided into visible and invisible. Considering the analogies the two parts of the world we can continue to divide, and we can classify them as the floors of a building in several floors (levels):

a. The spiritual levels (part of the unseen which is enabled to organize, to manage und to create).

b. Then there are more subtle levels (part of the unseen), which constitute quasi the aura of man.

c. The lowest energy level is the level of matter (the visible).

The division into these three areas would have something to do with the aspects of body, soul and spirit. Based on spirit-soul-body thoughts there is a ranking of the universe levels. So, it can be seen a natural hierarchy in the energetic influence. We come, as well, into line with the trinity thoughts in which the body-soul-spirit-thought is an analogy of the trinity of God. And to emphasize the hierarchy, we bring the trinity thoughts in the correct order: spirit, soul, body.

Because the levels of our world system are becoming more and more fundamental energetically (or inwards in the bubble of the brane models), there is a clear hierarchy that marks the direction of the cause and effect arrow that points energetically downwards. Because these levels are present at every point in space-time, cause and effect are also present at the same time. So here we have no spatial-temporal separation from what is the cause and what is the effect, as is the case in the established models of science to date.

If we consider again the different trinity systems, it is clear, that the shadow, which is casted from the interior of the bubble to the brane, can’t be a cause. The shadow (body) can only be a pure effect. But only the light (spirit) which is in the interior of the bubble, can be the cause of this projection. This means, that our considerations related to the hierarchy are quite convenient to the brane theory.

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