Find your own Codex

Suggestion for finding our own Codex.

We are accustomed to act in accordance to standards, guidelines, commandments, ordinances and laws, perhaps without having questioned whether these requirements are still the right means for a free cooperation. Certainly these requirements have been justified so far in order to ensure a certain order among the people. But I think from a certain maturity of people it might be required to move away from the fixed targets gradually, to trust more and more our own feelings, the inner wisdom and inner impulses. Because our inner wisdom knows the true principles of a free and carefree existence, we also will, if we let ourselves be guided by it, can ensure such a free existence.

Since I’m working extensively with the theme healing and I see myself partially in the function as a bioenergy therapist, I was looking, inter alia, for a Codex for doctors, therapists and other acting people in medical system, which is likely to help each other to achieve spiritual independence and to let unfold all our spiritual potential. But we can only reach this independence if everyone of us takes for himself his own Codex, in which function we want to see us in this existence (as a doctor, therapist, teacher, educator, client, patient, student, seeker. ..). Of course each free being that we are all, has to find out, according to which Codex he would align his life.

In view of the finding of the own Codex there were or are a lot of good suggestions/ approaches such as Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative, the Hippocratic Oath, Declaration of Geneva (Physician’s Oath), therapist-Codex (by Peter Orban), Codex Alimentarius, Codex Medicamentarius and the like. However, anyone has to find out his own Codex or with what suggestions he may come in resonance best.

As we learned, points the deeper meaning of the term “medicament” to the fact that in every being resides an inner healer (the real medicament), who’s really able to heal. This healer has true wisdom that we can make ourselves available by calling over. Now, the following points should be seen under this background, which can in my view help us mutually to achieve the spiritual independence. In other words, if I was in the function as a doctor, therapist or as a person who acts in the medical system in another way, I would endorse the following listed topics points:

  1. The doctor/ therapist aims for a treatment/ application/ therapy to make the patient/ client independent of himself. This means, he provides primarily to help people to help themselves and tries everything to reveal the causes of the symptoms of his patients/ clients to mobilize the self-healing powers and to strengthen their self-confidence. This means that the doctor/ therapist examines together with the patients/ clients for the causes of their symptoms, so that those can recognize them. The doctor/ therapist gives ideally the patients/ clients the feeling that the solution to their problem is in themselves, saying that they can solve their problem themselves.
  2. Medicament in pharmaceutical sense and/or applications or treatments, whatsoever, should always be viewed as a temporary aid until the client/ patient has recognized the real cause of his symptoms. Medicaments in pharmaceutical sense or particular applications or treatments cannot really heal. They can relieve symptoms at most. Real symptom resolution is only possible by the cause solution. If only symptom treatment is carried out – without cause solution – a symptom displacement is achieved with high probability, which is no real cure. Then it is launched a vicious spiral. This spiral can only be broken by a cause solution.
  3. The message of diagnoses to the patient/ client conveys to him the feeling that he is really ill, instead to let him understand that there is a cause for his symptoms, which can be changed by himself. The feeling of being ill or to have a particular disease, is a certain feeling of helplessness. It gives him at the same time the feeling to be dependent on “the man/ woman in the white coat”, which prevents him to go into self-responsibility. By contrast, the knowledge that there is a cause for each symptom, which is to be sought in everyone, leads to a behavior, that the the patient/ client himself lends a hand to identify the causes. In this way he will be motivated to go into the self-responsibility.
  4. In the healing/ recovery of the patient/ client the doctor/ therapist can hold the following key features: In the function of a catalyst he sets virtually in motion a self-healing in the patient/client what is possible about the building of trust, by establishing of mutual sympathy, by encouragement and/or by any other energetic action, as over a certain healing technique. He helps the patient/ client to get access to the inner wisdom/ knowledge that he’s able to detect the cause of his symptoms/problems. He prescribes measures to alleviate the symptoms or even performs them taking into consideration to encourage the client/patient at the same time to search for the real causes of his symptoms. The measures for symptoms such as bone fractures are of course arranged or carried out in a way that the self-healing forces can act in an optimal way. Here is to be given an understanding to the patient/ client that such a measure (for example to put an arm in plaster) has no healing properties in itself, but that the actual healing takes place in himself. When deciding which measures have to be considered for symptom alleviating the physician/ therapist has to find out for which measure the client/ patient can win confidence or has most trust. So, the responsibility is no more passed solely on the doctor/ therapist but is also transferred to the patient/ client.
  5. It is to aim for a synergy of all disciplines in medical system. This synergy depends on the level of knowledge of physician and therapist on the one hand and on the understanding of the patient/ client on the other. If a physician or therapist feels that he’s not competent enough in a particular issue or he has some doubts about his treatment, it goes without saying, that an interdisciplinary exchange is wanted. If different treatment methods come in question it should be chosen such a treatment for which the patient/ client can get the most confidence.
  6. The basic idea of synergy is that any form of therapy, treatment or use in principle has its special place, if an implementation is carefully and professionally done wherein it is to work out together with the patient or client which therapy, treatment or application has the best chance of success in relieving symptoms. This requires that the aid provider of the different areas in medical system get together to network at eye level and that they seek together for the best solution according to their level of knowledge. In the following points 7 and 8 it will be discussed, how the best solution can be found.
  7. Each health center should try to ask in service as wide a range of aid workers in accordance with the previous points, so to offer in this way a complementary medicine and to advance the mentioned synergy. This means that this requires a cooperation of visionaries, economists, agronomists (provision of healthy food), chefs (adequate preparation of food), doctors, Vision trainers, personal trainers, medical practitioners, naturopaths, various therapists (wellness, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, …) and (Spirit) healers. The establishment of such a center can be done in stages, so as to achieve and optimize step by step the mentioned synergy.
  8. Despite complexity it is to strive a simplicity. The holistic approach of the American-Israeli medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky, which brings in supplementary to each other the pathogenesis and the so called salutogenesis as a concept, goes certainly in the right direction (see: Short note: Aaron Antonovsky criticizes a purely pathogenetic-curative way of looking at things and, in addition, offers a salutogenetic perspective that asks primarily why people stay healthy instead of seeking causes of illness and risk factors. The concept of Ryke Geerd Hamer (Germanic New Medicine®) is also very revealing from my point of view: see: Nevertheless, it should be taken into account in the approaches mentioned that every person is individual and has individual topics, problems, attitudes and the like. Provided we invoke the inner wisdom of each person, everything will be simplified in an optimal way (Tags: to follow the plan of life, to listen to the inner guide, to accept the life issue, to satisfy the inner longings and impulses, to investigate the true divine nature, …).
  9. It is considered that the ultimate goal of every human being is to follow his true calling, vocation and mission. Man who has reached this achievable goal – and every man can work toward this goal, if he is capable of independent thinking – can be regarded as safe and free from fear.
  10. According to this view any situation, where a person is located, corresponds exactly to his individual (un-)consciousness. The path is virtually from the unconsciousness (state in which a person is not (yet) aware of his true divinity) to the conscious awareness (state in which the human being is fully aware of his true divinity). Man who is fully aware of his true divinity can follow his true divine nature, can always satisfy his inner desires/ impulses, is free from fear and can always pursue his day’s work in a relaxed way. The formation of disease symptoms for such a person does not make sense anymore, because he is now in perfect harmony with himself and the world. The formation of such symptoms may primarily, if not exclusively, be regarded as warning signs to bring us to such path which leads us to our true fulfillment, freedom, satisfaction, happiness and recollection of who we are in reality.
  11. Therapist and doctor can understand themselves also as patient/ client in the higher sense, provided that they are not (yet) aware of their divinity. As long as they are not aware of this, they are even not free of problems, disease symptoms and conflicts. Only such an interaction between therapists/ doctors and clients/ patients, by which an inner connection with their counterparts is achieved to make the voice of the inner wisdom of each parties be heard, leads to psycho-energetic harmonic resonance. This harmonic resonance in turn can cause that healing and/ or a recollection of who we are can take place. At this resonance naturally patients/ clients and therapists/ doctor benefit at the same time.
  12. With regard to real healing, it is not so important which specific measure, therapy or treatment is prescribed or carried out. Rather, the decisive factor is whether a resonance or harmonization can be built up in the energy body system. What is relevant is the intention of finding lovingly common ways that sends all parties into the autonomy and independence under appeal to the inner healer or inner wisdom. If therapists and physicians are superfluous in the end for the client/ patient, they are at the same time free. Someone, who wants completely to be independent and free, can never achieve this, if he makes others dependent of himself (see point 1). The absence or/ and the wavering or not reproducibility of healing effects is probably due to the fact that it does not always come to a harmonious resonance between doctor/ therapist and patient/ client or between patient/ client and his situation. Reasons that a resonance cannot be established, may be, for example: The giving of diagnoses scares patient/ client (point 3). There exists a distrust or antipathy ratio between doctor/ therapist and patent/ client or it comes to such a ratio. The uncomfortable feeling in patient/ client couldn’t be converted in a trusting feeling.
  13. Finally, the problems of the patients/ clients can’t be seen isolated from the problems of the doctor/ therapist. Such a coming together (meeting) of both sides has finally mutually chance of healing, of redemption, of the development of intellectual potential and of the complete recollection of what we really are.

Note on the cause solutions: It may not even be so important to always know what the exact causes of our problems are. Often it is enough to just know that some symptoms are part of a general transformation process that wants to bring us closer to our true divinity. Or / and it is enough to know that many symptoms or problems are based on concepts of life that are not in harmony with our divine nature. In return, if we reconcile our concept of life with our true nature, a large number of symptoms or problems will disappear – if not all. In this respect it is usually better to reflect on our true nature or our inner essence (medi [cament] um = medicine, center) and to try to act accordingly than to find out the causes of special problems. Again: It is usually better to just bring old thinking and behavior patterns behind us and to try to live a life only according to the inner impulses or in harmony with our divine nature. So, it is usually better to just live, rather than constantly speculating, weighing and pondering problems !!!

The basic idea of this code can be applied on any other life areas such as school education and partnerships, because it is always and everywhere the same spiritual principle. Your problem is not separate from my problem, no matter whether I am teacher or student, doctor or patient, therapist or client. In all cases, we enter into a relationship that always opens up the possibility of healing, of redemption, of the development of our spiritual potential up to the complete recollection of what we really are and that we all are one.

That we all are interconnected and that everything has to do with everything, is ultimately a quantum physical result. If from quantum physics perspective the whole is in every small particles, everything is connected with everything else. Therefore, our problems cannot be seen separately from the problems of others. So healing can only happen, if we transform in the interaction with the other the feeling of separation (“I’m worth more than you; I know more than you; your problem is not my problem; I am above thee; …”) into the feeling of “connectedness”, that we are each other brothers and sisters, that in each of us is all potential for our salvation and our independence or/ and that we belong together and we go towards a common goal. This transformation, with which a loving, respectful and honor bringing attitude towards the others goes always hand in hand, can take place at all levels of life. Because this transformation is of harmonious nature it entails always solution of problems, salvation, healing and/or happiness.

In every person lives inner wisdom. Although it may be (yet) hidden in many of us, it waits that we help and support each other to make it usable for us until we become completely aware of it. Likewise in every person lives an inner healer, who just waits, to can be developed fully in us. So, a common goal could be, that we assist and support each other in getting (back) the awareness of our wholeness, our divinity and our all connectedness. And so, such a codex could be useful to remind us again and again to this common goal.

Basic principle:

The one who wants to be aware of the responsibility of himself and his fellows, may always ask if in doubt, according to which Codex he wants to act.

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