Motivation for this website

I see my contribution in building a bridge between science, metaphysics and religion. Metaphysics is to be understood as something that goes beyond the sensual experience and the physically detectable. It is easy to show that physics is opening more and more doors to metaphysics. This is e.g. underpinned by the fact that even science has come to the fact that it cannot decide whether the world in which we live is real or an imaginary world.

So, what is real/real and what imaginary? Is this distinction only in our thinking?
Stephen W. Hawking: ‘Universe in a Nutshell’

In the further consequence, it is clear that there is more to it than what we perceive. This is possible with the fact that the universe is nonlinear. The Nonlinearity means that the whole is greater than the sum of its Parts. So what we perceive with the corporal senses and with the physical measuring equipment (the sum of all parts of the universe) is smaller than the whole. Exactly this means that there is more than we perceive / discover, which becomes even more apparent when you browse my website. Otherwise, I would like to refer to my book for a more in-depth look at the issues mentioned, which I will briefly present on this website.

Famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Kurt Gödel and Erwin Schrödinger have always pointed to the existence of metaphysics. However, this issue was not pursued by mainstream scientists to the present day. Now is the time to really deepen this topic. Even Stephen W. Hawking in his statements opens the gates to metaphysics that you can find in his books, as we will see.

Now I invite you to make a journey through faith and knowledge. Maybe, in the end, you will find yourself in the field of Metaphysics.

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