The Realist and the Illusionist

In this existence one can be seen as a realist and the other as a dreamer who has no idea about this world. But who can really say who of the two types of people is the realist and who is the dreamer? After all, it is conceivable that this existence is a dream existence. Indeed, there are many reasons for this. We look at the nature of a dream. The nature of a dream is to pretend to be a completely different reality than the reality in the being awake. Furthermore, a dream always implies the being awake, in which the reality in the being awake is hierarchical above the reality of the dream. If the dream did not include the being awake, it would not be possible to end the dream. Then the dream would not really be a dream. But because a dream is always a dream in terms of its function and definition, it is always based on wakefulness, which means that sooner or later it has to be converted into wakefulness. Because a dream is supposed to pretend to have a completely different reality than the reality in the being awake, the dream must be able (at least temporarily, as long as the dream lasts) to convey the feeling that it’s real without being really so. However, because the dream is based on the being awake and because its pretended reality is not real, this feeling naturally has to contain a certain amount of doubt regarding the feeling of reality. So the essence of the dream is that its reality can never be declared and felt in an absolute way as real and that it must therefore always leave any doubts and contradictions in relation to its feeling of reality. For the reasons mentioned, the dream naturally contains contradicting words (speech bubbles) roughly as follows:

– It is so and not different; or is it different?

– I see clearly and I am awake. And a little later: I think I’m dreaming! Or: That can’t be true!

– I am absolutely certain. And another time: I no longer understand the world!

The content of these words is also ambiguous, but far from clear and understandable: that is, nebulous. We talk past each other and still believe we understand each other. The belief that we understand each other proves to be deceptive at the latest when we have had to recognize that we have been wrong (in the other). Yesterday we were still safe with our world view; today we are in doubt with it.

Our memory is a short-term memory that makes it all too easy to forget the many delusions and disappointments. This is subject to a not really comprehensible life-death cycle, because it can die almost arbitrarily (when falling asleep physically) and can suddenly come back up again (when awakened physically). It cannot really be held or really erased; like what it registers. It’s a miracle that we can always bring our diminishing memory back to life. So doesn’t there have to be something in us that is really there and can’t really die, like the real waking memory that is the basis of our thinking?

The statements that we are dreaming and the obviousness that a dream lacks all reality and is inherently unsustainable and not absolutely understandable should make us a little make wonder. Or are we so blunted that we cannot see the obvious? Indeed, it would be surprising if transience, decay, unsustainability, delusions and dreams did not go together.

Could in a real being awake (which means not being physically awake but mentally awake), in which everything is pure, clear and durable, come to someone’s mind that something is not true or that one is dreaming?

We cannot deny that the material world consists of no (soap) bubbles, especially since the electrons whirl around the atomic nuclei and artificially inflate the material substance in order to pretend a volume that the material substance does not really have. Also, to be honest, no one in this world has ever found anything that would ultimately prove to be really durable. Why should this be different here in the future? And yet we presume to be chosen, to be able to find something durable here. Is it instead not necessary to find out who made these artificial bubbles inflate at all?

It is we ourselves who dream and who have created the illusions as a glare so that we can no longer see the true reality, although we can or have to guess it. Wouldn’t you like to finally wake up (that means waking up mentally) to see what the soap-blower and author of the castle in the air looks like in his real substance?

Now we come back to the realist and the illusionist. Assume that this existence is now actually a dream existence. Then what about the realist and the illusionist? The one who dreams a dream, but believes that he does not dream, has to think, another who legitimately sees the dream as a dream and therefore has to have a different outlook on life, dreams, although he is not even wrong. After all, both are dreamers. But he is not right if he consequently believes that he himself is now the realist. In any case, a dreamer who believes that his dreamed reality is real cannot be a realist. Finally he thinks his dream is not a dream what reversal of true fact is, because a dream is not the reality. The realist is more the one who realizes that he is dreaming. After all, his sense of reality (realism) aims at shaping his life in such a way that he is able to wake up. The other (the supposed realist) will do nothing to wake up, which is why he is more of a perfect dreamer. The latter is then not a real realist but a perfect illusionist who wrongly believes he is a real realist. But belief is not knowledge and therefore does not necessarily have to be true. So, someone who is seen from people as an illusionist can absolutely be a realist. Conversely, whoever believes to be a realist can definitely be an illusionist!!!

Woe to the people if they have to recognize that they were so wrong and that they wronged their supposed illusionists! But then these people are to be regretted rather than their supposed illusionists. Because those knew about the situation, they didn’t let the world fool them and went their way to wake up. But the people that smiled at the illusionists just degraded themselves with their arrogance and ultimately just wasted time with illusions.

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