Thoughts on self-reflection

If you can’t give yourself the love you need, can you then expect the other person to give it to you?

How often do we expect others to love us or do us good? But what do we do for ourselves, for our body, for our soul? We often expect something from the other that should mean our happiness or salvation, but do nothing of the sort for ourselves. If we maltreat our body, e.g. through alcohol, drugs, unhealthy diet, overexertion or the like, we hardly say a word about the resulting damage. But if the other one doesn’t meet our expectations, we can feel extremely annoyed or hurt. Yes we can even be so frustrated that we maltreat our bodies even more. Not only that. Our negative thoughts about others wear us down, without realizing it.

Let’s not wait for the other person to take a step towards us! Because then we can wait a long time under certain circumstances. But if we take the reins in our own hands, we can change something. In this respect, we should not primarily worry about each other’s mistakes or quirks. Because this brings nothing but frustration and is a waste of time. Let’s take the time to correct our own mistakes, to reduce our own weaknesses and develop our strengths or / and to do something good for us! And if we even involve the others in our lives, we win double / multiple. After all, shared joy is double / multiple joy.

–> Faith, Hope and Love