Justification for higher Dimensions

Quantum electrodynamics concludes that there is an infinite amount of ground-state energy and an infinite number of different wavelengths in each space-time region. The infinite number of wavelengths would just collapse the material world, if their expansions would be limited only to the 4-dimensional space-time world. Because it is obviously no collapse, it followed the question, how these infinities can be “subtracting out” or removed. One of the possibilities is, that there are additional dimensions, which are very large and could therefore cancel out these energetic infinities. For this purpose see the quotation from chapter 7 of the book: the universe in a nutshell, Stephen W. Hawking: “Large extra dimensions are an exciting new development in our search of the ultimate model of theory. They would imply that we lived in a brane world, a 4-D surface, or brane, in a higher dimensional space-time. … the history in imaginary time of the brane on which we live would be a 4-D sphere which would be the boundary of a 5-D bubble, with the remaining 5 or 6 dimensions curled up very small.”


Figure: Two-dimensional representation of the 5-dimensional space-time-spirit world

According to the model of brane world, the universe could be compared to a 5-dimensional sphere. Now, already a structure in 5 dimensions is difficult to imagine. Simple is the idea, if we reduce it to three or even only two dimensions, allowing to be able to draw it on a sheet of paper. On a sheet of paper we can draw the 5-dimensional sphere at best as a circular area. Similarly, we proceed mentally too, when we see a painted house on a piece of paper, which was painted by a child as a two-dimensional structure. We transform this picture mentally onto the three dimensions. But here, we have in mind, that the space-time-spirit world, which is represented by the circular area, has 5 Dimensions (not 3 Dimensions).

So we have a ball in ,mind’, which has 5 dimensions in reality. This means that in this simplified model, the 4 space-time dimensions are reduced to a single dimension and are symbolized by the circle. The second dimension of this 2-dimensional space model is then the spiritual dimension, which is symbolized by the radius of the circle or the circular area.


Figure: Three-dimensional representation of the 5-dimensional space-time-spirit world

Instead of the circular area we can also draw a three-dimensional sphere, like the earth. However, we always will have a multi-dimensional ball in mind, independent of the choice of our drawings.

What does meana cut in the spatial model? A sheet of paper has three dimensions in the strict sense, because it has a certain thickness. If we made the sheet of paper infinitely thin, it would have one dimension less. Then it is as this sheet would separate the three-dimensional space with a wafer-thin cut. It would be itself this gossamer cut. Because the space of the material world has at least one dimensions less than the space of the whole world, it is in comparison to it (whole world) like a cut.

The material part of the universe therefore represents only the peripheral region of the ball. This has the consequence that we belong not only to the border area of the sphere but also to the interior of the sphere and that the real action takes place inside the sphere, according to the foregoing. It’s as if all the events that we perceive in the material world, are projections, which we experience as we would watch a movie in the cinema or on TV.

Based on the previous study it was to require, that there has to be an intangible spirit. In this respect, we can assume that our true nature is immaterial and belongs to the interior of the sphere. Our bodies, which are thrown on the brane, are means for the spirit to gain experience in the material world.

How can we imagine better the inside of the ball? Physics has found that protons and neutrons are quasi oscillations which arise from the interaction of the much higher quark vibrations. This means that the proton oscillations are subordinate to the quark vibrations and cannot exist without the quarks. The proton and neutron oscillations as sub-vibrations of the quark oscillations are based on the quark oscillations. Thus it can be seen, that the quark oscillations are the more fundamental vibrations of the neutrons and protons.

The quarks together provide the realm of quark vibration, where we have only changed the magnifying glass, but not changed the place of contemplation in space-time. Depending on the size of our magnifying glass (energy) we see at the same point in space-time either protons/ neutrons or quarks. If we would also can investigate the quarks in more detail, we would observe that these are probably compacted oscillations from even higher energy vibrations, which we may call etheric vibrations. Similarly, the vibrations of the ether would be more fundamental than the quark oscillations. Probably we would observe the vibrations of the ether, if we could increase the quark vibrations to even higher energy; and this in turn at each point of the space-time.

It should be clear that the existence of the ether has not really been refuted by the Michelson-Morley experiment. Just the wrong idea of the ether has been refuted. At that time, the ether was mistakenly considered as a static mechanical quantity. And finally, even Einstein revoke the apparent refutation of the ether, as follows.

Albert Einstein in 1920: ”… According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. …”

Currently it is not possible to physicists, to be able to produce such high energies in their elementary particle accelerators to detect the vibrations of the ether. Likewise, till now the vibrations of the ether can’t be directly registered by technical equipment. But such vibrations and even higher vibrational energy levels can be perceived by exceptionally talented people. In addition, it was reported by the spiritual world that there exist such higher vibrations, as follows:


What you see as the solid form, exists also as a spiritual form, without that you can see it. … A flower whose beauty is admired from you, has an original character in the Spirit, which is many times more wonderful than the flower that you see.
                                                      Light on the way, Archangel Michael

The fact, that there are higher levels of vibration, is moreover also in line with the string theories and the brane model, in which in the additional dimensions it must be energy. In this case, we can bring the Brane model very well in line with the knowledge of the Spiritual Science. From this viewpoint the level of vibration of matter is located on the surface of the 5-dimensional sphere (bladder). The other levels, we can imagine as spherical shells, which are placed within the 5-dimensional sphere, in which the physical layer is the outermost spherical shell. The more you go into the inside of the sphere, the higher would be the energy of the corresponding levels. This means, that the dimension, which is directed towards the center of the sphere, is no spatiotemporal dimension, but a kind of frequency dimension or spiritual dimension.

The further we go mentally inside the sphere, the more spiritual we get or the higher energies (frequencies) we’re dealing with. Inwards, the energy levels are getting more and more similar to pure vibrations. Entirely in the interior, the Spirit will be completely pure energy vibration (without any compaction). That means, that the energy would be pure light.

By the selective selection of energy generation (in physics) and/or by the selective resonating of our spirit to a certain level of vibration, we can filter out the corresponding vibrational levels. By this we’re able to categorize the different energy levels. So, these levels can be subdivided energetically, without there exists a spatiotemporally subdivision.

So you can say: “Just as the quarks could be the higher vibration shapes of the protons/neutrons, the ether could be the higher vibration shape of the quarks, in which the ether is present everywhere, even where no matter is.” The etheric field would be roughly a vibrational field surrounding each atom completely. This field would penetrate, interweave and create each elementary particle. Strictly speaking, the ether itself is subdivided into several levels, in which the realm of the quarks could be equated with one of these etheric levels (?).

It is understood that etheric energy also exist there, where no gross matter is. The etheric level therefore can be regarded in fact as a matter independent vibrational level. But the matter can’t exist without the etheric level, especially as the ether surrounds, penetrates, interweaves and creates each elementary particle. Going further up the energy by making the magnifying glass grow at the same place in space-time, we come to the astral realm, then to the emotional realm, then to the mental realm, then to the causal realm and further up to even higher energy realms. The higher levels carry not only the lower levels, but are also responsible for their formation and change. That continues as far until we have reached the highest energy level, that is then the base level (the foundation or basis) of all being.

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