The inherited Gift of Creating

A child of God also inherited the creative power from God. It is our thoughts that have power. We not only have this body consciousness, but also a subconscious, a higher self, a high self and at least a highest self (GOD). All of our thoughts add up to the inner world. It is the world of ideas, fantasies, visions, objectives, learning programs, therapy programs, beliefs, but also anxieties and fears. According to the hermetic law: ‘like inside, so outside’, the outside world manifests itself according to our inside world. In other words, this world is our own creation.

The outside world bears in mind our own thinking and makes us look at ourselves. Specifically, the supposed enemy makes us look at our wrong thinking. It is wrong to think that we are vulnerable and mortal. It is also wrong to think that we have to fight for our lives, because life is given to us forever. And it is wrong to think that we have to fight for our happiness when it is within us and when we have only denied it. Without the supposed enemy we would not be able to correct our wrong thinking. We would be stuck with the illusions forever and could not wake up again. In this sense, the supposed enemy is a friend to us. Let us thank him! The supposed enemy can also show up in the form of illness on the body, which has no real causation from a spiritual point of view.

Let us pay more and more attention to our thoughts from now on !!! Let us take care of them!!! Let’s fill them in with love!!! Let us purify our thoughts and align them with each other!!! This alone lets us see a beautiful and loving world. Yes, this alone brings us back home – to our true happiness – in the end.

Now is the time when many no longer want to play the mask or puppet game or the game of separation, whatever we want to call this game. Those now want to look behind the scenes (behind the masks) again. Their longing is now so great that they want to regain their integrity, their completeness, their flawlessness and their true happiness – that is, their true divinity. For all those, the outer world now only serves as a teaching unit or as a therapy field.

The way is to create an inner harmony, to indulge in the flow of life, to open up to everything and to follow the inner impulses. The body helps us with this. He tells us what to do by saying what is good for him, but also what is not good for him.

Sickness, injuries and accidents are alarm signals that want to help us on the way mentioned. We no longer ignore these alarm signals or operate them away so quickly (except in exceptional cases), but try to find out what is wrong with our thinking and acting. If alarm signals are ignored or operated away without changing the cause, they appear elsewhere in a different form. We even run the risk that they come to light in an even worse form. There is a rough clue here. With regard to the symptoms of the body’s illness, the alarm signs first appear on the surface, e.g. noticeable on the skin (alarm level 1). If these signs are ignored and the way of life is continued, the alarm sign is amplified by appearing further inside the body (e.g. organ problems). That would be alarm level 2. If this alarm level is also ignored and the existing standard of living is continued, there can be incurable (?) or even fatal diseases (alarm level 3).

This is a rough guide. Illnesses can also be part of a consciously brought about atonement concept in order to atone for an act committed from a previous life (kind of belated self-punishment in order to come to terms with oneself again).

The severity of the disease and / or the severity of the distress we seem to be in gives the impression when trying to solve the problem that there are different levels of difficulty in the abilities of our spirit. This is not the case at all. There is nothing that our spirit can’t easily do. If it seems to us that a particular problem is very difficult to solve, it is more a sign of the severity of our mental entanglement.

I would like to make a comparison to make the basic problem easier to understand. I compare the mental powers of a person in conflict (unredeemed man) with a certain team of oxen. This team consists of two oxen, one pulling the front of the wagon and the other at the back. Enormous forces work, but in total they fizzle out. The wagon does not budge, which gives the impression that there are no forces. It is the same with the unredeemed man who has thoughts of two types – positive and negative thoughts – in relation to a specific goal. One type of thoughts is directed to goal (ox in front) and the other type of thoughts is directed away from the goal (ox behind).

So it’s about bundling up our thoughts – that is, concentrating. Any other thought that deviates from this point of concentration (the goal to which our thoughts are directed) usually counteracts the goal. The redeemed person then no longer has a single thought to doubt any goal he has (both oxen are now pulling in one direction). So the goal is fulfilled instantly and without any effort.

The fact that more and more people are currently experiencing spiritual strength is – among other things- due to the fact that these people are working to develop their abilities. The one, who does nothing in this respect to need not be surprised if his life do not become easier. Instead, in order to assert himself in this fast-moving and ‘hard’ time, he tries to compensate for his lack of mental abilities through overexertion, struggle, hectic pace and stress. With this, he exhausts and finally resigns because he can hardly do anything to his satisfaction. Then he is easily inclined to blame the outside, the circumstance or God or the world for his misery. He comes into a vicious circle from which it seems that it is no longer possible to escape.

The belief system of people has become very complex, which has led to people becoming involved in different degrees of spiritual entanglement. Here we can visualize a large number of oxen, which are tied to a wagon in a very complex way and virtually pull the wagon in all possible directions. This entanglement needs to be gradually resolved. This is done e.g. by starting with the simplest problem solving and gradually daring to tackle the seemingly more difficult problem solving. In the end it will be recognized that there are no real levels of difficulty in problem solving for our spirit.

–> The energetic Hierarchy