Finding out the Cause

On the page Time is Illusion the present of two people who meet at extremely different speeds has been described. We have found that their presents are different. How does this look now with the encounters of our body building blocks, i.e. with the atomic and subatomic particles among themselves? It also applies to these particles that each particle has its own present and that the encountering particles can come from different times. Because they are never at rest and move at different speeds, they never come from exactly the same time. The time difference between their presents can be very different. If the time difference is large, it is difficult to imagine that one particle can be a defined cause of the other, isn’t it? Their presents should be pretty close to each other. They would have to collapse, so to speak. Because with the infinite number of particles floating around in the microcosm, there is a swarm of the presents, so that many other particles can also be considered potentially as a cause.

Quote: “If the ‘present moment’ elsewere in the universe depends on how you are moving, a whole span of ‘presents’ must exist, some of which will lie in what you regard as your past, some in your future, as seen by different observers. …”: Paul Davis and John Gribbin, The Matter Myth“.

What does this look like in the event that the presents of encountering particles merge with each other? Then the time differences of their presents is below the Planck time of 10-43 seconds. But just below this period, the known laws of physics are no longer valid, which means that the particles can exist side by side for no reason. When a particle meets the other at a certain location, it is also the case that the respective energies are smeared at this location and have no definable values. It is therefore difficult to imagine that a particular particle can be a concrete cause of any other particular particle.

In quantum physics, one also speaks of an indeterminism – that is, of an indeterminacy. Despite the vagueness, quantum physics knows about the fact that every little part has to do with the whole. We can recognize this e.g. from the double slit experiment of physics. Here there is a test arrangement in which the electrons or photons are separately sent through the double slit one after the other. Normally, one would expect two overlapping image spots to appear on the luminescent screen from a statistical perspective. But there is an interference pattern. Exactly this pattern is a mystery. Finally, according to this pattern, the question arises as to how a single particle can know that there are two slits and which path those particles have taken that were previously on the path, and which path the subsequent particles will take. Or in other words. How can each of these particles know where it belongs in the interference pattern that is built up from thousands or millions of individual particles in the course of the experiment? If the particles could think, each of these particles would have to know all of this.

Now this interference pattern has been mathematically analyzed using the so-called path integral method by Richard P. Feynman. This is a method that mathematically adds up all possible paths that lead from A to B and forms an average of them. Exactly this calculation gave the same interference pattern. In terms of light quanta and electrons, this means. Not only do they have a single story or path in space-time behind them, as the classical theory of quantum mechanics would postulate, but they move from A to B in every possible path and then choose the optimal path.

Accordingly, from a higher point of view there would be a determinism that the path of such a particle has to do with the path of all other particles. However, this is only possible if there is no real space-time separation. If there is no real space-time separation, we can also view this experimental setup and its events as a block universe (mini-block universe) that is suddenly there and does not develop. This means that the story of every particle has to do with the story of the whole. It is said that the whole is in the part such as the part is in the whole. We find something similar in the body cell. Each individual body cell – that is, the part of the whole – contains both its own history and the history of the whole organism.

As a consequence, this means the following. In our entire cosmos, everything always has to do with all other things. This means that there is a connection between all things. This connection cannot be made by things themselves, because they are spatially separated from one another. This is only possible through the metaphysical. How can a part that is subject to space-time dependence and therefore separated from the other parts in space-time know the whole? He can’t look beyond itself.

The atomic and subatomic building blocks themselves cannot connect to each other because they are spatially and temporally separated from each other. They cannot make this connection either because, due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, they cannot come together in space or time, which would be necessary in order to enter into an energetic interaction relationship. Because there is the connection and the interaction, there has to be something that can create and guarantee this connection. The requirement of quantum electrodynamics should not be unmentioned, namely that the virtual photons are made responsible for the interaction of the building blocks. These are considered so-called messenger particles (= exchange particles) so that the building blocks of matter can be in an exchange or interaction relationship with each other. Of all things, the virtual particles should have a fundamental property, since they constantly arise and disappear within the Planck time of 10-43 seconds; and for no reason. It is quite conceivable that they constantly arise and disappear. However, they can only have a fundamental character by being guided and directed from an even higher energetic and even more fundamental level, with which they do not exist without reason. They are also hardly capable of guidance and ordering because of their extreme short life.

I think it looks very much that physics with the virtual photon network, which is a very fundamental quantum field, rather describes the preliminary stage of ether – that is, the preliminary stage of something that is more fundamental than physical matter and that belongs to the realm of metaphysics. With quantum electrodynamics, we have another gateway to metaphysics.

In summary, we have now reached the most obvious conclusion that the connection of our building blocks can only be given via the invisible / undetectable. In addition, a guiding / causing variable would then only be anchored in the invisible / undetectable. An indispensable necessity!!! In summary, the visible/ detectable is something what is created, be led or be directed. It is an effect.

As we have seen, we have to postulate the existence of the metaphysical in several ways. That this must exist also came from the fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Accordingly, the universe is more than the sum of its visible or ascertainable parts. What is more must then be the invisible or non-ascertainable (= the metaphysical). And if a determinism cannot be found in the visible or ascertainable itself, it must be found in the invisible or non-ascertainable.

The fact that a causal factor is also anchored in the metaphysical is in line with the brane model of physics. This is because the material world is a projection out of the metaphysical, which is placed inside the bubble (sphere). On closer inspection, we see that physics has not yet made any real statement about the cause of things or the question of what makes things the way they are, without metaphysics. Or in other words. According to the findings of physics, there is nothing on the purely physically ascertainable level that tells these particles how they should behave so that a structure can be recognized at all on the visible level. Accordingly, without metaphysics, physics can only describe effects in the strict sense, but not the real causes. These conclusions are supported by the fact that we are getting more and more practical and experimental evidence for the power of our spirit these days.

If someone dreams alone, it remains a dream. But if we all dream together then it becomes a reality.
                  Dom Helder Camara

If we want to believe Dom Helder Camara’s words, we must conclude that we are somehow also co-creators of our world. The fact that we are something like that is to recognize that we humans are able to change our lives in a targeted manner, albeit in an imperfect way. Daily planning, budget planning and the like are attempts to put our lives on a targeted path. Even modern science comes to the conclusion from experiments that the observer influences the result. Yes, it is already said that we not only explore the world with observation, but also create it.

Now we know that every person has further consciousness. There are terms such as superconscious, subconscious, the unconscious, the higher self or God. For the sake of simplicity here we refer to all of these unconscious consciousness as subconscious. When I was in the sales industry, where there was a lot of talk about human psychology, I learned that the subconscious mind makes up the larger part of our entire consciousness. Let us imagine an iceberg that is in the sea and of which we only see the tip (see sketch of iceberg model below). Here conscious consciousness would only be the tip of our entire consciousness. The big rest would then be the subconscious, which because of its quantity would also have a larger share in our creations. According to the iceberg model, this rest is below the surface of the sea – hence called subconsciousness – but is energetically higher. In this respect, the hidden parts of our consciousness are our higher parts of consciousness, which we must not neglect in any way.

If we now consider that the higher parts of consciousness of all people think similarly and have a relatively orderly power of thought, it is conceivable that they have created the world in a fairly orderly state and maintain it accordingly. The more chaotic part of this world could be assigned to the smaller part of our overall consciousness. Everything would then be a question of common ideas. In practice, this means that others are always involved in our goals, which is also the case. There is nothing that others do not somehow participate or are involved or have contributed to. If we have good intuition right now, we can guess things that are coming quite well. At that moment we have been able to connect with the higher part of ourselves that can look beyond space and time. In this respect there seems to be a plan that leads us in a certain direction that is only hidden from our limited mind. However, this plan seems to allow us to have a certain amount of freedom within which we can exert our individual influence. How this is possible is explained in my book in a scientific and understandable way (also for the non-scientist). In any case, we will see that we are not wrongly called children of God or children of the Spirit. Because if God is a creator, his children must also be able to be creative. All of this is scientifically substantiated in my investigation.

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