Leitmotifs of the Day


About the Buddha I read that he had first sought enlightenment in asceticism and renunciation. But after he collapsed along this path, he realized, when one hides in solitude, that one suppresses one’s own divinity and thus also the possibility of unfolding magnificent worldviews. From then on, he tried to be what he really is. …

I think that there is a soul plan for every human being, according to which the soul, on the one hand, gains a certain experience (what do I want to be, what do I want to know …) and, on the other hand, wants to fulfill a certain task. If the soul wants to live out or savour that, this should also lived out or savoured. I also think that when the soul has really savoured something that is no longer wanted in the end. Seen in this way, the soul savours something so long until it realizes that it is enough and / or experiences with something until it realizes that the real happiness cannot really be found on the outside. However, this knowledge must be experienced in practice.

Perhaps the following questions will help us: Are we spiritual beings who want to gain a human experience, or are we human beings who want to have spiritual experiences? Maybe both? Maybe so today and so tomorrow? Maybe everyone has to find out for themselves what should apply!

Depending on where we are in the process of development, we will still want to gain certain experiences in this world or have enough of the experiences to only strive for true happiness. In order to get there, we probably can’t help but practice mindfulness every day. This we can do e.g. by constantly adapting our living to our own leitmotifs and guiding principles that we can formulate ourselves.

I hereby let you participate in my leitmotifs.

I wonder

as often as possible during the day: What is YOUR will for me today/now or what do YOU want me to do?

in unsatisfactory situations where a decision is made or has been made: What would love do?

when making decisions: (When) do I act for the benefit of the general public?

at the end of the day:

  • where did I not follow the call, impulse of my soul?
  • Where have I done or thought something when I wasn’t myself?
  • Where did I handicap myself today (didn’t do something that I would rather have done)?
  • Where did I blame the other, me, or the external circumstance?
  • Where did I devalued myself or the others?
  • Where didn’t I accept myself as I am or the others as they are?
  • Where did I attack myself or the other one?
  • Where did I feel treated as a victim or as unjust?
  • Where was I know-it-all or treated the other unfairly?
  • Where did I suppress my feeling(s) (have not allowed it/them to express)?
  • Where did I not listen to my conscience?
  • Where did I do something to favour me or to get something?

In general, I try to use my own guiding principles and leitmotifs as the basis for all my decisions as follows!

  • It is maybe not so much important what I do, but how or why I do it !!! (Motivation)
  • Never get out of a situation where you leave anger or strife !!!
  • Do not make anything and nobody else responsible for your life than yourself !!!
  • If in doubt, I give preference to the other.

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