Kundalini Energy and Aura of Man

Introduction to Kundalini Energy

Why is Kundalini energy so important? We have arrived at a time that is a milestone for many people to become independent. Our life program is geared towards gradually becoming independent of earthly events, which takes place step by step. These steps are larger for one, and smaller for the other. Regardless of the strength, the Kundalini energy plays an important role (see also theoretical discussion of the Kundalini energy).

In general, it can be stated that Kundalini energy is currently being increasingly awakened in humans. On the one hand, this ensures that the aura can develop and on the other hand that the body will be cleaned. Depending on the strength of the arousal of the kundalini, symptoms of varying severity occur, which are particularly worrying if you do not know what is going on inside you. Some people have gone to the doctor because of such symptoms and have been told that everything is actually fine with them. Or on the other hand, diagnoses such as psychosis and / or schizophrenia have occurred. In a study by psychotherapist Dr. Bonnie Greenwell from the international ‘Kundalini Research Network’ investigated the symptoms of schizophrenia and of Kundalini crisis. According to this study, it can be seen which symptoms occur in both Kundalini crises and schizophrenia, but also which symptoms are typical only in schizophrenia or only in the Kundalini crisis (see http://www.horusmedia.de/1999-schlangen/schlangen.php about lower third of the page).

The uninitiated doctor doesn’t know what exactly is going on here. When cleaning the body with Kundalini energy, foreign substances and poisons can be discharged, among other things, whereby these discharges can manifest themselves as various disease symptoms, which is also reflected in the study mentioned. If you don’t know, you think you have a health problem, although it is not.

Appropriate clarification is necessary here, because it can take away the fear and often avoid the way to the doctor. However, this does not mean that the way to the doctor should generally always be omitted. Everything requires careful examination, which can also be done intuitively. This is precisely why the synergy between medicine, alternative healing, therapy and spirituality is more necessary than ever.

The human energy body system.

Man has not only the physical body but also the aura. The aura is a subtle energy body system that consists of several bodies. Every subtle body is an oscillation field of a certain frequency. Starting from the lowest subtle level, higher than the physical body, there are the following energy bodies:

  • the etheric body,
  • the astral or emotional body,
  • the mental body,
  • the intuitive compassionate body (spirit self, Manas),
  • the will-spirit body (Buddhi),
  • the spirit-man (Atman),
  • the divine body.

So, there are also other bodies that are beyond our perception. Therefore, man has not only the physical body, but also many other bodies, which in turn carry the physical body energetically within and below themselves and, together with it, make up the human energy body system. Part of this energy body system forms the human aura, which is the subtle part of the energy body system. The cosmic structure of man is well known because there are aura-sighted people who can perceive the different bodies or shells of our energy body system. Some people can perceive up to 8 bodies or shells.

The lowest subtle body is not only superordinate to the physical body. It penetrates it completely. Accordingly, the next higher subtle body is superordinate to the lowest subtle body and penetrates it. The principle of penetration and super-ordination can be continued through the other energy bodies. We can say that a certain energy body is not only a sub-state of the next higher energy body, but also a phenomenon of its compaction.

Now each of the energy bodies has a main energy center and many sub-centers, which are called chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, discus, circle. These centers have this name because they can turn like a wheel (left and right) and look like calyxes. The energy centers are connected by subtle (subtle) energy channels. According to ancient Indian and ancient Tibetan texts, there should be 72,000 to 350,000 energy channels in the body. These energy channels are called Nadis. The Nadis are connected to the main energy channel, the so-called Shushumna. The Shushumna is located in the central axis of the spine and runs along the spine: from the coccyx area up to the so-called crown chakra. In turn, all chakras of the aura system are connected to the shushumna via the nadis.

Note. The meridians are nadis that connect certain acupuncture points to the corresponding organs.

Depending on their vibration level, the chakras absorb energy from different vibrations and then release it again. If the formation of the energy centers has advanced, they take on circular flower-like forms and have a similar function to satellite dishes. The chakras can be deliberately closed, opened, turned to the right, turned to the left and aligned in a certain direction. If the chakras are fully developed, they are spherical in order to be able to absorb energies from higher dimensions. Then they no longer need to be aligned.

The respective state of development of the aura depends on the state of development of the human being. On this is e.g. to recognize what the human focus of life looks like. So, if man focuses on earthly things, mainly the low-vibrating energy centers will be developed. The higher vibrating energy centers are then atrophied or closed. The lower main chakras are the lower vibrating energy centers, the upper ones the higher vibrating chakras. If the upper main chakras of a person’s aura system are not or only slightly developed / open, this person is still relatively strongly bound to material things. In general, the energy body system of a poorly trained aura cannot absorb the higher energies, which is why a person with such an aura is mainly dependent on earthly things. His path is difficult because his intuitive skills are also atrophied. Because without such skills, it will hardly be possible for him to always do the right thing in the right place at the right time. Because this is hardly possible for him, he has to make up for this deficiency through excessive (physical) activities. He is caught in the hectic, stressful and pathological world.

As the physical body absorbs solar energy and earthly food, the subtle energy body system takes in subtle food, which is called prana or light-food, from the environment (quantum field, subtle energy field, universal energy network). If the aura is fully developed, the energy drawn from the universal energy network can be passed unhindered into the aura, transformed there and used. The aura system is then like a superconductor, in which energy can flow vertically and horizontally without any resistance. Human beings are then virtually independent of earthly events because they are connected to the universal energy network wherever they are, so they can relate to everything what their energy body system needs to maintain all functions. This explains why there are more and more people who can get by without earthly food and sometimes even without liquid. If this is currently only possible for a very small group of people, it is because there are so far only a few people in whom the aura is fully developed.

We can also count the prana or the light food among the life energies, whereby it must be made clear that this life energy is freely available and inexhaustible. From this fact we can already see the way to our independence. We just have to see that our aura can develop completely so that our energy body system becomes superconducting and thus can guarantee a free existence on the earthly level. The Kundalini energy is a very good tool that contributes to the aura development.

The Kundalini energy of man.

Earthly life takes up energy through solar energy and through food. These are life energies. Anyone who has become familiar with the energy work of their own energy bodies (human aura system) knows that there are still higher-order life energies, such as the Prana (light food) and the subtle Kundalini energy of man. The latter energy is located on the subtle level of the human energy body system. The name Kundalini comes from Sanskrit and stands for an energy that is rolled up or winded (kundala = rolled up, winded). The Kundalini energy of man is a body system own energy and is as old as there are people. It lies or lay rolled up all the time in the so-called Kundalini reservoir, which is located in the area of ​​the coccyx area – but in the subtle realm.

Kundalini is a subtle energy and is therefore located between the gross material and the spiritual realm. As long as it stays in its reservoir, you could compare it to a ball lightning. So there is a tremendous amount of energy in it, especially since it also has several vibration states (lower and higher subtle vibration spectra) at the same time. As long as it retains its spherical shape, you will not notice anything of it. They say that it sleeps then.

Kundalini energy is best released in stages – in other words, only in small quantities. Before you even want to work with it, you should have at least harmonized the 7 main energy chakras to the extent that they can also be felt. Otherwise you could get physical and / or other problems with it because it is a very powerful energy.

Once released, the Kundalini flows in the subtle energy pathways of the energy body system. When the Kundalini flows, it tries to flow through all energy paths like the current of a conductor and at the same time tries to make blocked areas flowable. So it unblocks stuck energy channels (through pulsation and flow pressure) and helps the aura to develop and expand.

Just as the blood of the physical body connects the cells with each other and supplies them with life energy, the Kundalini connects the subtle cells of the subtle bodies with one another in order to supply them with life energy. However, if there are energy blockages, this supply is disrupted, which is associated with symptoms of the body’s illnesses, which can also be partially obscured (disposition, predisposition). But because the Kundalini energy also gradually releases blockages, provided that it has been released in the body, the body gradually recovers.

As soon as the complete recovery of the body is completed in connection with the Kundalini energy, the Kundalini flows up the main energy channel in the spine (Shushumna) in order to leave the body via the crown chakra. Because this flow is a tremendously concentrated flow, it automatically demands our full attention. This attention allows our body consciousness (mind consciousness) to simply leave our limitation and connect with the higher self. This happens automatically, especially since the higher self is more energetic and therefore draws the lower energetic body awareness upwards.

On the physical level, this fusion manifests itself in the fact that the bar between the two hemispheres of the brain becomes completely superconductive in order to remove the polarity of the brain halves. This makes the brain fully functional so that it is then fully utilized. All of this enables us to always be in the right place to think, say and do the right thing. Because we are a walking superconductor at the same time, we are largely independent of earthly events.

So once the soul-body system is fully harmonized, man can fully fulfill his purpose. Then the feeling of separation stopped. It is not for nothing that enlightened people say that they feel one with everything. This feeling, which does not rule out anything, persists in the long run.

While the aura draws energy from the universal energy network, the Kundalini energy is a body system’s own energy.

Since the Kundalini has been doing its work in my energy body system, I have found that everything goes by itself, whereby the process can take 15-20 years to resolve all energy blockages. This process can be slowed down by hyperactivities to the outside – i.e. extended in time – or accelerated (shortening time) by calming down more and also getting more relaxed. Then it’s like a balancing act. If you want your salvation faster, you have to calm down. But if you do nothing at all, it is not good for the body because it needs exercise. Or there are things that need to be done easily. You have to develop a feeling for the optimal posture, when more activity is required or when more passivity. This needs to be fathomed.

Own experience with Kundalini energy.

From 1993 I had meditated a lot, almost every day for hours. One morning I heard a feeling / voice telling me that inner forces were developing. At that time it was not clear to me that the Kundalini energy would be released in me. It started by feeling lightning flashes in my body a few days or weeks later during the meditations. At first I thought that I was hypersensitive if someone in the house operated a light switch (I was living in a larger apartment building at the time). At that time I was faced with the question of what my further life focus would be. I sat down to write down a few topics and took a pendulum. When swinging out, the pendulum pointed to ‘Kundalini’. When I bought and read the Kundalini manual (from Genevieve Lewis Paulson) a short time later, I found out that such flashes were caused by spontaneous triggering. Later I triggered myself the Kundalini through one of the visualization exercise that were discussed in the book mentioned. And I felt many of the things that are also described in the manual. For example, I could feel the self-release the first time as if I had laid a small egg in the coccyx area. Instead of flowing through the main energy channel in and along the spine, this energy was distributed throughout the body.

It was fascinating to follow the path of this energy. The following night I felt how the energy centers of the subtle bodies (the chakras) gradually made noticeable. I could make them turn right or left. I did this for hours that night, which I shouldn’t have done, because the next day I was dizzy all day. … Then for several weeks I could perceive smells that I had never noticed before. Toddlers smelled incredibly sweet. Women too, but not quite as cute as toddlers. Trees smelled completely different again. Or when a sick (?) Person passed me, I perveived an unpleasant smell. Then the thought occurred to me that one often simply says: ‘I can’t smell him/her’. The sense of taste was also very sensitized. Tap water tasted sweet. The sensitized sense of smell and taste disappeared after 2-3 months. Such a phenomenon with the coming and disappearing of certain perceptions was also pointed out in the manual.

I triggered additional amounts of Kundalini energy every week for about half a year using certain visualization exercises, which were described in the manual, although it was probably rather smaller amounts. After half a year I had the feeling that there was enough Kundalini energy in the body at first, which is why I had stopped triggering it. I triggered it only very rarely afterwards. Over time, the pressure of Kundalini energy became so great that I could not lie still anymore, certainly also because the body’s resistance was correspondingly high.

The Kundalini energy robbed me of all my attention, so I simply stopped meditating over time. Instead, I felt the flow and effects of Kundalini energy. It was somehow fascinating and still is today. In the meantime I hardly meditate anymore, instead a lot of thoughts came to me, which I then wrote down. As I was told at a horoscope consultation in 1993, I should write down everything that came to my mind. I did this, and now I share my knowledge in book form and also on the Internet.

In an acquaintance of mine, the Kundalini release was initiated by the higher self and was released in such large quantities that the body’s cleaning process had taken place in an extreme way. I only released gentle breezes, so the process was associated with hardly noticeable symptoms. There were certainly moments of nausea accompanied by a relatively severe headache or other mood changes, but none of this was as extreme as that of this acquaintance. And because I didn’t release so much of Kundalini, the cleaning process didn’t go as quickly as it did with this acquaintance. With another acquaintance, the trigger was so strong that she was flooded with supernatural perceptions as well as enormous energies for days, so that she almost lost her earthly hold. Only after weeks she could get a grip on these flooded energies, which by the way had not decreased in strength. Since then she has been clairvoyant and can now do without earthly food.

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