Practical Recommendation

One of the main concerns is to create a synergy between conventional medicine, alternative medicine, psychotherapy and spirituality. The second main concern is to consider medical support and therapeutic support as a temporary aid. Any help should always be an aid to self-help. The third and most important main concern is the spiritual recovery of everyone who asks for advice or help or who wants to work on themselves.

There is much to be done to gradually detach ourselves from our old thinking and accept the new thinking. This strengthens our belief in our spiritual faculties. How quickly we can bundle our spiritual powers will depend on how strongly the old beliefs and thought patterns are anchored in us and how much they still influence us. As long as our spiritual powers are not bundled enough, we will also have to make changes that are located below in the hierarchy. In general, efforts should be made to balance give and take at all levels, and we are most likely to do this where it seems easiest to us. The easiest thing is to indulge in the flow of life, to open ourself up to everything, to follow the inner impulses and to reconcile all opposites (forgiveness). We do not avoid conflicts, but look for a harmonious conflict resolution. Let us bring light and love into this world so that it will be outshone with our light and our love!!!

The path on the material level. The physical way is to take care of the body in the same way as we do it with a beloved car. We pay more and more attention to what is good for it and what harms it. Everyone has to find out for themselves what the situation is. Then act accordingly.

We eat healthy food. We go into nature as much as possible and enjoy it. We sing, dance and play. We can do yoga or other energetic exercises such as Tai chi (Tàijí). Let’s do it the way we like it: without pressure and compulsion.

In the case of symptoms of illness, accidents, etc. we always ask for the cause. If e.g. a serious decision is currently pending and we feel headaches in this difficult situation, this has something to say to us. Perhaps the moment is not the right one for a decision. The head is the realm of the mind. If we are in conflict, this can really cause us headaches. Let us therefore review our plans and try to see our current situation in a different light!

The nature of an accident can help us in our life situation. If we start skidding, for example, with the car, we can also have skidded figuratively. Here a warning can also be concealed itself. Such accidents can protect us from an even bigger accident or disaster. Even if we step into a droppings, it has something to say to us. This can be a sign that we are not very attentive at the moment. This sign may want to warn us not to take the next step thoughtlessly that is imminent, or to be more vigilant in general.

Anyone who is constantly confronted with broken bones should consider whether they should give up their hard and inflexible path to take instead a path with softness and flexibility. Anyone who always reacts to unpleasant situations with harshness and wants to run through the wall with their head, wear themselves down. They become brittle, which is shown by broken bones.

The path on the subtle level. Homeopathy is available to us for symptoms of illness. Otherwise we can do energy work on our energy body system. We can bring about the harmonization of the energy centers of our energy body system (called chakras). See e.g. the ‘Chakra Handbook; Shalila Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski; Lotus press Shangri-la‘). Or we can work with the Kundalini energy, which is a human body’s own system of energy (see ‘Kundalini and the Chakras; Genevieve Lewis Paulson; Jaico Publishing House’).

The spiritual path. The spiritual work is the practice of patience, the acceptance, the letting go (of evaluations, of constraints, of fears, …), the ‘opening up’, tolerance, devotion, humility and forgiveness. Let us show our benevolence to everyone! Let us imagine things in the mind’s eye as we want them to be. Let us fill our lives with light and love. Let’s just radiate this light and love without thinking about whether someone deserves it or not. We all deserve light and love because we ourselves are light and love. We just forgot it and are only blinded by the illusions. This delusion leads us to make it unnecessarily difficult for one another due to the resulting misunderstandings.

The spiritual level includes also prayers, positive thinking and Reiki. These are all energies that work downwards (towards the material level). Reiki can be applied by laying on of hands or also purely mentally. If we injure ourselves anywhere on the body, we intuitively keep our hands on it. This is based on an unconscious knowledge that we can relieve the injury with our hands. The difference of laying on of hands with or without Reiki is that with Reiki the body’s own energy is not taken away, but the energy is drawn from the spiritual level. Without Reiki, the energy is deducted directly from the body, which can lead to fatigue much faster. There are many books on Reiki.

From the points listed, we first select those that we can do with ease.

We have enough to do with that for the time being. In the second step, we look for points that appeal to us or that are of great interest to us. We leave everything else alone (let’s just leave it out). We don’t have to do everything and only take steps that we are convinced we can do well. The fun factor should not be missing anywhere. Let us practice in the ease of being, in joy and in gratitude! Let us live in the here and now and trust that we always get the right impulses at the right time to think, say and do the right thing at the right time!

If we look closely, everything is very easy because we only need to swim in the flow of life and have to do the day’s work with trust and love. Only the lack of love, openness, trust, mercy and kindness makes life difficult and painful for us.

–> Kundalini Energy and Aura of Man