Proof of Spirit

Of course, scientific evidence also includes the reasoning of evidence for the metaphysical. Because the spirit is not material – that is, he is metaphysical – he cannot be directly proven in the physical sense. But he can be proved physically indirectly by determining his influence. So what is influenced by the spirit on the material level, that is the effect of his influence, can be determined physically. Examples.

  • As already mentioned, there are people who can control the body, who can cause burn marks on the body, without external influence; or the reverse case, who can go over hot coals without getting burn marks on the body: indications of the influence of the spirit.
  • As already mentioned, there are people who can do without earthly food and sometimes also without liquid. According to the knowledge of physics, it is impossible to live without food, because the body would starve, since it is constantly in action and releases energy: evidence of the influence of the spirit.
  • Spontaneous healing cannot be explained in a materialistic sense and is also an indication of the influence of the spirit.
  • Intuition is also an indication of the spirit, because intuition is knowledge beyond space and time.

It has now been scientifically proven that thoughts influence matter. This emerges from the measurement results of the renowned brain researcher Jon-Kar Zubieta from the University of Michigan (USA). John-Kar Zubieta says: “The latest studies clearly show that the placebo effect is not imagination, but actually exists. We can measure exactly that something is happening in the brain and in the body. The belief in getting an active ingredient changes the biochemistry in us. Pain relieving substances are released. In other words, positive thoughts can have a soothing effect. ”

An article about scientific experiments was presented in the journal “P.M.”, which dealt with the influence of thoughts. Here 5000 test persons were put in a round-cinema. These were virtually in a virtual airplane. In doing so, these test subjects should, by their will alone, safely land the aircraft. The aircraft initially spun, but at the end of the experiment the aircraft landed gently and safely. When this attempt was repeated several times, the same result always came out.

Sales and management training sessions have long highlighted the power of thought. It is not for nothing that there is mental training in competitive sports. The power of thought is also the main theme of the film ‘the secret’, in which physicists and quantum physicists also have their say. Even daily planning and budget planning are the consequence of the knowledge from it.

One does not necessarily have to rely on the work of Jesus to come to the conclusion that the non-material spirit has an influence on material events. As Jesus was able to break the material laws and thus confirm that these laws are not real laws, more and more people can break these laws. This must make us rethink our materialistic view of the world, doesn’t it?

Let us consider. What we find on the pysical level is based on the atomic and subatomic particles. Physics cannot say who or what tells these particles how they should behave so that a structure can be recognized at all on the visible level. In quantum physics one speaks of an indeterminism – that is, of an indeterminacy.

Despite the vagueness, quantum physics knows about the fact that every little part has to do with the whole. So there is a connection between these parts. The atomic and subatomic building blocks cannot connect to each other because they are subject to space-time separation. But because there is a connection, there must be something that can establish and guarantee this connection. This brings us to the most obvious conclusion that this connection must exist via the invisible/ undetectable. An irrefutable necessity!!!

Because this invisible / undetectable has to be responsible for the fact that things can happen as they happen, they have a causal function. Accordingly, physics (without metaphysics) can only describe effects in the strict sense, but not the real causes or by what things are as they are. We recognize that these conclusions, which have now become a postulate, have by no means degenerated into a gray theory because of the practical and experimental points of reference and of the many question marks in the natural sciences listed above. (See also my essay on the Yin-Yang principle, which can be used to logically justify the spiritual.)

What exactly is spirit? Science is strictly based on definitions in order to explain certain things. But let’s first consider that definitions in the strict sense are elements of not-understanding. Anyone who understands does not need the definition, except for those to whom he wants to convey something. If we really want to understand the spirit, there is only the possibility to experience our spirit internally. Only then we can understand him, in which case the definition will even become superfluous. If we understand the spirit, we also understand the world because the world is not something separate from our spirit. It is a creation of all of our spirits. In this respect, we can only understand the world when we are in a state of spiritual awareness. Nevertheless, I try to put the spirit into words.

  1. Spirit is living energy, which is equipped with a cause function. Because what is alive can cause something specifically. One could define living energy as spirit.
  2. Spirit is capable of knowledge.
  3. Spirit is an higher-energetic entity, to which no corpuscle-wave dualism can be attributed. Spirit is nondual, which means that he is pure energy. Matter is not pure energy because its building blocks have both corpuscular properties and wave properties. In the union as matter, the building blocks sometimes have properties that are strictly contrary to the nature of energy, because energy wants to extend, to flow and to radiate. Matter often does not have these properties. Because the spirit does not have a corpuscular characteristic, he can also be in very small dimensions, e.g. to take up space in the string dimensions. This allows him to be present in multi-dimensional spaces. And if we still allow the brane model of physics (bubble model), the spirit can even completely fill the inside of the bubble. Because the material world is placed in a smaller-dimensional space, it is like a cut or a flat projection of the higher-dimensional space. This explains, among other things, that matter is completely in the hands of these higher dimensional energies.
  4. The spirit can experience different levels of consciousness. He can resonate with the vibrations of matter in order to identify with the body, so to speak. The perception of the higher spiritual then is not possible. Because of the resonance with the vibrations of matter, the higher vibrations are filtered out, so to speak, which is why the awareness of our actual spirituality is veiled. A brief decoupling from the vibrations of matter can only be achieved in situations of relaxation, rest or meditation, e.g. to hear the inner voice or to catch a creative thought or like Mozart an entire symphony.
  5. By moving our thoughts away from the body and the world through meditation, we can abolish this resonance which acts as a kind of material connection, in order to get into a higher state of consciousness of real knowledge. In this case, our spirit automatically reaches higher dimensions and can influence matter in a more targeted manner.
  6. The spirit is not per se bound to space and time. He only perceives this bond as long as he is in resonance with the vibrations of matter.
  7. The part of our spirit that is bound to the vibrations of matter through resonance (our mind) is only a small part of our spirit as a whole. One speaks of subconscious and higher self. These are all other aspects of our spirit as a whole. Only those who create a line with all their aspects can overcome matter.
  8. One goal can be to come to an enlightened state through various exercises (eg. contemplation, meditation, practice Holy Moment [see book ‘A Course in Miracles’], etc.) by which the material bond is abolished forever. This then leads to a truly free and unbounded existence that allows us to fully fulfill our true destiny. A deficiency is then no longer to be feared. Anyone who strives for this goal strives for the highest goal on earth. Everyone is worthy of this goal if it is striven for in purity and humility.

–> Time is Illusion