Spiritual Solution

Collection of points for lived / to live spirituality.

1. Work out the common ground in all thinking and doing, where anyone is involved. When we are gathered in the name of our all divinity, our divinity is in the midst of us. What does this mean? If we consciously build on the divine, which is always something that unites, something must develop out of this intention that is wonderful. Only then can we produce something that is powerful and groundbreaking without having to fight for it. The appeal to our divinity or the conscious orientation towards our divinity for every project, whether private or business, can be a daily exercise.

2. Spiritual solution. 2.1. Awareness that we are divine beings and awareness of what our divinity means. Keyword: children are like parents. If God is a creator, we, as children, have creative power and the ability to direct our lives in a targeted way. Therefore pay attention to thoughts!!! 2.2. Self-reflection. Not primarily looking at what the other person is doing wrong, badly or not, but recognizing from the other (generally: the situation) how we think so that we can make corrections in our (wrong) thinking at all. 2.3. Live credibility / create harmony between what we know / teach / say and what we do. On the way there we will usually not be able to be perfect immediately because we are still dominated by an old thinking that misunderstands our divinity. 2.4. Become aware of your own responsibility. There is nothing that is not related to us. Everyone is the midpoint of everything. Everything revolves around everyone, which means that everyone has an infinitely large empire at their disposal. In this respect we are lord / regent of our empire. The good lord is at the same time the best servant of his empire and puts the idea / common ground, whatever it may be, over everything. He also grants everyone that they can freely integrate into this common ground; according to his individual qualities, abilities, talents and gifts. How big the empire shows us depends on how well we govern (appreciation, granting freedom to everyone, creating harmony between give and take) and how well we serve together. Guiding principle: to make nothing and no one else responsible for our lives than ourselves. 2.5. Harmony of give and take.

3. Harmonize spirituality and business (whether large or small). 3.1. Put the idea / commonality at the top. Put everything else below, like external things and money. Because then we build on the divine within us, which can make the impossible possible with ease. 3.2. Good service leads to good earnings (… first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything else will be given to you). 3.3. Integrate appreciation of everyone involved so that they can develop optimally according to their qualities / abilities / talents / gifts. 3.4. Balance on all sides (harmony of give and take). 3.5. Transparency of money? (seen in the long run).

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