What is Illness?

Can the body be sick if it cannot do anything on its own (without a spirit) and if as a creation it is a neutral product of the spirit? Hardly likely. Can our spirit be sick instead? If he is not really vulnerable, he cannot be sick either, except in sham (in a dream). For this reason, I prefer to say that the spirit can only think pathologically, instead of saying that he is sick or can be sick. If we say that the spirit is sick, we associate (connect) with the idea that he can only be healed by something else, but not by himself. But if we say that the spirit can only think pathological, it becomes clear that it too can think differently by moving away from pathological thinking and towards right-minded thinking.

Sickness does not reflect our real reality which is spirituous. It is based only on pathological thinking. Because pathological thinking always has creative power, it lets us perceive illusions as if they were real. ‘Illness’ on the body is therefore testimony of pathological thinking. So when we speak of illness, we always speak of an illusion that we perceive and feel and can therefore also feel as very real. Because what is not really – but still exists – must be an illusion.

Important note: We can already see a little here that definitions (for example the definition of illness) cannot be absolute because they are elements of not understanding or not knowing. Who really knows / understands does not need the definition, except for those to whom he wants to convey something and who does not really understand themselves. When we speak of illness, disease or healing, we remember that we are referring to the body knowingly that it is an illusion. It is a symbol and of course a means for us as a spirit. The body is a means of dreaming, a means of separation game, a means of communication.

It is crucial that ‘disease’ on the body on the one hand and its ‘recovery’ (‘healing’) on the other hand is evidence of a change in our minds/spirit. This change can happen consciously or unconsciously. What we have previously regarded as illness (generally: an unfortunate circumstance) is a symptom preceded by wrong thinking. The wrong thinking does not correspond to our real reality. Rather, it stems from the fact that we base our judgment on deceptions (= illusions), believing that they are real (i.e. no illusions). Outer treatments without a fundamental change in thinking must therefore be seen as symptom-distortion treatments and not as a cure. Symptom-distortion treatments lead to the fact that symptoms of illness change, but not that the redeemed state will be reached, which is only possible through a refund of healthy thinking (in the spirit). Healing is faked without being one, the distortion gives us time to remain in an unbalanced state (generally: in an unsaved state), but we lose the time it takes to reach salvation. The more time passes, the more symptoms of illness we create. Of course, other symptoms can take a back seat or even disappear completely. But when one symptom gives way to make space for another symptom, we go round in circles because we never get our salvation this way.

The decisive factor is the current fact that in many cases something is seen as a cause, which in the strict sense belongs to the level of effects (= manifestations), the elements of which cannot have a cause function. And so the cause is seen less in the mindset, but more in external things. For example, the interplay between viruses / bacteria and the state of the body (predisposition, disposition) belongs to the level of the manifestations and must therefore be understood as a single symptom. The disposition or predisposition could also be based on a teaching or learning program that wants to put us back on the right track. The drug, which has an appearent healing effect, must also be viewed in interplay with the state of the body. The symptom takes on a changing (dynamic) form without really being resolved. Depending on the form, the symptom has a different name. If a symptom form disappears, the term recovery has has been spoken of up to now. If a new symptom form appears, the term illness has been spoken of up to now. We need to put this kind of understanding in a new light. E.g. if in connection with medication any effects or side effects are recorded, we have a symptom shift and no real cure.

Medicus curat, natura sanat (the doctor treats, nature heals).

As a law, we can formulate that every disease symptom has its cause in the above, that is, in the spirit, and is a therapeutic tool for the correction of our wrong thinking. The body is like a signal lamp that indicates when something is wrong with our thinking and feeling.

If we now find similar conditions in this world, but each of them has different symptoms, this is due to a different state of consciousness. We can also say that the spiritual entanglement is somewhat different for everyone. So, just as there are different gifts, there are also differences in spiritual entanglement. Corresponding to these differences, other symptoms of the disease become noticeable and everyone has a slightly different topic to deal with.

If we e.g. believe that this or that harms us, and if our faith is large enough in this regard, we will create situations in which we perceive a corresponding damage. And if our faith in everything is small, we will not be able to rise above the material laws.

Faith can do anything; but it can also prevent everything.

We can reprogram the body so that it can do without earthly food, which does not happen overnight. Here, as a rule, which has exceptions, work on us or very strong trust in God is necessary. If at the moment the impression prevails that we need meat or are dependent on this or that, it is more due to the fact that unconscious belief patterns are anchored in us, which manifest themselves in such a way that we experience dependence (on the meat). However, the experience of certain dependencies is not proof that we are really dependent on such things, but is merely the manifestation of these beliefs.

A spiritual law is that it only happens to us how we think through our conscious and sub(conscious) thoughts in sum.

The idea of ​​individuation amongst other things had led us to believe that we could rise above all laws and be our own (individual) law. I don’t want to present this as a negative, but as a neutral fact that has to be seen through. The belief that we can rise above all laws probably comes from the fact that we can unconsciously guess our true divinity. We can indeed abolish material laws, but not the spiritual laws that apply to everyone without exception.

Because wrong thinking keeps us away from knowledge, we are tempted to draw wrong conclusions, which misleads us even more and thus keeps us in wrong thinking. After all, the wrong conclusions are rooted in misperception. Furthermore, since all disease symptoms are to be assessed as one, it makes little sense to want to understand the individual symptoms in detail. Sometimes it is enough to think that we are wrong and want to correct this error. If we think in this way, we do not anticipate a stubborn answer and instead allow ourselves to listen to the instance in us (higher self) that is in the state of awareness and therefore knows how to interpret all symptoms. This instance knows best what to do to escape the deception to which we are exposed with as little effort as possible. The disease symptom only wants to draw our attention to the fact that we are still wrong and are still blinded by the external things.

One or the other classic symptom treatment can, analogous to everyday food intake, help to keep the body, which is our learning tool, functioning. The main concern of any treatment, including therapeutic treatment, should always be loving acceptance with a view to reconciliation. Reconciliation is like a kind of attempt to understand because it tells us that the symptom of the disease is not really, but only a manifestation of pathological thinking. Finally, I can change this thinking so that the disease symptom disappears. In this respect it has only a temporary meaning but no real meaning. And once this symptom disappears, we don’t need to worry about it anymore. Instead, we have free time to take care of the essentials. So we do not reject the disease, but look at it with loving eyes (similar to the spiritual eyes). Finally, it is important to recognize our errors based on the general symptom of the disease in order to correct them.

Those who have little confidence in themselves and thus in their own healing powers will look for alternatives to healing. They will be guided by fears, doubts and worries and will show less calm and mindfulness on their way through life. The results of their efforts will go nowhere. The healing success will sometimes be very fluctuating and very poor. Ultimately, the type of effort involved in medication, combined with the efficiency of an apparent healing success, is evidence of a certain mindset. This principle can be applied to all areas of life. What happens as a testimony is both a symbol and a symptom.

Symbols serve as a guide for the mind that thinks pathologically. The state of the body in connection with the entire environment is a single teaching or therapy unit. The goal of this teaching unit is the reimbursement of awareness of completeness (= removal from misperception). If we are not aware of our completeness, we have once denied it. As long as we are not in the state of spiritual awareness, we live in deception, which leads us to see things wrong. We either want to fight against the unpleasant things, push them away from us or flee from them. This is the wrong way. We take the right path when we look at everything in peace. We look at things with the body, but we do not rely on its judgment. Instead, we use the analogy laws. These tell us that there is wrong thinking behind every problem or symptom. And knowing that our thinking alone has a cause function must automatically give us a calming feeling. Because only in rest we have no thoughts that are negative or destructive. Instead, thoughts arise in the calm that ultimately lead to our salvation.

As long as we look away, fool ourselves, or push something away from us, we are unable to legitimately recognize. As lang as our spiritual entanglement is maintained, we can not swim optimally in the flow of life. The flow of life is disturbed, which among other things makes itself felt on the body through symptoms of illness. Disease symptoms on the body appear e.g. then when the energy flow in the body system is disrupted by so-called energy blockages. If the flow of energy in the body is disturbed at certain points, the body’s cells, organs and / or other parts of the body are deprived of life energy. Then give and take are in an unbalanced relationship within the body system.

Blockages are based on pent-up and repressed feelings that are not reconciled. These repressed feelings make us sick from a physical point of view and, as it were, prevent the sick one (who has pathological thoughts) from developing. The flow of life is disturbed on all levels, outside and inside. For the patient (the sick one) the inside (inner world) and the outside (outer world) seem to present uneven. Likewise, a false inside is simulated in order to maintain body identification. This also makes the other’s body an enemy from that we have to protect ourselves. The devil’s spiral is perfect.

The patient is afraid that what is hidden in him will cause pain as soon as it is revealed. He forgets that the healing of the blockages not only means relief, but also at least for the most part makes the disease symptom disappear. If the disease symptom does not go away completely, it is because the real cause has not yet been sufficiently shined through and reconciled. If the disease symptom will be again shined through, it may be that an apparently cured disease symptom that is or was present as a predisposition (disposition) comes to light again in a weakened form in order to reconcile it. Healing is not possible without reconciliation. If shining through and reconciliation do not take place, symptoms of the disease remain, even if only in a weakened form (disposition), or show up in other forms. We fight the disease symptom without being able to find its cause. It may be possible to eradicate one symptom, but instead we will suddenly have to deal with another symptom (relocation of the symptom). This is related to everyday problem solving. As soon as we have solved a particular problem, the next problem is approaching us. Constant problem solving may be a challenge for some, but it can be boring or annoying for others. Depending on the type of problems or illnesses, the situation is bearable, less bearable or even unbearable.

We can also see the disease as a problem. Because as soon as the cause of the disease is really recognized – and this is always possible with the eyes of the spirit (love) – the disease as a problem is solved. So we have to completely rethink. The disease (better: the disease symptom) is not there to be pushed away from us, but to be examined, reconciled and harmonized. We illuminate the sick seeming area with the light of our love so that it can be healed. If we figuratively apply a plaster around a disease so that it doesn’t bother us anymore, it doesn’t really go away, but is only shielded up from our own light. It cannot be illuminated and cannot be given to the light to heal it. Sooner or later (perhaps in a slightly different form) it will come to light again. What is certain is that we are repeatedly confronted with pain without the energy blockages being released.

Although everything has its cause in the spirit, certain measures on the material level are still very useful or even necessary. So of course we go to the doctor for broken bones and get treatment from him. Operations may be necessary. This needs to be checked on a case by case basis. We may seek advice and seek out people who have good intuition or who have access to the spiritual world. I know e.g. a case where the spiritual world (exceptionally) recommended a particular operation. The person in question did not comply with this recommendation and had increased pain over time. This pain was alleviated by taking more and more pain relievers, but the progression of the disease symptom was not prevented. Later, a cancer had developed that this person had not survived. At this point I would like to strongly recommend creating a synergy between psychotherapy, medicine, alternative healing and spirituality.

No matter what the treatment looks like, in all cases we question these symptoms and try to relate them to our thinking.

As long as we do not illuminate the symptoms of the disease with our healing light of love (= look with understanding eyes), we will suppress the reasons for these symptoms. This suppression does not abolish pain and limits, but creates them anew, which also gives fear a breeding ground. We will not be able to find out whether the fear was justified or not. The fear that remains will prevent us from opening up to the world because we see it as a potential enemy. We not only shield up the sick spot in the body but also our life from our environment, which is our elixir of life. This is self crucifixion.

Openness and revelation always have something to do with opening one’s own limits and thus with breaking up the separation. Finally, the separation had the disease symptoms on the body as a price. If we want to detach ourselves from the material world, this cannot happen through death, but only by leading all suppressions (kind of secrets) into the light. If we take them into the grave, they will remain in the pit until they are dug up again. But who else than we can dig them up again?

This revelation sometimes seems to frighten us more than death, because we may believe that if we reveal all of our secrets we could lose our identity. But what is the use of an identity that is mortal anyway? And besides, what identity do we mean by that? The identity of the body or the identity of the spirit?

We cannot lose the identity of the spirit, we can gain it because it is our real identity. On the other hand, we can lose the wrong identity. It is the body identity. But which identity is more desirable? The body is limited and mortal, the spirit is not. When we regain the identity of the spirit, we regain the spiritual awareness. Then we remember what we really are, so that we give up that what we wrongly assumed as real (wrong ideas about ourselves and others). But it is not so that there are hidden sins of past deeds that are just waiting to be judged. Rather, it is to be do the inactive illusions in the form of any injuries to be declared null and void and the associated errors to be conveyed to truth with joy and love (deeper meaning of: ‘love your enemies’). Let us acknowledge that we were wrong and that we are perfect in reality; and illness and pain will disappear!

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