The energetic hierarchy

There are people who can let deadly poisons into their bodies without harming the body. This has among other things to do with the fact that such people are mentally trained to such an extent that they don’t mind. But it can also be due to a certain spiritual gift from the person concerned. For example, there are also people who can get by without earthly food and sometimes without having to drink. I would consider this phenomenon to ascribe to a certain spiritual gift.

The two phenomena mentioned do not fit into the materialistic world view, according to which there is only the material world and nothing else. Rather, they generally indicate a hierarchy in the causation, which goes hand in hand with the fact that there are or must be different vibration areas in our world system.

If a person can do without earthly food, there must be another energetic (invisible) area that provides everything necessary for the body, and this energy must then be transformed so that the body can benefit from it. This is understandable if we consider the cosmic structure of the body, which is now very well known. So we know that man not only has the gross material body but also an aura. The human aura consists of different shells / bodies. These shells / bodies are hierarchically subdivided and, so to speak, belong to different vibration levels in our world system.

We know expressions like upper world and lower world e.g. from fairy tales, from the Christian Bible or from Greek mythology. These terms reflect the fact that our world system in which we live has energetic subdivisions of subdivisions. And that there are otherworldly areas, more and more people are experiencing, e.g. Resuscitation attempts have been successfully carried out, even though they were already considered clinically dead. Quite a few people who have had near-death experiences can report a world beyond. If this world that we perceive is already infinite in space-time, how different are otherworldly worlds possible than to be understood as upper or lower worlds?

The world of protons and neutrons, which make up the largest part of our body, gives e.g. the vibration level of the protons and neutrons (certain magnifying glass size). We know that the protons and neutrons are only there because they are formed from the vibrations of the quarks. We see the quarks when we make the magnifying glass even bigger and reach even higher energies. Therefore, the vibrations of the quarks form a higher level of vibration. Without the quarks, there would be no protons and neutrons. Therefore, the level of the quarks with respect to the vibrational level of the protons and neutrons is the basic level.

If we could examine the quarks more closely (magnifying glass is made even larger), we would get to the ether level. The astral plane lies above the etheric plane (magnifying glass becomes much larger). Without naming the other higher levels now, we come to the conclusion that the levels become more and more subtle and ultimately more and more spiritual. Because the next higher level is the base level of each level below, there is a clear energetic hierarchy. The spirit is above. The gross matter at the bottom. Hence the spirit is above matter.

The metaphor with the complex team of oxen (previous pages) shows why most people cannot control their bodies at the moment, even though their spirit is above matter. So if many people cannot control their bodies, this does not contradict the fact that their spirit is above the body. Rather, it shows that people cannot use their thoughts and feelings specifically and that they are misdirecting their spiritual powers.

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