New Professions

A person’s ability is a talent that is inherent in him that he either holds from birth or can develop in the course of his life. Talents, gifts or skills are independent of any certificates or titles acquired. This means that other people cannot transfer these things to us. Other people can help us to develop them, that is, they can support them in some form.

In many cases people are judged on the certificates or titles they have acquired because it is believed that we can only help other people if we put some theories into practice or things that have somehow proven themselves. We have already shown, however, that illness and healing are probably about completely different things than what is taught by conventional medicine. Therefore, people are needed who can rise above conventional medicine and classical psychotherapy and understand how the human body and human psyche work.

We have now acquired a knowledge that has led us more and more to realize that only a completely different understanding can advance us. It is an intuitive understanding, understanding with the heart. More and more people are applying this knowledge with wisdom. They are also trained, but not by people but by an inner teacher or by the spiritual world in harmony with the inner teacher. These people, if they are honest, do not help to make people dependent, but offer help for self-help and self-healing. Accordingly, this type of help brings with it new professions.

What is new about these professions is that they take influence to the energetic systems of the human body and the human psyche. The person providing the help is then something of an energetic catalyst to start the healing process in the person seeking help, provided that this person is ready for it or if it is intended by his/her soul.

When two people come together to have a harmonious resonance, that is, to connect in spirit, they allow energy to flow into their systems. This energy is then released to convert disharmonious energies of certain areas of the human energy body system into harmonic energies, what is associated with healing in some form. Only then can we speak of a real healing process.

What is common to positive wishes, hearty prayers, mental training, spiritual healing, laying on of hands and the like? All of these are energetic actions that affect us and others in the sense that there is an energetic interaction between those involved. There is no limit to the type of energetic impact. The ability for such influences is in all of us. Nobody is exempt from it. Precisely because every potential is inherent in every human being, every human being is able to develop for himself that which makes him healthy or brings him success, if he is not so dulled in spirit that this is currently (in this existence) no longer possible.

When therapist and client connect in spirit, which e.g. is the case when a relationship of trust is established or when a resonance is built up (via sympathy, positive intent, …), higher energies flow through us. When higher energies flow through us, areas in our energy body system can also be schined on, so to speak, so that unprocessed, dulled existing memories come to light in some form. This can manifest itself in the form of sudden pain at certain points in the body, through grief, depression or even a hearty laugh. I would understand such phenomena or symptoms as so-called light body symptoms. Therapists, healers, companions and the like should be aware of these phenomena and ready for aftercare for their clients.

To spiritual healings and healers. In my opinion, spiritual healings that are carried out externally should be understood in such a way that the ‘healer’ ultimately serves as a catalyst for the other person and only starts the healing process in the other person. Only when the ‘healer’ conveys his true function as a catalyst to his client does he help his client to find whose further path of salvation within himself. The healer thus gives the client to understand that his help is / was only a help for self-help or self-healing.

Therapists, naturopaths and doctors can also be understood as ‘healers’ if they act harmoniously on an energetic level. Of course, every human being has an energetic influence just because of his existence, because he is living energy. However, depending on his intentions and his mental state, his influence in the other can favor either a certain course of recovery or a certain course of the disease if the other person is susceptible to this influence in some form.

Well, the healer (= healing catalyst) can act on different levels, whereby the soul level is the most effective level of healing. If the healer is able to act on the soul level, spontaneous healings can occur. At the lower levels, healing will be more of a temporal process and not as strong as at the soul level. It may even be that the healing process is hardly noticeable when it is affected at the lower levels.

At the same time, the person providing help will act in such a way that he awakens the inner knowledge and inner wisdom in the person seeking help, so that this person is guided into personal responsibility and independence. After all, the aim of every helper (healer, therapist or life counselor) should be to get his clients to use only temporary support from outside, in order to gradually become more independent through more self-activity.

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