Hierarchies of Life and Healing Energies

Earthly life takes up energy through solar energy and through food. These are life energies. Anyone who has become familiar with the energy work of their own energy bodies (human aura system) knows that there are still higher-order life energies, such as the subtle Kundalini energy of man. This energy is located on the subtle level of the body system.

Even the subtle areas have no cause function in the strict sense. Because without spirit they would not exist and nothing could be achieved in connection with them. Because the subtle bodies of our body system are energetically above the gross body, there is a kind of energetic hierarchy. If a change is made in the spirit, this is noticeable on all levels. So if a repair has been carried out on the physical body, this was primarily carried out in the subtle area. This is because all changes in the physical area come from the spirit and the subtle area lies between the spiritual and the physical area. Nor is earthly food merely a gross food. Like us humans, it has an aura and thus an energy body system that consists of a gross body and several subtle bodies. And the aura of earthly food shows how good its quality is. This quality is then lost when it is overcooked and burned. In addition, the molecular structures change when cooking, which is why this food is like a foreign body and is therefore not only useful but can also be harmful.

In connection with homeopathic remedies, a repair on the subtle energy body system is achieved on the subtle level, which is superordinate to the level of gross matter. Because the subtle levels are above the coarse-material level and are closer to the cause levels, this repair is of course noticeable on the gross-material level. Homeopathic remedies are sometimes diluted so much that according to the probability calculation there is no atom of the substances to be dosed. But the subtle vibrations remain. And these harmonize the right place on the subtle body system, provided that the right remedy has been chosen. Since the subtle body is superordinate to the gross body and the cause-and-effect principle is given from top to bottom, the gross body always benefits from any repair on one of the many subtle bodies. There are no side effects associated with the lawful use of these agents. However, to emphasize it again, the healing only starts from the spiritual realm. This directs energy down through itself – over the subtle realm – into the material realm. When homeopathy is used correctly, the importance of self-reflection is always emphasized (awareness that the symptom of the disease has something to do with our own thinking and feeling what we have to correct).

Medicines, whether natural, classic, homeopathic, or any other type, don’t heal for themselves alone. They have functions similar to those of food. What drugs contain, will be integrated somewhere in the body. And depending on how they fit into the body system, deficiencies in the body can be more or less compensated for.

The body picks up and give off. It is connected to heaven as well as to earth. It receives from above as well as it gives off to the top. It receives from below as well as it gives off to down. We receive words, love and other things from the other as well as we give them to the other. We interact with everything. This interaction is based on the principle of give and take.

If the healthy relationship between give and take is disturbed, which is always based on an unbalanced state of spirit, this disorder manifests itself among other things as a disease symptom on the body, which is associated with a wrong lifestyle. The body is the psycho-energetic measuring instrument, which clearly reflects the state of spirit. Likewise, the physical state in connection with our fellow world is the only means of interpretation that is available to us in understanding our existence. In misperception we are unable to understand the language of the body in its entirety. Many puzzles remain. The state of spiritual awareness, on the other hand, allows a clear interpretation.

* 1 Cor 13.12: For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

Problems, illnesses, conflicts, unfortunate circumstances and the like are based on the fact that we are far from creating a healthy relationship of give and take in our lives. After all, the unhealthy relationship of give and take keeps us in an imbalance state that cries out for balance. Therefore, problems, illnesses, conflicts and unfortunate circumstances are nothing more than warning lights that indicate ‘defects’ in our thinking. As we can see, the way is to create a balance on all levels (physical, subtle, spiritual).

We can subdivide the life and healing energies – without claiming completeness – hierarchically as follows, whereby the first mentioned energy is highest in the hierarchy:

  1. Spiritual energies: state of feeling of love, perfect peace and perfect harmony (highest spiritual power), Reiki, suitable visualizations, prayers of the heart, loving thoughts (healthy thinking), good thoughts, …
  2. Subtle energies: Kundalini energy of man (own body system), prana or light food (from the cosmic environment), homeopathic remedies, tachyons, orgone energy, energy from pyramids, energy from energy spirals, …
  3. Physical energies: healthy earthly food, medicines, healing stones, energized water (holy water and other energized water), other energized / tachyonized objects, …, whereby the healing stones and energized objects also work on the subtle level.

The priority must be set according to these hierarchies, with the simplest and most obvious taking precedence. The fun factor should not be missing. It is best if we work on ourselves in a playful and loving way, which automatically brings us into a state of peace, harmony and love. Otherwise we pay attention to the inner impulses and to what fills us with joy.

At this point I would like to say something about the controversial tachyon energy. The term tachyon is derived from the Greek word tachys = quickly. Tachyons are particles that are faster than light. They are solutions from the famous Einstein equation E = mc². However, these particles then have an imaginary mass. Because they have imaginary mass and cannot be determined physically, they are often viewed as hypothetical particles.

Now it should be remembered that even Stephen W. Hawking says that from a positivist point of view we cannot say whether the world of real numbers is real or the world of imaginary numbers. A closer look, which I cite in my book ‘Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens’, shows that a clear decision can be made on this question. It turns out that what was previously considered imaginary is rather real, and what we have previously viewed as real (the physical) is rather imaginary. In this respect, the tachyons are very probably more real structures than the atomic and subatomic particles.

The practiced radiesthesist can measure the life energy of humans and that life energy of energized objects with a biometer. It shows that energized objects have a life energy that is several times higher than that of a normal person.

Devices for energizing objects such as food, clothing, water and sleeping places are e.g. Pyramid and energy spiral. According to the inventor, Dr. Anton Stangl, the energy spiral has a much higher radiation than a comparable large pyramid.

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