1. Nothing comes from nothing.

What does physics say? Physics does not really know this sentence because its basic models are based on the assumption that matter originated from nothing.

2. We only perceive the surface of what is there in total.

In detail: Physics has determined that we probably live in a 10- to 11-dimensional world. The 3 dimensions that we perceive and the additional dimension of time alone result in only 4 dimensions. Physics says that the 4-dimensional space-time world is flat and almost spherical. Accordingly, our perceptible (physical) world corresponds almost only to the surface of a 10- to 11-dimensional sphere.

Conclusions from it. We know, if we perceive only superficial things, that the truth of what we perceive can appear wrong here and there. Someone who is in the desert and looks along the horizon, i.e. along the surface may be able to perceive a mirage. He doesn’t see the landscape as it really is before his eyes. However, a helicopter pilot flying over the desert sees no mirage. He sees the landscape as it is. His gaze is not as limited as the gaze of a person who is in the middle of the desert. We also know that limited perceptions make optical illusions possible. When we see an old movie in the cinema, in which a horse-drawn carriage with spoked wheels is pulled by a horse, it sometimes looks as if the wheels are running backwards. This is e.g. if the time interval in which one spoke of the wagon wheel comes into the position of the neighboring spoke is somewhat longer than the time interval in which an image comes in the position of the neighboring image when the film is being shown. We know that about 25 pictures are shown every second when an old movie is shown. If an unlimited number of frames could be shown per second, we would never notice the effect mentioned. By limiting the number of images per unit of time, optical illusions are possible.

If we generalize this, we can say that limited perceptions make deceptions of any kind possible. Yes, it is even conceivable that our physical senses are subject to deception because they are all based on limited sensory transmissions.

3. Physics cannot really say whether the material world is a real world or an imaginary (illusory) world.

Conclusions from it. With illusion we associate something that does not correspond to reality. So the imaginary world is nothing more than an illusion. This means that based on the knowledge of physics, it can never be excluded that we live in a very general deception.

4. According to Eastern Religions, the world of transient, emerging, and passing world laws (Dharmas) can be seen as a mirage, deception, or dream.

5. We who we can think and perceive are not deception ourselves, but can be subject to deception.

Conclusion. Ultimately, if matter is a delusion, but we ourselves are not a delusion, this means that our thinking spirit cannot be material. Then our body is a certain means for our spirit. It may help us to gain experience in matter. And we can use it as a means of communication. Of course, it can also help us to perceive deceptions as if they were real.

6. What is spirit and what is our spirit’s purpose?

Clarify the question. This study tries to work out the difference between matter and spirit and to get possible answers to the questions about the meaningfulness of our life. Here I use the latest knowledge of physics and combine it with religious, spiritual and philosophical views.

7. Summary of the findings based on these pages.

It is shown that the trinity of the spirit or trinity of GOD is the basic unity of all units, where GOD is the LOGOS (= Logos per se). In Buddhism e.g. it is also spoken of the Trinity BUDDHA’S, which means the same thing. Specifically, this means that there is a common origin that is the basis of all being.

Because everything else has arisen from the LOGOS, everything else can also be derived from this LOGOS. The analogies are helpful for the –> derivations, whereby the analogy law ‘like above, so below’ says exactly the same thing. As it is above, it is also below. If not everything could be derived from the highest logos (LOGOS), this analogy law would be unusable or it would not be a law at all.

If you want to keep your view of the world (imagination about GOD and the world), you must not read this website. So please think carefully!!! I only want to address those who question the dogmas and teachings of Western religions or who can no longer make friends with them.

So far what these religions have conveyed is that GOD is someone or something outside of us. With the results of my study this belief will be disillusioned. God is not separate from us but our highest consciousness and our true identity. We are divine beings (dreaming aspects of GOD) who, together with our higher parts / aspects (higher self and high self), create exactly what we are confronted with through our thoughts, feelings, visions, believes and so on. Everyone perceives the world a little differently, has a slightly different topic to deal with and is in a different situation, according to the hermetic law “like inside, so outside”. We have created the world together and are therefore the co-authors of this world, but the individual perception / experience corresponds to our individual thoughts, visions, ideas, but also fears and misgivings. So everyone is responsible for their individual experience, so if they become aware of it.

This realization takes away the illusion that someone else, the unfavorable circumstance or the unfavorable time are responsible for our life. This knowledge now gives rise to completely different ways of thinking and behaving. Because now we can no longer shift the responsibility to the other, but also no longer to the God outside of us – because there is not really such a God – but are asked to clean primarily up our own backyard and to take the reins. This is no more the time to hide behind the other.

Also to be mentioned is the part of natural science that is still very strongly attached to the materialistic worldview, by which I mean the so-called orthodox part of natural science. My findings reveal that the orthodox part of science has so far described an illusionary world as if it were real. Indeed, it has described the illusionary world amazingly well. But it is not the real world. It is something like a –> psycho-energetic mirage, but not the real landscape that is hidden behind this mirage. The fact that this world is a kind of mirage, an illusion or a dream, say the eastern religions. From a physical point of view, this cannot be ruled out, which is shown several times.

With this study, I am also taking away the illusion of orthodox science that its models have come close enough to true reality and that it may be closer to the truth about being than any religion.

Consequences of this. Many people no longer want to recognize the established truths and are looking for completely new perspectives. The dogmas of the churches are also increasingly questioned. Yes, everything is questioned and rightly so. So it is high time to take a look behind the scenes. The time is ripe for new (old) truths. Old insofar as they have so far only been hidden and have always existed since the beginning of separation from our origin. They are now coming to light more and more. They are therefore only new in that they appear to us to be new or newly understood. Yes, the truth will come to light with power.

It result scientifically comprehensible findings, which will move people to a new way of thinking. The current world situation is already crying out for a new way of thinking that makes people reflect on inner values. With this new way of thinking, people become more human again and will move closer together again. Religion and science will shake hands. A study that is indeed forward-looking. Because it provides the breeding ground for such hope, which does not collapse again, because this new hope is no longer directed towards illusions, but towards real, indestructible and eternal happiness.

These pages as well as my book ‘Psychoenergetik, die Wissenschaft des Lebens’ are the result of approx. 25 years of lonely but well-founded research work, which can be seen from these Internet pages. Mind you, I did not get paid research work, which is usually accompanied by meetings, training courses, congresses and the like. Certainly therefore not because this type of research does not generate any money and comes to light with truths that are not always pleasant.

Perhaps you may be a little surprised at certain insights when browsing these pages. It will turn out, however, that it is in itself only old truths that science has so far laughed at or labeled as childish. Oddly enough, I can use the knowledge of science to come to these old truths. Convince yourself! It is the advanced knowledge of science that is a –> pointer to these truths.

Scientific evidence is necessary in order to be able to clarify our existence in the first step. In the second step, I create a clear connection with our life with my study and even offer a guide on the way to our true happiness. In this study, things are illuminated from different directions. Last but not least, this study is scientifically sound and at the same time also –> related to life practice.

I wish you much joy, fun and curiosity,
Franz Günter Leicht

8. Here a summary on youtube.

9. To ponder the comparison below.

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