Important preliminary Remark

To make it clear, this work is only an imperfect work. With this piece of work, I tried to logically combine the various disciplines of faith and knowledge such as religion, natural science, philosophy and spiritual science. It is a possible way of merging these disciplines. So it’s one way out of many. There are far larger works with regard to this merger. Rudolf Steiner’s work and Udo Petscher’s work deserve special mention:

Rudolf Steiner:

Udo Petscher:

The knowledge that I have gained and that I am presenting here has arisen from a motivation to find common ground from the various disciplines of faith and knowledge. Instead of saying that the disciplines mentioned cannot be brought together because of supposed contradictions, I have become convinced that there is indeed a common denominator. Supposed contradictions turn out to be seeming contradictions that, when viewed in a higher light, dissolve. With this common denominator, we have something like a stepping stone to knowledge and truth.

At this point it should be emphasized that I do not claim to have found the truth, especially since I have not yet been given the higher insights. So far, I have only been able to use the tools of my mind, maybe my intuition. I cannot say how much intuition was involved. Perhaps it should be mentioned that I see myself more as an intellectual human and less as an emotional person. It should also be said that I have collected many of the thoughts and inspirations over the years and tried to put them together like puzzle pieces to form an image. To a large extent, this took place in a quiet chamber, especially since I had no internet access for about 13-14 years. From time to time, I came across appropriate books as if by magic in order to be able to establish certain logical links. In this respect, this study was created in meticulous detail. On this way I have come to the conclusion that I have found my stepping stone to knowledge and truth. Perhaps my insights will help you that they can also become your springboard to knowledge and truth. In any case, I wish it to you with all my heart.

God be with you!

Franz Günter Leicht

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