Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, hope and love are the three pillars of light in our lives. Without them, many people would have given up very quickly. Why are they so powerful, on the one hand? On the other hand, why do they sometimes seem to be running into nothing? Many a hope was nipped in the bud by strokes of fate, strife and war. One or the other love has remained unanswered.

Perhaps the mistake is that we seek happiness, love and security outside of ourselves. Or have we not already considered what it means to be a child of God? GOD says of HIMSELF that He is love. And a child has to be like the parents. That is how HIS children must also be love. So why look for love outside of us? It is in us. If it were not in us, we would not be able to love at all.

The separation from GOD led away from the spiritual oneness towards a separate individual existence. For this, something had to be created that could make us perceive separately from our oneness. Matter – especially the body – offered itself for this. The body became a kind of mask that we could put on so that we could play with it. This mask got its own inner life, its own self with its own characters and properties. After all, we wanted to be individual: different, more beautiful, bigger, more powerful, more intelligent, simply with individual characters and characteristics.

Over time, the mask has become independent, pushing the true properties into the background of consciousness. This also veiled true love, even though it still exists. Since it is there, it must appear in some way – albeit in an imperfect form. It comes to light through human love such as the love of parents, through forgiveness but also through the conditional love.

The mask game became sometimes bitter reality, because we had misjudged us more and more and thus also caused conflicts of interest, although this reality is an illusion. We had entered a dream and as a magician of illusions we forgot how the magic trick works. Let us consider that we ourselves are the manipulator of our mask play, without being aware of it. The ignorance of this is the real evil. Because struggle, suffering and pain should not be if we only knew who or what we really are. A child of GOD is as healthy as GOD. So it can’t really be hurt except in the imagination – that is, in a dream.

A child of GOD also inherited the creative power from GOD. It is our thoughts that are creative. We not only have a body consciousness, but also a subconscious as well as a higher self. All of our thoughts add up to the inner world. It is the world of ideas, fantasies, visions, objectives, beliefs, learning programs, but also fears and apprehensions. According to the hermetic law: ‘as inside, so outside’, the outside world manifests itself according to our inside world. So this means that the outer world is our own creation, which we find exactly as it corresponds to our thoughts in total. So we’re pretty powerful. It also means that we are responsible for how the world shows itself to us once we are aware of it.

The outside world bears in mind our own thinking and makes us look at ourselves. So, the supposed enemy makes us look at our wrong thinking. It is wrong to think that we are vulnerable and mortal. It is also wrong to think that we have to fight for our lives, because life is given to us forever. And it is wrong to think that we have to fight for our happiness when it is within us and when we have only denied it. In this sense, the supposed enemy is a friend to us. Without it, we would not be able to correct our wrong thinking. Let us thank it! Let us pay more and more attention to our thoughts from now on!!! We look after and care for them!!! Let’s fill them in with love!!! Let us purify our thoughts and align them with each other!!! This alone allows us to see a more beautiful and loving world. Yes, this alone will ultimately bring us back to our true happiness.

Now that we know who or what we are, we can return back to the path towards the unity, forgive each other for these mistakes, and make it easier for each other to free ourselves from illusions and nightmares! Let us no longer seek love, happiness and security outside, but within us!

For many – including me – the knowledge of our true divinity is still a foreshadowing knowledge and thus something of a belief. While practicing this knowledge in practice, we strengthen faith. At first, however, we will still be tempted to continue to be impressed and deceived by the illusions, or we will still be tempted to let ourselves be guided by the other, who is also still attached to the illusions, and to engage in disputes and petty war. The power of habit will make us stumble every now and then. A stumble or a small step backwards does not disturb our intention, as long as we take more steps of forgiveness than steps of fighting or petty war. If we live this anticipating knowledge constantly, faith becomes more and more certain, for certainty, because we can feel the effects of new thinking more and more and see how love grows in us. Hope will help us get back on our feet after stumbling. If we constantly pursue our goal and do not lose sight of it and take the path of forgiveness, we will be less and less subject to temptations. In the end we will get back the awareness of spiritual oneness. Then we will be able to look behind the scenes of the deceptive illusions (behind the mask) again. Deception will then no longer be for us, instead clarity and a life in happiness, in love, in salvation, in abundance and in security.

Hope, faith and forgiveness as the springboard function are then now a thing of the past. Because now belief has passed into knowledge and forgiveness into love. Hope? This is no longer necessary. What is left is the intelligent omniscient love, as it is mentioned in the Bible (…but the greatest of these is love). Heart and mind are now one.

We were never really away from GOD, from our true being. We just wanted to hide from HIM believing that we just had to close our spiritual eyes and instead open our physical eyes to become invisible to HIM. That’s impossible. So the mask game or the dream can never change our real reality. We are and remain what we are forever: eternal divine spirit.

Yes so it is,

Yes it always was so,

Yes so it will be forever!!!

Because it was never different, except in sham.

–> Spiritual Solution