Approach for a Concept

Approach for a concept to get this synergy in a practical way.

The concept could be oriented in a way that it takes into account all stages of spiritual development of a person. Whether we look at a person who goes through all the stages or at many people who are at different stages of spiritual development, it remains conceptually the same. At lower levels it is inevitable that a man eat as healthy as possible, that he eats food of low pollution and/or that he accepts medical aids whatsoever, while at the highest level of his mental development a man could consume deadly poison, without that it would harm his body. At the highest level a person would never need a medicament or therapy. He could, if it corresponds to his life plan, even exist without food.

Everyone is on a certain intellectual level or in different mental entanglement, as always we want to call this type of state. It is crucial that every human being can change his state and can ultimately reach a level that enables him to overcome any illness, even to overcome death.

Diseases, failures and problems of any kind can be regarded as pure creations that man creates himself or has created himself. Of course, positive seeming things like health, success, wealth, prosperity and the like can also be regarded as pure creations. Thus, everyone has to answer for everything.

All in all it must be assumed that there is an internal plan for every person who can let remind him (again) at the end that he is divine. With this recollection he is brought to the realization that he is the creator of his own life and that he in reality is dependent on nothing and no one else but on himself. Only his thoughts, feelings and beliefs determine his life, bearing in mind, that each person also has higher consciousness that shape his life. The ultimate aim is that man creates a harmony with all his consciousness-parts, if he wants truly to cope his life. He can do this by the fact that he constantly tries to remember what his internal plan (plan soul) is and that he follows his intuition more and more.

In this issue we can split up people roughly into four categories. Man of the first category relies mainly on his mind and on the past experience. Because he’s not aware of his spiritual identity and do not know what this really means, his life is geared more on fight, defense, delineation and stress. He sees in the external things a certain power. He might be in a spiritual entanglement of fairly high degree, because he has to realize again and again that his beliefs don’t really have consistency because of the many exceptions regarding his understanding. Yesterday he believed to have understood this or that. Today he is also no longer safe and doubt it. He constantly oscillates back and forth between: “I understand, how life works” and “I don’t understand the world anymore”.

Man of the second category is someone who already begins to question old concepts and old beliefs. That begins to realize that there is more than we can see with the eyes and can find with the physical measurement instruments. He recognizes gradually more and more that he has spiritual powers. Because he does not always see the desired success with his change in thinking, he’s still quite strong in doubt. His awaited success therefore is lacking, because unconscious beliefs and convictions are anchored yet in him which let manifest partially those things which stands in contradiction to his desire.

Man of the third category is able to rise above the many doubts and finds more and more that his life is on the right track. He has reached a self-confidence that does really no more let him shaken. His belief in his spiritual powers and his spiritual guidance has already become a certainty. External influences (radiation, pollutants and toxins) no longer affect his body so strong, because his inner thinking program has quite strongly fixed on stability, flexibility, wholeness, vitality and integrity. He needs not so much to pay attention to healthy diet and can indulge the pleasures always more carefree, without damaging his body.

Man of the fourth category has completely taken away those beliefs that do not match his true divinity. He is now aware of his true divinity and has full access to his higher consciousness parts. He remembers both his true being and his task he has set out to do here on earth. Because he lives his life in perfect harmony with his higher consciousness parts and is fully aware of the power of his thoughts, he cherishes no thoughts anymore which makes his life difficult or unpleasant. On the contrary, he will be at any moment at the right place to think, to say and do the right thing. For such man, deficiency, disease and fights will henceforth belong to the past. Such a person could in certain circumstances consume a deadly poison that does not really hurt him. Whether he does that or something else or he holds himself back to do something like that, it will always be in accordance with his higher consciousness parts. Possibly he has permanently perfected the connection to his great-matrix that his cells can absorb subtle energy in a way, that it can be transformed to food.

According to this view, the rough classification into 4 categories could be very helpful to promote the synergy of classical medicine, alternative medicines and alternative therapies. Because if we can well estimate man in this issue we can also well recommend means for help. Of course man of the 4th category has successfully reached the end of his therapy.

Because each person is located in the development, it can be assumed that every human being climbs the categories stage for stage, wherein the fourth stage is the highest (final) stage. Where a person is standing, has to be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Man of the 1st category will mainly take traditional medicine, although that usually treats only symptoms but not searches for the root causes. That person would do well to eat healthy and avoid toxic substances. However, it is at the present time not so simple, to eat healthy and food of low pollution, especially since there is increasingly a lack of nutrients in the food and since the food is always more poisoned and irradiated. It partially lacks of money for quality food or of the time for an own cultivation, etc. That person does not really resolve diseases and bad states of affairs. On the contrary, diseases and bad states of affairs are relocated or even strengthened. So this person is virtually in a vicious circle. But at some point he gets to a point where he can no longer bear his illness or his suffering and he has come at his wits’ end. This is the opportunity of rethinking and thus the chance to transform the vicious circle into a virtuous circle. Now, he has the chance and the opportunity to become man of the category 2.

Man of the second category now begins to question what brings his life to him. He wonders about the meaning of his disease(s) and living conditions, and knows that he causes them at least partially. He pays now more attention to what his body and soul need. He no longer sees so much the panacea in medicine and now takes just wisely medication. His attention is now focused on alternative healing. However, he recognizes that even alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy do not always lead to the desired success. He also realizes that his rethinking does not always lead to desired success, so he still is torn between classical medicine, alternative medicine and mental work. The more he enters the risk of relying on his power of thought, the more secure he’s with time, because his unconscious beliefs and old beliefs are losing breeding ground and therefore stand no longer so much in contradiction to his desire. He can see how his life is more and more on the right track. As a result of remaining steadfast against many doubts and smaller setbacks he can determine, that his faith has become more certainty. His self-confidence is now grown so much that he does make nothing else and no one else responsible for his life but himself. He has climbed the Level 3.

Man of third Category is not yet entirely free from any complaints, but takes only rarely medicaments, whether classical or homoeopathic. In his complaints he sees not even a reason to rethink his life, because his rethinking anyway is already fully under way and he considers anyway to follow his intuition. Where are the complaints coming? By opening ourselves to our soul plan and also to the energies that flow in our energy body system, the remaining unconscious memories, which are characterized by pain and injury, are coming again in an attenuated form to light for being reconciled, purified and transformed. In this way we can let go of the past entirely and also of the related hindering convictions or beliefs. This can be seen practically by the fact that certain symptoms come and go without they hurt us. We let them come and accept them gratefully in the knowledge that they now disappear forever. Now we can let go the related old memories lovingly, if they ever become conscious. Some of the memories do not come into consciousness by dissolving (reconciliation). We do only make a symptom treatment in exceptional cases for reducing pain. This we will do intuitively correctly. Someday, there will be no more unreconciled event from the past which should be brought to light because all unholy thoughts from the past will then have been reconciled. Because now, no more fertile ground exists for the denial of what we really are, the memory of our true being and our earthly mission (true destiny) can now come to light. Now, no more symptoms are coming out of nowhere or would be created at the present time because we are conscious enough, not to create them deliberately. They simply make no more sense. Now we have become the people of the category 4.

Man of the 4th category has successfully reached the end of his therapy and is in harmony with himself. Because his state of mind is perfectly healthy, his body is perfectly healthy, according to the understanding of ‘mens sana in corpore sano’, in a healthy body, a healthy mind.

Possible measures depending on the category (in brief).

  • Category 1: medicaments, surgery, healthy diet, tailored food choices (what’s good for the body, what not), to avoid pollutants + relaxation therapies (dance, music, game …) or/and various therapies (Physio therapies, chiropractic, osteopathy, massages …).
  • Category 2: Like 1 + nontraditional methods (homeopathy, acupuncture, Spiritual healing …) + Application of naturopathy.
  • Category 3: Like 2 + support for self-help and for self-healing and to assume the self-responsibility; in parallel.
  • Category 4: No more action is needed because therapy is succesfully completed.

Note. As internal growth progresses, the need for external aids (medical or other treatments) becomes less and less. In addition, the focus of the energy impact (treatment, measure or therapy) shifts towards the higher areas of being. This means that with the advancement of inner growth less and less traditional medicine is used, while the alternative healing methods are preferred. At the same time, the feeling of self-responsibility and self-empowerment is strengthened so that one can gradually solve one’s own problems, however they may look.

The soul plan and mental state.

In general, something cannot happen if your own state of mind does not allow it and if it does not fit into our soul plan (guaranteeing the cause and effect law). Therefore, all healings always have to do with the state of mind and the soul plan of the respective participants. It can even be assumed that the soul plan is hierarchical above the mental state.

If someone has a problem such as a symptom of illness that could be taken away without being able to see any reason to change his life accordingly, it would not correspond to his soul plan. So, a problem solution, such as a concrete cure would not be possible without a certain learning effect.

On the subject of mental state, we can ask the following questions, among others: “How great is the trust in our life, in ourselves and in our higher leadership? How much can we believe that it only happens in accordance with our inner beliefs, convictions, fears, visions and the like? How well do we manage to find enough time for relaxation, rest and peace in our everyday life? ”

Well, anyone who can act at the soul level knows exactly what to do. He will only work with the other in such a way that it is in accordance with the soul plan, that it serves his development best and that he himself does not suffer any disadvantage. He knows that abuse of power could lead to a loss of power.

Those who can only act on the lower levels are more likely to have to follow their intuition. They will not be completely free from selfishness and / or selfish motives. Because the ego, viewed neutrally and without evaluation, is involved to varying degrees, the therapeutic project will be crowned with fluctuating success or will not always be successful or noticeable. The rule here is that both participants (healer and client) still have to learn. In any case, only those who are intended for each other according to the law of attraction will find each other. This means that client and healer are getting together according to certain points of contact (learning topics) that are somehow common or similar to them.

Merger of several persons who give assistance.

It could prove to be very useful to provide an address for covering as many as possible areas, similar to a therapeutic or health center. This center should be geared at best that all disciplines are covered to make possible this synergy. This means that this requires a cooperation of visionaries, economists, agronomists (provision of healthy food), chefs (adequate preparation of food), doctors, Vision trainers, personal trainers, medical practitioners, naturopaths, various therapists (wellness, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, …) and (Spirit-) healers. The establishment of such an institute can be carried out by stages, so as to achieve and optimize the mentioned synergy step by step.

It is the time of mergers, of formation of groups, of networking, of mutual support and assistance, of mutual helping-together, of mutual healing, of Each Other and of coexistence. It is the time to give actively evidence that we are bound together in spirit. It is the time that healings and other miracles widely happen, that enthusiasm will be aroused as well as the memory of our all spiritual connectedness.

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