Theoretical treatise on Kundalini Energy

1. The Kundalini energy and the subtle pole force field (theoretical treatise).

In my book, Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens, I show that we are in a world system that consists of departments of departments. We can also say that it is a world system that is divided into upper and lower worlds. For example, the terms like underworld and upper-world are common in fairy tales, religions and Greek mythology. And that there are otherworldly areas, more and more people are experiencing, e.g. Resuscitation attempts on people have been successfully carried out, even though they were already considered clinically dead. Quite a few people who have had near-death experiences can report a world beyond.

We can divide the mentioned world system into three areas (based on the book ‘A Course in Miracles, Helen Schucman, Michael Joseph 1997’). At the top is the formless un-compacted vibration level, which we can assign to HEAVEN. Then comes the light side of the universe and below the dark side of the universe.

The HEAVEN is non-polar in itself. He is the light that is without shadow. Because there is no separation in HEAVEN, there is nothing that separates light and shadow. So there is nothing that casts a shadow. That is why there is no shadow in HEAVEN. There is only the LIGHT. And every part of the HEAVEN is LIGHT. Because everything is LIGHT, the sovereignty of no part is reduced by the other parts. On the contrary, when lights come together, they intensify. So the parts of the HEAVEN, since they are all LIGHTS, together are a strengthened LIGHT unit. What emerges from the LIGHT in order to become LIGHT itself takes on a full part in the LIGHT unit, just as it also contributes to the growth of this LIGHT unit. So we have mutual profit without losses at the same time. And because no LIGHT can take the LIGHT from another LIGHT, there is no separation of the individual parts of the HEAVEN. In this respect, the HEAVEN in ITSELF is non-polar.

The universe is energetically subordinate to HEAVEN and represents a special – but not really separate – unit. HEAVEN and universe are therefore like two poles. Here we cannot speak of a mutual conditionality, because the HEAVEN in ITSELF is complete and completely self-sufficient. So the universe conditions the HEAVEN, but not the HEAVEN the universe.

Can the universe as a pole be non-polar in itself? Probably not. After all, since it has developed from the HEAVEN as an energetic sub-state, but is not identical with IT, it must on the one hand have reflections of the HEAVEN and on the other hand something that we can understand as the opposite pole to the HEAVEN. The reflection of the LIGHT is the light. And this has an opposite pole, the shadow. However, light and shadow cannot really be equal, because the shadow always gives way to the light. However, it is possible to subordinate the shadow to light in terms of energy and to create a separation between them using a separating agent. The subtle spiritual part of the universe lends itself as a separating agent. This separating agent separates the light side of the universe from the shadow side. So up in the universe is the light side and down is the shadow side. The light side of the universe energetically carries the shadow side.

Note: Formless un-compacted energy, which is the purest vibration, is defined as true light (= LIGHT). The first reflection of the LIGHT is already a compacted state of energy, which is still practically formless and is still pure vibration. This reflection is defined as light. The second reflection of the LIGHT is already a compacted type of energy that has form and has polar properties. We define this as a shadow.

Now the shadow side, because it comes from the light, also leaves traces of the light – that is, reflections that symbolize the light. This is e.g. the sunlight. However, sunlight is not real light because it is not a pure vibration. With its dual property, it is both a wave and a corpuscle (body). In this respect, according to the above definition, it is an element of the shadow, but it symbolizes the light of the spirit. So just as the sun is a symbol of the spirit according to astrology, the sunlight is a symbol of the light of the spirit. On the other hand, the light of the spirit is pure vibration. This is non-dual and therefore pure (true) light.

On the shadow side of the universe, the symbolized light faces the symbolized shadow. Therefore, the wrong impression is created that HEAVEN (LIGHT) and Hell (shadow) could coexist on the same area. This is true for the symbols, but not for what the symbols are supposed to represent. Light is above, shadow is down.

The shadow side can only exist because there is the light side. It cannot be without the light side. But the light side can be without the shadow side. Nevertheless, the light side on its own, i.e. without the shadow side, makes no more sense than the HEAVEN ITSELF. After all, it is in harmony with the HEAVEN, WHICH is the world of light per se (= world of LIGHT). So why should the light side of the universe exist away from HEAVEN if the dark side didn’t exist? The light side is there to grant the illusory shadow-light game (separation game) on the shadow side of the universe and to raise the shadow to light (spiritualization of matter) when the spirit of the shadow side wants to go back to light again.

The subdivision into the above 3 areas is logically justified.

The one who sees the light side is the peaceful dreamer. His light is so bright that it outshines all shadows and therefore cannot perceive any shadow figures. In the solar eclipse constellation, this corresponds to the case where the moon and earth are transparent – i.e. translucent. Because there is nothing here that casts a shadow, no shadow is perceived. Since the peaceful dreamer does not see any shadow figures, he cannot seehimself influenced by them. So he always sees himself at every moment because he is fully in his own light. Therefore, his dream is completely peaceful.

The peaceful dreamer knows about his origin and knows the way there. Because he knows that the dream can only be ended together, he offers his help and guidance to the nightmare dreaming spirit. When then all the nightmare-dreaming spirits have said goodbye to their nightmare, the common translation into HEAVEN, WICH is our all waking consciousness, can take place. In this respect, the higher (high) self of all earthly beings and all light beings together form the pole that draws us to HEAVEN. We just have to let be carried high.

Ultimately, poles have the function of being changeable. They are changed until all dreamers, without exception, no longer want the dream. In the end, the poles go into states that are non-polar in themselves, which are fully balanced states of harmony. And this is only possible if light and shadow pass into the LIGHT. Then change and transformation stop. A sentence can now be formulated:

Light and shadow have developed from the LIGHT in order to pass into the LIGHT again.

The confrontation with the poles keeps us in dynamics and does not allow us to come to rest until we have found ourselves in the haven of peace that is non-polar in itself. Without a changeability, we could not find this pole of calm. But it also applies when everything changes that we can find this pole of calm. So HEAVEN is our starting point and our goal. Psychologically, this means that the dream has arisen from the waking state and that after it will have been fully lived through, it will be ended again. What remains then is pure waking consciousness.

The system HEAVEN-Universe is a complex polar force field that is multidimensional. HEAVEN is above. Energetically directly below it is the light side of the universe. And energetically under the light side of the universe is the shadow side, which in turn manifests itself in multipolar form. The light side is non-polar in itself (non-dual), but has the shadow side under it. It carries the dark side. Now in Chapter 1 of my book ‘Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens’ we have the result that the material world part of the universe is placed on the surface of the 5-dimensional space-time-spirit world. Energetic considerations, which are limited to the material part of the world, therefore only allow energy flows along the sphere horizon. But because energy is also present inside the sphere and can flow into and out of the material part of the world, there are at the same time vertically directed energy flows. So far, only horizontal energy flows have been considered in the scientific models. Vertical energy flows were left out. Therefore, they could not explain phenomena such as spontaneous healing, spontaneity, miracles, raising the dead, going over water and the like. Such phenomena are based on spiritual laws, which are above the material laws and can be inserted into an order. The vertically directed polar forces, which we have so far hardly understood, are not directly detectable on the material level with material means, because such means are themselves on the horizon of the space-time-spirit-world. But they can be proven indirectly. Among other things, the Kundalini energy of humans, which is a body system’s own energy, points to the vertical energy flows. Once it is released in the body, it flows vertically from the sole of the foot (foot chakras) to the head (crown chakras). Each foot has 7 chakras on the heel. Near the head end is the so-called crown chakra, which is surrounded by 6 side chakras in the shape of a wreath. Together these are also 7 chakras (see ‘Kundalini and the Chakras’, Genevieve Lewis Paulson, Llewellyn Publications, U.S.).

We are connected to the energies of the earth through the chakras of the soles of the feet. This symbolizes the physicality, the matter. We are connected to the spiritual energies through the crown chakras. The spirit, the origin of which is HEAVEN, stands above matter. So if the awakened Kundalini energy flows vertically in the body, it shows that there are vertical energy flows. Then what would it be there for? To clarify this, we discuss the question of what is done in connection with it.

While the earth symbolizes the material part of the world as the representative of physicality, the sun symbolizes the spiritual and thus the spiritual part of the world. The two parts of the world are like two poles that complement each other. Similarly, we have a chakra field on the sole of the foot on the one hand, as we have a chakra field on the head end on the other hand. These two chakra fields, like the two world parts of the universe, represent two poles that complement each other.

A polar force field is built up between two poles. The polar force field acts as a kind of motor to make energy in this field to flow. The pole force field of the chakra fields is the motor of the subtle Kundalini energy, which is in every person. And yet, like any other physical field, this field also belongs to the level of manifestations. So it’s always the spirit that does something.

The Kundalini energy flows, once released, according to this polar force field from top to bottom and from bottom to top. This results in a cyclical dynamic of the Kundalini flow. Even if Kundalini energy encounters energy blockages, it is not static in nature. Rather, it pulsates. The pulsations are undershoots of the main vibration, which is directed along the vertical of the body. Because the Kundalini energy pulsates, it only impounds itself to a certain extent on the energy blocks, after all it is not idle. Its pulsation shakes the energy blockages so long until they are dissolved. So in the end they no longer provide resistance to the Kundalini energy. The Kundalini is looking for the path of least resistance. Its mode of action can roughly be compared to that of water. Its softness and constant but gentle confrontation with everything that stands in its way make it win in the end.

Mind you, Kundalini energy is a non-self-sufficient subtle energy. It is formed, maintained and guided by the spirit. At the level of the manifestations, it appears as if the Kundalini energy has an independent function and derives its dynamics from the polar force field. So it is often said that it brings about a body cleansing. Accordingly, it should have a cause function, which is not correct. It is better to say that body cleansing takes place or is achieved in connection with it. We can actually consciously control the Kundalini flow as we can consciously control the chakras of our energy bodies. For the inexperienced, the control of the Kundalini flow does not seem to work, or only to a limited extent. This is because other parts of our consciousness are involved in its flow. The inexperienced can usually not perceive his other parts of consciousness. Therefore, if he does not perceive them, it may appear that the energy flows are uncontrollable and that they have an independent cause function. If the Kundalini is not controlled consciously, it follows the polar force field, whereby it must be made clear that the polar force field itself is a field brought about by the spirit. The spirit is the cause of all dynamics in the universe. Indeed, there are people who can fully control their bodies. This applies analogously to life in general. In principle, everyone is the architect of their own life. But in the spiritual entanglement, it seems to us that destiny is more dominant than that we have the destiny in our own hands.

2. Kundalini and analogies.

Christian mystics have had experiences with the Kundalini energy without knowing about the existence of the Kundalini energy. They attributed what happened to them in connection with Kundalini energy to the influence of the HOLY SPIRIT. This was certainly intuitively correct, since the HOLY SPIRIT can actually trigger this energy and there is an analogy in this regard. However, the Kundalini energy is not the same as the HOLY SPIRIT. The law of analogy only says that there is a reflection or an analogy.

While the HOLY SPIRIT is the link between the universe and HEAVEN (above), the Kundalini energy is a means of establishing the disturbed connection between the physical-emotional area and the spiritual area of a person (below). But while the HOLY SPIRIT is intelligent energy, the Kundalini energy is a non-self-sufficient subtle energy.

How did it come about that Christian mystics attributed the symptoms of Kundalini process to the influence of the HOLY SPIRIT? We find a first answer in the fact that as children of GOD, WHO is our waking state, we sleep like the Kundalini sleeping in its reservoir. Our true spiritual abilities are put on hold and cannot be unfold. So the dormant Kundalini energy, since it has to take a spherical shape, cannot come into its own in the human body system. The vibrations of thought of GOD’S children are bound to the vibrations of matter that is on the below. Their spirits must therefore have been lured into the body beforehand, which corresponded to the fact that spiritual awareness went into background and the body’s perception into foreground. And this started a life for the spirit in the world of polarity, in which life and death alternate like day and night. But the life of the fallen spirit also leads again out of polarity.

All of us who find ourselves in the material world have fallen out of spiritual awareness into body awareness and with body awareness into polarity. Ultimately, Jesus also fell into polarity, having a higher understanding from the start, which is why he also had leadership qualities. And just as Jesus went through the development process intended for him, every being must go through its development process intended for it.

  • Corinthians 15,44..47: It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body. So it is written: “The first man Adam became a living being”; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit. The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual. The first man was of the dust of the earth; the second man is of heaven.

When we read between the lines, we realize that the dream started from time to time with the need to deal with matter. Adam is the archetype of man. People have always needed guidance. Jesus’ guidance on earth began as the first Adam and continued as the second Adam 2000 years ago. According to the law of reproduction, before each reincarnation, the crop of the sower is converted into a seed to sprout. Sowing and harvesting do not leave the sower because they are always part of him. Sowing, harvesting and sower are inextricably linked.

With the fall of Adam, sin was sown as a seed. The Greek word for sin means ‘not to hit the point’ or ‘to miss the target’. Sin originally means not being on the point, which means not being in the UNITY, which is just the description of a state of consciousness. How does this happen? The apple is the fruit of a tree that has branches which bifurcate. In this bi-furcation is the polarity of good and evil. In this respect, the tree symbolically bears fruit from both poles. Whoever eats the fruit of the tree eats the fruit of the polar world. Eating something means something like incorporating it and making it part of our own self. If we make something our own part, we bring it to the same level as we are, which initiates at least partial identification. If this something with which we identify ourselves is not spirit, this identification polarizes our I and literally brings us out of our midst. We are insecure because we let ourselves be blinded by the external things. By eating symbolically from the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, man has fallen into the world of polarity. Sin anyway has nothing to do with doing in itself, because doing is the effect of a state of spirit. Only the mindset has a cause function. If this is unlawful, we are only creating illusions or maintaining existing illusions, which does not change our real reality. It only changes our state of consciousness, which we have recognized as a dream state.

  • 2 Corinthians 5,21: God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
  • 2 Corinthians 5,16..17: So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
  • Ephesians 5,8: For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.
  • 1 Corinthians 13,12: For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
  • 1 Corinthians 15,49: And just as we have borne the image of the earthly man, so shall webear the image of the heavenly man.
  • 1 Corinthians 15,51: Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed.

The Spirit of Christ manifested himelf in the embodiment of Jesus. He has stood by people as a person since time immemorial. He had dealt with human problems in the same way that other people had. As Adam, he voluntarily entered matter dependency and had to overcome matter as Jesus (second Adam), in order to lead the people who had also entered matter dependence out of this dependence. This is indicated also from the readings of Edgar Cayce [the lives of Edgar Cayce]. Ultimately, every living being on earth went into sin and, like Jesus, knew no sin bevore. Sin is to be understood very differently than is often understood.

The fall into polarity was symbolically described in the Bible using the seduction of Adam and Eve. The spirit that had fallen out of spiritual awareness, who still dreamed a peaceful dream before the seduction and still leads a heavenly life, so to speak, had a seducer. And this seducer was symbolized by the snake that is pointing down. In reality, however, it was not the snake and the devil who seduced the spirit, but it was a self-seduction of the spirit. After all, the spirit wanted to experience himself as a distinguishable individual and live out his individuality, which is only possible through the dream. By falling into body awareness, his I polarized.

One pole is the self that identifies with the body. And the other pole is the true spiritual self, which knows no you and no it. And so the spirit that has fallen into polarity plays a kind of masquerade. His body serves as a mask. And this became his own doom (desaster) because it took on a life of its own that became independent over time. On the other hand, over time, the spirit lost sight of his spiritual identity without really being lost. It has only moved into the background of consciousness and is only veiled because of the body’s perception. But it manifests itself again and again in the form of the urge to power, the urge to know, the urge for freedom, happiness and security. This influence brings the polarized I into a split relationship because the attempt to do justice to the urge mentioned is doomed to failure, if the solution is sought alone in the world of polarity. And so the polarized self stands in conflict with itself and does not really know whether it is body or spirit. Sometimes one identity and sometimes the other seems the right one. Sometimes it seems like they are one and the same. And just trying to somehow unite the two identities leads to devil spirals.

Galatians 5,17: For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want.

The devil is just a manifestation of the doubt. It stands for the polarity itself, which is why it is represented with two horns. The devil is wrongly represented as an independent person. The devil, however, is an illusion that, like the body and everything material, cannot have an independent cause function. All appearances need the spirit. This hides behind them, to give them an inner life and to give the impression that they are independent beings. So not the devil is the lord of the realm of matter. This is the dichotomy that has gripped all of us who have fallen into polarity; the realm of matter in itself is lifeless, which is why it can also be called the realm of death.

The dichotomy (conflict, dispute, discrepancy) is the lord of the realm of matter (realm of dead.)

The conflict of the spirit causes illness, pain, suffering and death of the body. So that the spirit does not have to issue himself this certificate of poverty, he must instead invent a scapegoat for his predicament. The devil became a scapegoat for many in the outside, without actually being responsible for the suffering. In order for the wrong scapegoat to be convicted as such, it must be able to deceive. He is deceiving by appearance and by ability of changing. But the devil as we understand it is not self-sufficient. Therefore, he cannot really strive to deceive. He only seems to deceive. Since the devil rests on the conflict of the spirit, any delusion is a self-delusion, whereby the spirit in conflict has a false I-identity (body identity). The false I-identity can only refer to something that is not spirit and therefore must be separate from him. This places the devil on the same level as the false I-identity. This gives both the false I-identity (body) and the devil comparable self-sufficiency and comparable power.

The conflict of the spirit causes him to question the idea of ​​his own identity again and again. As his imagination changes, according to the law of equivalence, the appearance of the outside changes. Since the spirit belongs to the true light, the appearance of the exterior on the shadow side of the universe can take on all possible degrees of shadow. But the brightest shadow is far from the nature of light. The spirit in conflict does not know this, which is why he is uncertain. He even believes that an angelic being can turn into a devil. But in the dichotomy is also the way down (towards hell) as well as up (towards heaven). The belief in the power of external manifestations (devil, body) pulls us down. But the belief in it can only exist if we let ourselves be deceived.

If faith in the devil is consistently pursued, the devil’s intention, namely to deceive us, must be felt on the material level. We only know the rough material devil (tangible and visible) in the form of a harmless mask figure. So he has to show himself in a different form, since he has never appeared to anyone alive as a devil in the gross material form except in the imagination. It is e.g. the snake, which is considered a symbolic seductress. There are several reasons why the initiates chose the snake as such a symbol. On the one hand, the serpent is extremely strongly connected to the earth, which represents the embodiment. On the other hand, it symbolizes the cyclical processes of the polar world because it can assume a spiral snake position. If there were no spiral processes and instead only precise circular processes, the polar world would be an eternal world that could no longer get out of its state. It would not be convertible in a way that it could be spiritualized. The spiral therefore stands for the ability to change. And since the snake strips off its skin in spring, it is something like the symbol of self-renewing life.

The law of change is the law of yin and yang. However, the yin-yang system is an open system that emerged from the TAO and goes back to the TAO. This system requires spiral cycles. And these are not really eternal. So there is a fall of the spirit into polarity, in which the yin-yang system predominates, as well as a way out of polarity. For the reasons mentioned, the initiates have used the snake as a multi-functional symbol. It is the downward-facing serpent and the upward-facing serpent. This representation allows us to show the polarity of our path. There is only one way, whatever form it takes: it is the path away from the origin or towards the origin.

The symbolism ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’ in connection with the serpent, which is directed downwards, illustrates the falling out from spiritual awareness and the steps of the path leading away from the TRUTH. The downward-facing serpent is the seductress which, figuratively speaking, acts on behalf of the devil. In this representation we can understand the snake as the physical counterpart of the subtle devil. The devil and the downward-facing serpent symbolize seduction and deception.

All matter, whether gross or subtle, is the expression of the thoughts of the spirit. Matter is completely neutral. On the one hand, it can serve as a means of deception; on the other hand, it can also serve to remove the deception again. The analogy laws are useful for this. As long as the spirit is in doubt and does not sustainably try to dispel the doubt, he will not do anything essential that releases him from matter. Instead, he will pull devil spirals that keep him bound to matter. Especially if he doesn’t profess as a spirit that he is himself, the devil spiral will get progressively, which will pull him down even more and bind him to matter. Therefore, the devil is a pole that, like the downward-facing serpent, pulls the spirit downward (into the apparent dependence on matter).

The opposite pole of the devil is the rising and awakening spirit that Jesus exemplified for us. The awakening spirit turns the arrow of the fall into polarity (fall into matter) into the reunion. The symbolism ‘tree of knowledge’ in connection with the upward-facing snake illustrates the reversal. The reversal goes hand in hand with overcoming matter, which Jesus has shown. After all, killing his body didn’t kill his spirit. Jesus has shown us the way up, but each individual must go this way according to his destiny.

  • Numbers 21,9: So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived.
  • John 3, 14+15: Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.

The snake – no longer pointing downwards, but pointing upwards – is no longer the great tempter that lures the spirit into the body. Rather, it becomes the symbol of the highest wisdom that leads man back into UNITY, i.e. to GOD (see also Astrology: double sign scorpion-eagle). And so the upwards pointing snake was also used by the initiates as a sign of initiation (see book ‘Initiation, Elisabeth Haich, Aurora Press). The initiation into the spiritual laws enables us to go the path upwards again. At the same time, in the world of doubt, there is a very close relationship between the snake and the Kundalini energy. After all, the snake that lured the spirit into the body is itself enclosed in the form of the rolled Kundalini energy. When, conversely, Kundalini energy is lured from its reservoir, it wakes up in the human body system. And after the Kundalini energy is lured from its reservoir and then unrolled like a snake, it turns upwards like the snake made of ore of Noah. As already mentioned, the natural striving of Kundalini is to flow through the main energy channel to the crown chakra in order to connect with the cosmos from there. As long as this is not possible because this channel is blocked, it will (have to) gradually dissolve all energy blockages in the body system until it can finally succeed.

So there is a very nice analogy between Kundalini (snake fire), Jesus (perfect manifestation of the HOLY SPIRIT) and the upwards pointing snake. The goal is the UNITY that is waiting for all of us. All we have to do is go up the path and start it. It should be noted that the Kundalini does not go the way for us. Rather, it is a testimony to the fact that we allow this path in spirit. With this admission we allow ourselves to be carried up by our higher self. We cannot carry ourselves upwards on our own, especially since we rely on the energy from above. Without the energy from above, we couldn’t do anything anyway and certainly not be carried upwards. If we reject the energy from above e.g. by believing in the strength of the body more than in the inner spiritual strength, we still draw energy from above, but we direct it through our spirits into the physical system in a diffuse way. Here and there blockades are built up or limits set. This keeps us down and binds us to the illusions instead of being carried up and released from the illusions. In order to be carried upwards, we have to want to connect with our higher self through total devotion.

As long as it is in resonance with the body, our own light is so dull that it cannot transform illusions into light. To do this, we have to absorb the love energy that comes from above, which is only possible through devotion. We have what we receive so that we can pass it on. And so we are what we have. Therefore, unifying consciously with the higher self means assigning of an identity. In union with all aspects of our spirit, we are given all power. But in separation, our power is so small that we are afraid of the illusions. The illusions have many forms that we call devils, bodies, money, time, magic, pills and the like. But the power we give them rests solely on our thoughts. And as long as we linger in the shadow world, we are dominated by our own conflict. The principle of conflict is common to all beings that have consciousness parts that perceive the dark side of the universe and for whom the light side is veiled. The consequence of the conflict is nothing but appearance, deception and delusion.

The consciousness part of the universal spirit that perceives illusions and deludes itself binds itself to matter through its wrong judgment. The cross is the symbol of matter. So the spirit always crucifies himself, but only in the perception of the material body. This crucifixion must be shown in the extreme form so that it is visible as such. However, this must be demonstrated by a spirit who is aware of the crucifixion. It is the spirit in the embodiment of Jesus. Likewise, this spirit must know the arguments of this world so well that he can enter into dialogue with it. This dialogue has the peculiarity that the opposing positions between the light side (higher self) and the shadow side (ego) come out most clearly. Jesus was not impure with himself, but the world was impure with itself. Jesus represents the position that is present in all of us unconsciously. He conveyed it to us in a language that we could at least see with our eyes and hear with our ears.

Hebrews 2,17+18: For this reason he had to be made like them, fully human in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people. Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.

In human form, the Spirit of Jesus was more credible and helpful to people than if, for example, he would only have appeared in the form of light; especially because he was exposed to the same dangers that lurk in everydcay life. Jesus also had to put himself in the position of the people of this world in order to be able to show practical and visible solutions. This required several incarnations of the spirit of Jesus. That this is so can also be seen between the lines of the Bible, as follows.

  • Acts 13, 36+37: Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed. But the one whom God raised from the dead did not see decay.
  • Luke 3, 23..38: family tree: Jesus …David … Adam … GOD.

The Spirit of Jesus was also in David, with David being one of the last embodiments of the Spirit of Jesus [the 17 lives of Edgar Cayce]. However, the spirit of Jesus had not yet fulfilled all his intended tasks in David’s time, which is why the spirit of Jesus watched still decay in David. It was only in the embodiment of Jesus that his spirit had gained so many experiences that he could finish his earthly mission. For us, Jesus represented the ideal human being. We should follow these ideals according to our individual path.

Our path does not have to be identical to the path of the Spirit of Jesus, although all paths lead to the same goal. After all, no way is less worth than the way of the Spirit of Jesus, although certain sections of the way of individual ways can give the impression that there are enormous differences in importance and extent. If we look at the individual path in its entirety from the beginning to the end, all the paths are again balanced.

Since we are one family in spirit, as long as we dream, we too are a manifestation of the HOLY SPIRIT who, like Jesus Christ, fully represents God. The body itself is a manifestation of the doubt. But this is not our identity. How do we know that we are a manifestation of the HOLY SPIRIT? Simply because we are able to rise above the material laws and thus also over matter. If Jesus could do this, so can we; if not today, then tomorrow.

John 14, 12: Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

We are still a non-ideal manifestation of the HOLY SPIRIT, but this can and will change with absolute certainty. Perfection is imminent for all of us, although not for everyone at the same time. Many of us on earth are currently making a U-turn. Many of the people on earth have matured to the point where they can be initiated into the spiritual laws.

The upward pointing serpent, who became the mistress of the initiation, symbolizes the second (last ?) Adam, so to speak. The second Adam is the mature man who began his development from the very bottom and gradually rose above all material laws. As long as an earth being is not yet called a human being, it mainly uses its physical senses and is bound to material laws like snake or scorpion (astrology). The first Adam is the earth being who has reached a stage of development which we can say that from now on it can rise above the material laws in some areas. It can differentiate between the different poles, can direct its life in targeted ways and much more, what is (usually?) not possible for the animals. Only from this stage of development an earth being is called human, although this is far from being the ideal human being. We can say that the person with the lowest level of development (from level 4 of consciousness) is the first Adam and the person with the highest level of development (reaching level 7 of consciousness) is the second (last ?) Adam. The stage before man is that of an animal. So the question of whether humans are descended from the monkey has only a purely biological meaning. The biological family tree does not in itself provide any information about our true origin. The true origin of all beings is HEAVEN.

The goal we humans are aiming for is to become the ideal human being, that is to say the second Adam.

1 Corinthians 15.47: The first man was of the dust of the earth; the second man is of heaven.

The second Adam (second man) has matured to the point where he is so to speak with one leg on the spiritual world and with the other on the material world. This enables him to put himself above the material laws and to understand, as it were, to fully apply the spiritual laws on earth. His physical senses are only of secondary importance. He no longer behaves primarily as a sensible being but as a spiritual being.

Jesus has already preceded the path from the first Adam to the second Adam (second person) over several incarnations in order to lead man. The second Adam is Jesus in his last embodiment. After completing this incarnation, he became CHRIST (CHRIST spirit), who he always was. The path of Jesus toward HEAVEN has become very obvious here. Jesus let himself be initiated into everything in order to become a completely independent representative of GOD, who is our all FATHER. We can all orient ourselves on him; but not only on him. Because every person who has reached the stage of development of the second (last?) Adam pulls up all other people like Jesus. He can represent GOD fully as well as Jesus could, but in his own special way.

John 12.32: And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.

Everyone’s path is individual. And yet all paths lead to the same goal. The path to polarity is not reprehensible, because it is only temporary anyway and is conducive to KNOWLEDGE.

The way of the Spirit of Jesus was one of many ways. This path was specifically intended only for him, which also means that he fully accepted the path. In the same way, for each individual is conceived a special path, just as every individual has fully accepted his path. We play each other exactly those roles that correspond to our thoughts and that are necessary to live out the dream as quickly as possible and on the path of least resistance. All paths are to be treated as equal. There are no better and no worse ways. So says e.g. Archangel Ariel [‘What Is Lightbody?’, Tashira Tachi-ren, NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTION CO] that we are all masters here on earth: some explore divinity, others explore limitation. Nevertheless, the goal of our existence at some point is to mature into the ideal human being. If the goal of the ideal man is reached, the associated state of consciousness is the redeemed state. Then in the bottom we are the analog link to the HOLY SPIRIT, WHO is the link in the top. Then we are the ideal manifestation of the HOLY SPIRIT to be able to fully represent HIS teaching. The Kundalini energy will accompany us in this. Those who can already feel its flow can be sure that they will soon face redemption. If we bring the symbolism down to a common denominator, we get the following compilation, on which we can meditate:

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