Remembrance of our Divinity

The following contribution has the motive to awaken each other’s memory of our true self (of our true nature, of our greatness).

More and more people know that there is true divinity in each of us, whatever the spiritual world shows us. But can we fully feel this knowledge or are we really aware of this divinity? At the moment it looks more like that the knowledge of our divinity is not so deeply rooted in us that we can always feel it. It is as if the memory is gradually being awakened or has to be awakened until we reach a state of being in which we are fully aware of our divinity.

When speaking of divine reality, these are initially only words that we use or that we hear from others. But even if we have so many words to try to describe what we are, they are too flat to reflect the reality of our true being. And yet there has to be a kind of springboard that helps us to get into the state of divine being, in which we are definitively aware of our true divinity.

I keep watching how much we humans still look at what does not correspond to our true being (with us and with others). Somehow there is still a discrepancy between what we feel observing and what we believe to know or are convinced to know. Perhaps we should therefore take a closer look at what is the reason for this discrepancy and what hinders or arouses the memory of ourselves.

In my understanding, all properties that do not correspond to our true divine nature are temporary properties that are not really ours. These ‘non-divine’ traits, which we mostly condemn or evaluate, have more to do with the fact that over the course of eons we have gradually forgotten who or what we really are. In this oblivion it was no longer possible for us to behave in a way that corresponds to our true being (our true nature). Now that we are gradually remembering our true nature – even if only vague – we see that the only thing in and of itself is about giving up, transforming or transferring these ‘non-divine’ properties into the light. We speak e.g. that we want to let go of our ego. Or that we want to connect with the higher self / high self, etc.

Somehow we do not really want to succeed because we are always tempted to fall for selfishness. We do this by looking at what is bothering us in the other, what is bothering us, or what is causing us anger, fear, grief or worry in any form. We do this by making ourselves or others small and evaluating the behavior of others. We do this by looking at the exterior, rather than what is hidden behind this facade. Behind it hides a spirit that still falls for the delusions, even if he believes to be highly spiritual.

I remember the puppet theater. The children who watch this game only see the characters in which some are the bad and the others the good. They don’t know who is hiding behind the puppets. They don’t know it’s a game. Even if you tell them it is a game, they let themselves be carried away during the theater performance in such a way that they identify with one character and reject the other character or even fear them. Even as adults, we can be so captivated by watching films that we sympathize or become frightened and briefly forget that we are ultimately only viewers and nothing can happen to us.

Like the puppet player, we are a playing spirit that hides behind the body, but had forgotten for a long time that he was the real puppet player. This oblivion could arise because we slipped more and more into the physical mask over the course of eons until the mask had captivated us so strongly that it only allowed us to see from its point of view (physical view) instead of from the real point of view (view of the player or spiritual view). And because we had lost the overview as a result, we let ourselves be captivated for a long time like the children in the puppet theater performance in a way that we could not see through the game. By this, a feeling has been anchored in us that something could happen to us and that the other could do something to us, could contest our happiness or that we could get lost.

Now we are at a time of an increasing awareness that is gradually reminding us that we are all in a puppet game here and that we are the puppet players ourselves, to whom nothing can really happen. Despite this increasing awareness, because of the deceptive view of the body (the puppet), we are still tempted to fall into the belief that something could happen to us and that the other person could harm us, could contest our happiness, etc., which is a misapprehension.

And every time we make a judgment (without love), we do not look at the puppeteer in the sense that we recognize his mistake (his wrong self-assessment), but at the figure / mask and the characteristics of the figure / mask. This prevents us from looking behind the scenes and prevents us from remembering ourselves, who are all puppet players.

We still perceive ourselves as a body and are not yet aware of our true divinity, which still keeps us in the deception and because of the deception repeatedly leads us to go into the judgment as well as to respond with anger, lack of understanding or fight. That is why it is very important to me to talk more about how we can help each other to remember who or what we really are.

Our true nature is characterized by pure love, omnipotence and wisdom. These attributes are really in all of us or correspond to our real state of being. Only if we take action outside of this state (in the unconscious puppet play, in dreams, in separation, in illusion) can properties be shown that are not in line with these attributes. All properties that are not in line with these attributes are properties that have become more or less independent over time and have arisen from wrong perspectives (from the puppet’s point of view). So why look at those properties if they are not our true nature anyway and are eventually abandoned? Why look at them if they only keep us away from being aware of our true divinity or if they distract us from the true view?

Rather let us think how it fits our true being (nature) fully! So let’s think big! Let us think beautifully, in fullness, in love, in joy, in immeasurability; without ceasing! And let’s just look at the real core in us and in the other!!!

When we get together with someone who needs healing in the eyes of the body, let us think that within him there is all power to heal himself. Let us encourage him to recognize this! When we meet someone who believes he needs deception, dishonesty, or the struggle for happiness, let us think that he do have sanity, that he can recognize his true divinity and how he can use it appropriately.

If someone encounters us with hate, let us think that he is still love and that he is currently only showing himself differently because he has not yet been able to remember his true nature. Let us see the chance that we may be the first to help make this memory! Let us warmly welcome him!

Let us see in the actions of others, which have nothing to do with understanding, love, joy or freedom, a cry for help for justice, a cry for help for love, a cry for help for freedom or for health!

Let us overlook each other’s mistakes and let us understand that we sometimes stumble because of the deceptive perception and because of the power of habit!!! Let us forgive each other and remind us that there is no real reason for struggle, for strife, for deception, for harshness, for arrogance, for lack of understanding, for condemnation and the like!!!

Let us remember who or what we are by extending our hands to each other, respecting, appreciating and honoring each other, and saying to each other that there is love, strength, power, perfect health and completeness in all of us! Let us think or speak openly: ‘My heart, I am and you are in reality: love, lovable, great, wonderful, wise, omniscient, limitless, divine and free. Only that is true. We just forgot about it.

As I said, these are just words that cannot really reflect reality. But if we try to feel these attributes in joy or try to fill them with joy and, when dealing with the other, react as possible with understanding, love, respect, mercy and forgiveness, we mutually awaken the memory of our true being / nature. Furthermore, by forgiving each other, supporting each other, lovingly respecting and dignifying each other, and honoring each other, it is easier for us to resist the deceptive perception. This also helps to awaken memories of our real self.

As the message comes across in the puppet theatre show that ultimately the good wins, this means for us that ultimately only love wins and that it is the key to all solutions. Forgiveness is the springboard to love and thus to ourselves, who we all are love. In mutual forgiveness we therefore only deny our self-denial and thus strengthen the feeling for our true nature. Let us not focus on what we perceive, but on what we really are: love, divine, great, wonderful, perfect, untouchable, powerful, free and healthy!

We are divine, have always been it and always will be it.

That’s the way it is! That’s the way it is! That’s the way it is!

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