Model of Causation

First, we point to an experiment which already has been run through physical experiment, which is listed in the book [Stalking the Wild Pendulum; Itzhak Bentov]. The experimental setup is as follows. Water is poured in a vessel. Then also certain colored grains are introduced, which have the density of the water. The water is well mixed. Now a sound field is applied onto the vessel so that the sound can penetrate the water. As the result it emerged a picture analogue to a crystal. This means that the water forms standing waves, where the grains gather at the nodal points.

Model of causation part 1

We are now transferring this experiment on the lower realm of our world-system, which is embedded in the vibrational field of the Spirit. Next up, we have seen that the spiritual vibration field would be the more fundamental level. That field could be the driving force for all lower levels.

Model of causation part 2

Analogue to the sound experiment the vibrational field of the spirit could influence the virtual quantum field or the etheric field, which is/was created according to the model of compaction. So the virtual quantum field or the etheric field would be stimulated and brought with itself in interaction, in a way that the building blocks of matter could be formed as subordinate oscillations (beat frequencies (?), compactions). Again it can be assumed, that the virtual quantum field or etheric field could be a means for the spirit, to manifest the blocks of matter. As an intermediate field it could serve as the principle of effect (principle of manifestation).

In summary, it is to say, that the intermediate field (virtual quantum field and/or etheric field) may exist according to the model of compaction on the one hand and would be brought into dynamics on the other hand through the targeted influence of the spirit analogue to the influence of the sound in the described sound experiment. The result then is the existence and the dynamic of the universe.

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