The Three-Unity

At our smallest building blocks of matter is to recognize that their properties are separated in time. On the other hand, both properties include together to form a unit. Thus, we are dealing with no absolute connection between the two half-measures, because time and space separate them. On the other hand, there exists no absolute separation, because obviously they have to do with each other. It is, as if their properties are neither absolute separated from each other nor completely interconnected to each other. A similar paradox, we generally have in relation to our building blocks of matter. So, we observe in quantum physics two crucial things. First, we observe that the history of every little energy part (energy-quantum) has to do with the history of all parts (all quanta). Second, we observe that in each energy-quantum potentially all quanta are included – so the whole thing.

It is a clear fact that the part is in the whole. But the fact, that the whole is in each part, get really clear only about quantum physics, although we know, that every cell of the body contains the information of the whole organism. Now, if the whole is in each part, there can be no real separation of the things. On the other hand, we recognize that all quanta are temporally and spatially separated from each other, especially since they are separate entities and go their own way. Again it is so, as if all things and parts therof would be neither completely separated from each other nor completely interconnected. This paradox can only be resolved, that we postulate the existence of the metaphysical. For this, let us recall to the meaning of the non-linearity in the universe. It means, among other things, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For the existence of the universe it means in plain English, that there are more factors which have to be in the game than just the sum of all its components. 

Accordingly, we can imagine the universe as a pearl network together with the pearls. The only thing that would be physically detectable here would be the pearls without this network. From the point of view of the metaphysical, all things are now connected to one another, while from a purely materialistic point of view, things are separated from one another and are managed as if by magic. Accordingly, it is obvious that there is another quality or property of our building blocks, which makes them a whole – a three-unit forming whole – and which removes the spacetime separation. If this metaphysical were not available as a connecting link, the building blocks would exist side by side in a way that no specific interaction would be recognizable. Yes, an observation of matter would not be possible at all.

See now the following curiosity: The General Relativity allows solutions that describe the rotating universe as a time machine, where you can theoretically travel on suitable tracks in your own past. Such solutions are found by the famous Austrian-American mathematician and logician Kurt Goedel. The consequence of that is, that each quantum particels have its own presence and that there exists a swarm of presences in the world of quantum particles. We consider further, that all quantum particles seem at a particular time to be at least up to a half smudged entities. At a particular time they can be here and nowhere (at the same time). And as a whole they are at any given time not really perceivable or definable.

For how could the quantum particles really be to each other cause and effect, if they are spatio-temporally separated from each other, if each particle has its own presence and its own internal clock, if they are subjected to the so-called quantum uncertainty principle and if their total quantity to the rest of the world is like a drop to the sea?

Thus the metaphysical would most likely be the connecting cord, which connects both the dual properties of our building blocks to a unit and brings as well the blocks together to form for example a human body.

Let us remember that Albert Einstein already thought of an immaterial spirit force which breaks through the limits of his own theory, and thus it would be able to connect the microcosmic particles. Because of its intelligence the immaterial spirit could represent a guiding quality and could be equipped most likely with the feature of the cause. So, Einstein’s conjecture seems to be confirmed more and more.

If we sum up all these preceding considerations, is it not more likely that this intelligent intangible quantity (= ghost force) has the feature of a cause, while non-intelligent physical quantities (= material blocks) have the feature of a pure effect, isn’t it? If we integrate the features of the metaphysical, we will get something like a thought-wave-corpuscle unit. Many of these units in the sum we can conceive as the so-called spirit-soul-body unity. Then the third aspect of this trinity represents the principle of effect. Together, these three aspects can form complete systems like projection systems, light-shade-systems, echo systems, information systems and creation systems.

a) Projection system.

Spirit: is light and original author of his thoughts products

Soul: is the image (corresponding to the slide in the projector)

Body: Projection on the screen symbolizes the material world.

As Stephen W. Hawking presents the brane theory in one of his books he told us, that our bodies could be shadows projected from inside the bubble on the brane. But where shadow is, must also be light. And there has also to be something that separates the shadow from the light, while casting the shadow. So, we need 3 aspects for the projection system. The subtle area of our spirit-soul-body-system would be the means of separation, which separates the shadow from light. It would be the image (slide of the projector) of the spirit’s thoughts, while the body would be the projection (shadow figure) thereof. Our spirit himself would be the light and thus the cause of this projection. He would be this third factor (= the unifying and creative principle).

b) Light-shade-system (symbolism of the eclipse constellation)

Sun: is a symbol of spirit (= light)

Moon: is a symbol of the soul, the means of separation and means that casts the shadow

Earth: is a symbol of physicality (body = shadow figure)

Our spirit belonging to the light can be present in all levels. His original home is still the spiritual level, which is represented in the constellation eclipse by the sun. For example, when our spirit (mind) is in resonance with the vibrations of matter (the body), he is virtually on the dark side – facing away from the light side – what is expressed in the Christian Bible that we linger in the darkness. Then, we take the body so true, as he would be a real thing (being).

The eclipse constellation represents the spirit-soul-body system of unsaved people, who still lingers in the darkness. As long as man has committed his spirit vibrations to the vibrations of matter, his light seems dulled. Then his light is so dulled that he perceives the contours of the shadows, because his weak and dulled light cannot outshine the shadows. As long as his light is so weak and dulled, the body, which is a shadow figure, appears him deceptively real.

c) Information and echo system.

Spirit: is the sender of an idea (caller) and recipients of his own idea

Soul: is information support system and memory field (carrier of the echo)

Body: is the information and the idea/manifestation (= echo)

If we think of the trinity system as echo and information system, the spirit is something which declares a thought (= sending an idea). The spirit is the caller of an idea that is called, for example, Individuation or separate and distinct perception. The body is the echo and the manifested idea of spirit, the soul and subtle range is the carrier medium, which brings the echo to the caller. That can remind the caller to his reputation (= process of knowledge). Because the spirit maintains a lasting resonance (interaction of multiple vibrations), his idea will be for example compacted in the shape of a body as a manifestation. In this respect, the soul and subtle area serves as an information and memory field. For this, there are both the terms Akashic Records and morphic fields. Intuition would be based on the fact, that we can gain access to the Akashic Records, the so-called world memory. The Akashic Records is discussed in detail in my book.

d) Creation System.

Spirit: is the creator = cause

Soul: is the principle of manifestation = principle of effect

Body: is creation/ child = effect

Last but not least, we are dealing with a system of creation. The Spirit who calls out his idea uses the soul-subtle area to cause a lasting resonance and thus to manifest (create). Thus, there is a clear hierarchical structure in the universe. The spirit is the cause and material things are pure effects. The intermediate area of the spirit-soul-body-system has the function of being the principle of effect, that is the principle on which the cause can in general have an effect.

For all these trinity systems only the spirit is capable to form them. The spirit is indeed the unifying third one.

–> The complete Law of Cause and Effect