Power of Thought – Continuation

Studies on our genetic makeup, the genes. Until now it was thought that the genes control the organism. Accordingly, scientists and pharmaceutical companies had made us believe that our fate lies largely in the genetic makeup of our genes. So our genes should not only determine our appearance and intelligence, but also our health or even our spirit. According to these ideas, we would be relatively powerless and could hardly change anything in our lives. How many people don’t think that way?

Now the recognized scientist and cell biologist Ph.D. Bruce Lipton found that genes don’t control our organism. Although they contain the plan of the organism, they are not capable of control. When it comes to control, it takes more than just a plan. This is no different when we are planning a house. The architect’s plan is just a plan that cannot control or rewrite itself. It is the architect. Bruce Lipton not only found the same principle out of stem cells but also brought it up.

What are stem cells? Stem cells are generally those body cells that can develop into all cell types of the organism. Depending on the influence on them, they have the potential to develop into many different cell types, from muscle cells to brain cells.

To the experiment: When stem cells were exposed to a different environment, it turned out that some cells became muscle cells, others bone cells, and others fat cells. The experiments on stem cells made it clear how much the information field, i.e. the environment, is responsible for the development of the cells. So the gene itself does not determine whether the cell should become a muscle, fat or any other cell. It is the environment that contains certain information, which in turn influences the stem cells.

The same applies to the formation of proteins. For example, we can make 150,000 proteins. According to the earlier understanding of biology, this would require 150,000 genes. But we only have about 23,000 genes. So the genes themselves cannot control which of the proteins should be formed. This in turn requires an information field.

Further studies showed that the heart field interacts with the DNA. The heart field is the strongest field that our body produces. For example, the electrical field of the heart (EKG) is up to 100 times stronger than the electrical field of the brain (EEG). The magnetic field of the heart is up to 5000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain. Well, the electromagnetic field sends out a signal that reaches the DNA via the receptors of the cell membrane. As a result of these environmental signals, the switching of the genes is changed, which changes the reading of the gene blueprint and thus the protein production. And so the biology of our body is changed depending on the incoming signal.

These considerations and further experiments suggested that we control the genes through our attitudes towards life, through our beliefs, feelings, and convictions, albeit mostly unconsciously. So our beliefs, convictions and feelings generate an information field, which is responsible for how the genes are read and which proteins are formed.

If we are e.g. constantly thinking that we are healthy, vital and powerful, the genes are read in such a way that they ensure the health and strengthening of the body or maintain the healthy and powerful condition of the body. These new findings have far-reaching consequences because they turn our previous understanding upside down. While we have previously seen ourselves more or less powerless in relation to our physical condition and / or to the environment, we are now experiencing that we are not so powerless. We influence our health and our lives to a great extent. Through our thoughts, feelings, visions, fears, beliefs and the like, we ourselves are the architect who is responsible for his genetic plan. Ultimately, we ourselves are responsible for the condition / constitution of our body.

The placebo effect. Many people have certainly heard of the placebo effect. Renowned brain researcher Jon-Kar Zubieta from the University of Michigan (USA) has examined the placebo effect in more detail. In addition to other media, Deutschlandfunk reported on August 21, 2007 about Zubieta’s investigation and quotes the researcher as follows: “The most recent studies clearly show that the placebo effect is no fantasy, but actually exists. We can measure exactly that something is happening in the brain and in the body. The belief in getting an active ingredient changes the biochemistry in us. Pain relieving substances are released. In other words, positive thoughts can have a soothing effect. … The interesting thing is not so much that a placebo triggers a reaction in our body. That is certainly important, but it is at least as exciting to know that the placebo effect depends on your own expectations: my brain is able to change the physiological response of my body just because I have the expectation that the Pain subsides. “

Body control. Especially talented people, such as Yogis are able to achieve a targeted regulation of the organs such as heartbeat or regulation of the body temperature.

Physiological changes under hypnosis. What yogis can do, normal people also can do if they can hypnotized. Under hypnosis, we are able to lower or increase muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure and / or stress hormone levels.

Abilities in spontaneous actions. At times when we don’t ponder, we can lift a car with our bare hands to free someone underneath. These and other things are reported in the world from time to time.

Spontaneous healings. It also happens from time to time that people e.g. undergo spontaneous healing after a death sentence.

Walk over red-hot coals. In 2001, 22 people between the ages of 7 and 80 set a Guinness record by safely crossing a carpet of ember of 111 meters. According to reports, this world record was improved to 222 meters on March 13, 2003 in La Balmondière, near Mâcon in France. The 16 participants were said not to have sustained any major injuries. On March 22, 2003 in St. Lorenzen (Austria) the world record in this discipline was improved to 250 meters. Now you can ask yourself whether a good mental preparation is necessary after all.

Take an ice bath for a long time. Wim Hof, a Dutch extreme athlete, was able to stand up to his neck in ice water for an hour, 52 minutes and 42 seconds and do other incredible things:


Mental training with top athletes. It is no longer a secret nowadays that top athletes train not only physically but also mentally in order to achieve top performance. Mental training in particular is being used more and more because of the knowledge of the power of our thoughts.

The power of thought has been highlighted in sales and management training for years. The power of thought is also the main theme of the film ‘the secret’, in which scientists from various disciplines have their say. This clearly shows that we are the creators of our situations. Perhaps a note in a book in which the scientific evidence for the self-healing powers is provided:


The daily and budget plans. Even the daily planning and budget planning are a bit of attempts to live out our creative nature. The principle is to imagine the result or write it down as you want it to be. You act as if it has already happened. Then you align your life or activities towards this result until you have achieved it.

All of this evidence reinforces the power of our thoughts and beliefs and also show that there is more than what is visible and observable. From a scientific point of view, the fact that there is more than could be observed so far is as follows:

  • Physics postulates the existence of dark matter and dark energy. It was even determined what the proportions are: Matter about 4%, dark matter about 23% and dark energy about 73%.
  • Measurement of the subtle by Dr. Klaus Volkamer.
  • Physical evidence of space energy a) Casimir effect b) Evidence of the utilization of electrostatic field lines by Prof. Dr. Claus Turtur.
  • And finally there are people who can see the aura of humans, animals and plants.

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