Aura and new Symptoms

Conventional medicine does not teach about the energies of the aura and does not teach anything about the processes in the aura. This shortcoming urgently needs to be ironed out because we are dealing with energetic influences that also affect the physical body. The aura, which is a system of several subtle energy bodies of different vibrations, is (still) invisible to most people, but is being perceived or felt by more and more people. As a result, there is already a lot of knowledge in this regard, although there is still no uniform teaching, which is otherwise no different in science. There is still no unified theory in physics. We know of phenomena that do not explain physics, but that can be explained with the involvement of the spirit or metaphysics. However, there are now indications on the part of physics that the existence of the invisible is being demanded. Physics postulates the existence of dark matter and dark energy. It was even determined what the proportions are. Matter about 4%, dark matter about 23% and dark energy about 73%. Although it does not speak of the spirit, it opens the way for the existence of dark energy that could lead us to the spirit.

Especially nowadays more and more symptoms appear on people, which the doctors of classical medicine cannot explain, which I personally found in a client whom I had looked after for about 3 months in 2011. Among other things, she had repeatedly experienced flashes of light on the body, for which there are explanations, but which are not known in classical medicine (e.g. symptoms of a Kundalini activity). The Kundalini, which is immanent in everyone, is a subtle energy that can of course have an impact on our physical body. Its influence may lead to symptoms that, due to a lack of knowledge of the real causes, cause some people to get scared feelings without a real cause for fear. In view of the steady increase in the phenomenon of poorly understood symptoms (in the classic sense), I think it is useful to address possible causes of this issue.

I found things in myself that made me suspect that pain can occur in two ways. Pain can show up if I have injured my body. Or it can come out of nowhere without that I’ve been injured in the present time. In one specific case, I had pain in the upper body for about 2-3 weeks. Sometimes I found it difficult to breathe. It occurred to me that this could be pain from previous injuries. I felt as if I had been stabbed by several dagger stings in a previous life. If so, it would mean that something I was still carrying (as information) was now ready to be transformed into light. Perhaps I should say that for almost 30 years I perceive Kundalini activities in my body and that there were various side effects in the form of temporary pain, here and there.

In the event that I hurt myself and feel pain as a result, this tells me something. This could tell me many things, what we could bring to a common denominator. This denominator could mean that pain should keep us from a path that, if we went on in the same way, would keep us from being aware of our true divinity. In other words. We are continually forced to stop over the pain, to think / feel about ourselves and the world, and to get into a mental attitude that awakens our spiritual awareness and that ultimately brings us into the state of spiritual awareness. In the state of spiritual awareness, we will no longer do anything that would cause injury or pain to our bodies.

On the way to our spiritual awareness, according to my knowledge we will be confronted with the two pain phenomena. One type of pain is something of a hazard warning sign that either wants to get us on the way to ourselves or to remind us that we have strayed from the way to ourselves. If we have progressed so far on our path of self-discovery that we are very relaxed, very self-confident and confident in our day-to-day work / ‘in the future’, we will probably only be confronted with pain of the other kind.

Simply by indulging in joy, opening ourselves up to external and internal influences, becoming more and more an observer and living our lives with confidence, we make ourselves receptive to higher energies. We live in a time when external energies (cosmic energies) and internal energies are flowing in more and more. It is the time of energy work on ourselves, the time of increased receptivity for higher energies but also the time of an increased interaction of beings of different kinds, which is generally an act of energetic connection or energetic convergence. This energetic connection is based on the fact that a harmonious resonance builds up between our energy-body systems and consequently the energy density of these body systems dissolves somewhat. By dissolving the energy density somewhat, energy is released. The released energy in turn releases existing energy blocks, old thinking and behavior patterns as well as memories of past injuries / pain, which can lead to short-term symptoms. When they come, they come to light one last time (?) in the form of pain, discomfort, grief, or depression, and then disappear (sometimes) forever. It is precisely these symptoms that can no longer really be diagnosed in the classic sense.

As a rule, we only need to accept these symptoms or supposed problems with a smile and let them pass us as observers. Just as they suddenly came out of the blue, they will disappear out of the blue, even if they last for 2-3 weeks. Depending on the situation, we can also use medication for relief. However, as we can usually see, this will only be a question of a very short time.

Of course, people will still have symptoms that classical medicine considers difficult to cure or even incurable. Here the corresponding person will still have to choose how to deal with it.

Modern symptoms.

We live in a time when topics of self-discovery, self-healing, self-fulfillment and self-development are being dealt with more and more. This goes hand in hand with the fact that we are increasingly confronted with energies (subtle energies, higher-dimensional energies, cosmic energies). These are often unusual energies for our bodies. If these unfamiliar energies hit our bodies too hard or too quickly, our bodies may have difficulty adapting. Here we are dealing with symptoms in which, amongst other things, the Kundalini energy of the person may be at work to a not inconsiderable degree. It has to be said that this energy is in everyone. It is a subtle energy, which in most people was quiescent in the past and therefore made no impact at all. In the period of increased energy exposure and self-development, this energy is increasingly awakened in people. In some more, in some less.

Regardless of the strength of the awakening, Kundalini energy has the task of flowing through all energy channels of our energy body system. It dissolves energy blockade by energy blockade and lets the aura unfold more and more. Because this also harmonises the energy centers of the aura (type of transmit and receive antennas) and makes them receptive to higher-dimensional energies, Kundalini also ensures that inner higher-dimensional energies can also flow in. This contributes to the general harmonization of the energy body system and thus to the blockage dissolution at all possible levels. This is how our spirit creates space. Because at the end of this process all blockages are released, our body-consciousness can connect with the cosmic consciousness along the main energy channel beyond the crown chakra in order to lift the boundaries of the mind. In this respect, the Kundalini energy is something like the pioneer for the liberation of our mind (spirit).

Now a person’s soul may feel a great urge to advance the liberation of the spirit. If a person’s body-consciousness (ego) has refused to work on its liberation, it may be that the soul triggers this liberation by creating situations through which greater amounts of Kundalini energy are released in the body. If the person has not previously ensured that his energy body system is prepared for it, this Kundalini awakening may now cause greater problems. It may also be that large amounts of Kundalini are released when one is under strong drugs, meditates to excess or even specifically exercises to trigger Kundalini.

If the energy body system is not prepared for a certain strength of the Kundalini release, it can lead to difficulties in adapting our body and putting a lot of strain on the body: hot flashes, then shivering, hearing voices, states of mind from ‘on top of the world’ until ‘in the depths of despair’ from one moment on the other (symptoms similar to manic-depressive illness), etc. Such people can suddenly be very charged with energy and can sometimes be very unbearable. It is also possible that such people are suddenly (for certain moments) mentally deranged and suffer from a relatively large loss of reality. It can also happen that the vertebrae of the spine or the organs in the body displace briefly, that lightning occurs in the body or that the Kundalini energy explosively paves its way and messes up the whole energy body system. This can go so far that the functions of the body are temporarily overridden (death-like conditions), which can also go hand in hand with out-of-body experiences. For a certain period of time, man can be at the tipping point between “death” and life. How the course is or will be is unpredictable. Trust is really the order of the day here.

When such extreme symptoms appear, it is very important that you do not panic immediately and that you are not tempted to do things too quickly or get things do that could worsen the situation. With such people, it is very important that they are to be in good hands again and again, that one is patient, that they are looked after, but also that they are given the peace and quiet that they need.

The experience with a woman I had taken care of, who was both on withdrawal of psychiatric drugs and had a Kundalini crisis, had shown that in some moments it was really impossible to say whether such extreme conditions were the result of the withdrawal symptoms or the Kundalini crisis. It should be well known that even with withdrawal symptoms, people can be tipped between life and “death”, as it is possible in a Kundalini crisis.

I am talking about phenomena for which a diagnosis in the classic sense is not always possible or for which things are involved that have so far been largely unknown in classical medicine. With such phenomena, if they strengten to the excess, there is no panacea and no guarantee for anything, no matter to what possibilities we let us practically carried away. It doesn’t matter whether we do something or not in this respect.

The administration of addictive drugs such as psycho-pharmaceuticals should be considered as a last resort and should be carried out carefully anyway. If at all possible, friends, acquaintances or family members should take care of such a person in whose familiar surroundings until he has recovered again. Of course, depending on the situation, doctors or therapists can be consulted. However, the path to psychiatry should be seen as a last resort.

Although I sometimes refer to possible extreme cases, it should be made clear that these are not the rule and are among the really few exceptions. But after my discovery (based on personal reports) they keep coming up these days. As a rule, the Kundalini experiences can be mastered relatively well, since Kundalini has the meaning to help to the liberation of the spirit.

It is astonishing that despite the extreme conditions described above, no real damage to the body occurred in the cases known to me. This is precisely why I find knowledge of the phenomena in connection with Kundalini energy or with other light body or transformation processes very helpful, so that certain fears can deprived of their breeding ground. Because with fear, we run the risk of doing things that could make the situation worse. While we normally don’t have to do anything other than let it happen and endure, in extreme cases it is of course necessary to explore how far we put our lives in the hands of God and / or in the hands of doctors and therapists.

For my personal Kundalini experience with spiritual backgrounds, see free access or for tablets or to touch (paperback).

Note. Germanische NEUE MEDIZIN® can also be very informative in understanding symptoms of illness. This medicine was developed by Ryke Geerd Hamer and is based on 5 empirically found biological laws of nature. According to this medical knowledge, all symptoms of the disease should proceed according to these 5 biological laws of nature. The emergence and disappearance of symptoms are each considered to be part of a normally two-phase “Sinnvolles (meaningful) Biologisches (biological) Sonderprogramm (special program) der Natur (of nature)” (SBS). According to Ryke Geerd Hamer, the trigger of every so-called illness is always a biological conflict, a highly dramatic shock experience, the DHS (Dirk-Hamer syndrome) is called.

In my understanding, the Germanische NEUE MEDIZIN® provides a very good approach in understanding such symptoms of illness, which result in connection with concrete conflict situations. Still, I think this medical consideration cannot explain or cover all of the symptoms (see above).

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